Effective recipes for dry hair masks home conditions

Mask for dry hair at home can help many
women regain a beautiful look of their hair. This is not so
easy to do, but proper care can create real ones
miracles. There are many causes of dryness – this is dry air, poor ecology,
stresses, improper care, and also diseases

As a rule, gradually drying out, keratin scales on
hairs begin to lag and diverge in different directions. it
provokes their confusion, rigidity and fragility. And sometimes
there is little even proper care, because the treatment should be approached
comprehensively. But there are still homemade masks for dry, brittle hair,
which can help solve this problem.


  • Some useful tips
  • Mayonnaise-based recipes
  • Milk masks for dry hair

Some useful tips

Mask for dry ends of hair should be further strengthened.
proper daily care for your hair. Better for that
contact a dermatologist or hairdresser to help pick up
a series of cosmetics for the care of hair. It is important to take into account
some tips for treating dry hair with home

  1. Before the mask is applied for dry hair, the head
    need to wash and comb. Dry hair is not necessary, since it is
    wet hair rods are best able to absorb everything
    nutrients and trace elements.
  2. After applying the mask on the hair, be sure to wrap
    head with a plastic bag, and then a terry towel. Composition
    before applying it should be slightly heated on a steam bath
    up to 35-37 degrees. All this will give a warming effect, in
    As a result, the tool will be more effective.
  3. After the holding time of the head is necessary
    wash with lukewarm water with conditioner or balsam. No way
    If not, use cold or hot water. Do not need right away
    comb – let your hair rest and dry naturally
    in a way.
  4. The ideal option is to use the same
    composition against dry tips 2 times a week for two
    months. Practice shows that this course allows
    head of hair as quickly as possible recover and saturate

Mayonnaise-based recipes

And now, as for the preparation of masks for
moisturizing dry hair. The ideal remedy for replenishment
Mayonnaise is considered to be missing moisture. But you should use only
natural product of high fat content, otherwise the desired effect mask
for hair will not give. Consider a few recipes based on

So, to prepare the mask you need to take in the same
proportions yogurt and mayonnaise. All this mix and add one
egg white. Protein is preferably whipped separately using a whisk,
and then add to the mask. The resulting mask for dry hair
distributed evenly over the entire length. It is desirable
rub it into the scalp – this will help to strengthen
hair follicles. Wash off with conditioner and then warm water through
30 minutes.

But for the preparation of this mask must be mixed by 2
tablespoons of yogurt and fatty mayonnaise, add a spoonful of olive
or sunflower oil, and then a few drops of any essential
oil (best lavender). Everything needs to be well stirred and
heat in a water bath.

This hair mask is applied over the entire length and rubbed into the skin.
heads. Then the head is wrapped with a plastic bag, on top
still a bath towel. Wash off the mask for dry hair through
half an hour first with shampoo and then you need to rinse your head lightly
warm water.

The mask for dry hair based on garlic and
mayonnaise. This is a great solution for women who have
hair to everything else is also prone to loss. For
cooking you need to take 4 tablespoons of fatty mayonnaise and
Add garlic juice to it – from about three big heads.
You can add a couple of drops of lemon juice, if the color of the hair is blond
or light. All components are mixed and heated for water

Apply hair mask for an hour. It is best to wrap the head
several layers of polyethylene, and then another and a towel. Wash off
First, shampoo with balm, and then with warm water. The effect will be
noticeable after first use. But here it is necessary to take into account
one caveat: the smell of garlic will remain for
of the month.

Milk masks for dry hair

But the use of masks for dry colored hair based on
Dairy products – a great option. For the preparation of the first
funds should be mixed half a cup of kefir, a tablespoon
natural honey, preheated, juice from a large
aloe leaf, a teaspoon of sea buckthorn juice or sea buckthorn oil and
a little (on the tip of the knife) red pepper. All components need
stir well until a homogeneous slurry.

Moisturizing mask for dry hair is applied to washed warm
water hair, wrap in cellophane, a towel and wait 40
minutes After this time, rinse with warm water and leave
head dry naturally. This mask for dry hair
quite effective, especially if previously the hair was exposed
adverse effects.

Also well affected by the hair mask sour cream hair.
You just need to mix 4 tablespoons of thick natural
sour cream, squeeze out 1/3 of lemon juice, add a few
drops of lavender oil. Heat the mixture on the steam bath, mask
for hair is applied for 40-50 minutes, and then wash off slightly warm
water The hair will be much softer and more obedient, the hairs will be satisfied

Of course, all the recipes were not considered here. On
There are many of them today – these are still masks for dry and
damaged hair from dry mustard, sea buckthorn, onion juice, oat
cereal, black bread and beer, as well as many others.

But all the listed nutritional masks for dry hair already
tested by time, so their constant use will help
to restore the structure of the hair.

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