Effective remedy: sulfur ointment from acne

The problem of acne on the skin
people. The best tool for price and quality is sulfur ointment.
for acne. There are many drugs that can
help in solving such a common problem, but their prices
pretty high.


  • About the drug
  • Mode of application
  • Useful tips

About the drug

The composition of the tool itself is sulfur and base in a 1: 2 ratio.
The basis can be different: petrolatum, dog fat and even water.
Sulfur has long been used to treat inflammatory
skin processes caused not only by bacteria, but also by fungi,
various parasites.

It can penetrate deep into the skin, irritate the receptors,
contributing to the normalization of the metabolic processes of the skin, better circulation
blood and rapid wound healing.

Sulfuric ointment

The substance cleans the pores of dirt and greasy deposits, removes
inflammation, kills bacteria and inhibits their new

Another effect of sulfur ointment is its ability to influence
on scar tissue, because with it you can reduce and even
get rid of the old scar. After applying sulfuric ointment, the skin
becomes clean, smooth. Man gets rid of oily shine
and, most importantly, acne.

Mode of application

Ointment is easy to use at home. True, before
the application should consult a doctor.

How to apply it correctly? Before you start, you need to make sure of her.
harmlessness, as there are people who may have
redness, burning, itching, small red pimples. All this
manifestation of allergies. Therefore, you must first apply the ointment tip
finger on the most sensitive place. This is usually the inside.
forearm And wait 20-30 minutes. If there is no irritation, the remedy
can be used for its intended purpose.

Sulfuric acne ointment is harmless, it can be applied to children, but
only older than 10 years. But pregnant and lactating mothers should
keep from applying it. But for this you need to remember a few

  1. Apply the ointment only on a clean face or other area.
  2. Wash your face with warm water and baby soap, then your skin
    soften, and the ointment will work better.
  3. Do not wipe dry with a paper towel.
  4. The ointment itself is applied with a thin layer of gentle, massage movements,
    pats. It is necessary to distribute the ointment throughout the site. So she
    faster and deeper will penetrate the skin.
  5. The best way to use the ointment is to use it.
    1 per day. You can do it at night. Then the skin rests, and
    the effect of sulfur ointment is greatly increased. True, we must remember
    that the ointment is greasy and can leave unpleasant marks on the pillow.
    To avoid this, it is necessary to wrap a pillow with a towel or
    use a pillow case that is not a pity.

Useful tips

The most severe action will be the procedure of cleansing the skin from
means that is not absorbed. Wash it with water almost
unreal, and with soap is difficult. But there is one secret that will help
do it in one motion: you need to take 1 tbsp. l refined
vegetable oil, boil it for 5 minutes in water
bath and only then use to remove the ointment, but in the form of heat.
On a cotton ball they collect a small amount of oil and movements from
center to the periphery remove the ointment.

For a long time to treat acne sulfuric ointment also should not be. Need to
understand that sulfur has a tendency to accumulate in the body
human, especially in the blood. Therefore, one should adhere to such
principle: a week to treat the remedy, 7 days the skin should rest.
This sequence is repeated from 3 to 5 times.

In the treatment of acne sulfur ointment must adhere to a diet.
The main thing to exclude from the diet of spicy, smoked, fried and alcohol.
It should eat all kinds of cereals, soups, lean meat (chicken, rabbit
boiled steamed). From drinking strong
Coffee and tea also need to stay. During the treatment of acne is very
well support the body with vitamins. They can be used as
fruits and vegetables, and you can buy at the pharmacy. Positive effect on
the body has vitamin E, which is taken orally or applied to
skin throughout the day.

So, acne sulfur ointment does have antimicrobial
action, relieves inflammation, with its help they heal much
faster, and the emergence of new acne is not noticed. Tool can
use and as a preventive measure 1-2 times a week. it
helps to improve the condition of the skin and protects against such problems as
acne and blackheads. If you do everything right, the result will not force
waiting for yourself!

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