Egg hair mask – beauty recipes!

Egg hair mask is one of the most effective ways
allowing hair to regain strength and beauty. Chicken eggs
capable of the most real miracles – weakened and dull
strands become shiny and thick.

Egg In order to achieve such a result it is necessary
regularly use egg-based masks (course 12-14 times,
several procedures a week) and in a month the first one will be visible

When to start?

The content of the article:

  • When to start?
  • Features of the preparation of masks from eggs
  • What are eggs useful for?
  • Egg masks
  • Video.Preparation of hair mask from the egg

Hair mask based on chicken eggs – an excellent prevention
those problems that stand in the way of a brilliant head of hair. But to
they can not be allowed, you can use the means of eggs, even if on
this is no apparent reason. Also pay attention to
repair masks, if visible:

  • Excessive dryness of both hair and skin;
  • Enhanced sebaceous glands;
  • Appearance of dandruff;
  • Split ends;
  • Slow growth.

If such signs are present, then stop lazing –
it is necessary to begin treatment immediately.

Features of the preparation of masks from eggs

In spite of the fact that it is enough to prepare such means
easy, and the components can be found in any refrigerator, you should know
Some secrets:

  • The main ingredient should not be too cold, therefore
    remove the eggs in advance from the refrigerator;
  • Mix additives and egg whisk better, so you can
    to achieve homogeneity without any difficulties;
  • Apply the composition to dry strands, and what they will be – dirty
    or pure – not so important;
  • Wash off this tool with slightly warm water.

What are eggs useful for?

Due to the unique structure, a variety of nutrients, the egg
penetrates deep into the hair, saturating it with useful properties that
gives you the opportunity to deal with such manifestations as fragility,
fading, loss, dandruff, tangling.

Egg composition
Component Useful property for hair
Lecithin It gives silkiness, gloss, elasticity.
Protein It gives lightness, shine, healthy, well-groomed appearance.
Nutrients (folic acid, bioregulators,
Struggle with loss, dandruff, high fat or
Amino Acids Effective against dandruff.
Vitamins A, B, D, E Nourish your hair with everything you need, making it healthy and

Egg masks

For dry hair with added oils

GlycerolFor cooking
will need:

  1. Glycerin – a tablespoon;

  2. Egg – 1 pc .;

  3. Burdock / olive oil – a few tablespoons;

  4. Vinegar, the usual can be replaced by apple – a teaspoon. ( Still
    more about vinegar for hair)

All components should be mixed thoroughly, and the resulting mixture
apply along the entire length of the strands, from root to tip. Head
wrap in a towel or put on a regular shower cap. Sustain
at least forty minutes, rinse.

This mask will make the hair more elastic and silky.
Excellent remedy for split ends.

Egg mask with brandy and butter

Suitable for any type of hair.

lavender oilFor cooking
will need:

  1. Yolk;

  2. 3-4 drops of lavender oil;

  3. Cognac – tablespoon.

All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to the entire length.
strands. After 30-40 minutes, the mask is washed off. To enhance
effect, you can rinse your hair with lime decoction.

Such a tool will perfectly clean hair, make it shiny and

Egg white

Suitable for greasy hair.

Black ClayFor cooking
will need:

  1. Single egg protein;

  2. Black clay, which can be purchased at any pharmacy – two

The ingredients are mixed and applied to the hair, you can already wash off after
half an hour.

Yeast and Egg

Yeast The mask is recommended for hair prone to fat,
as yeast eliminates this problem.


  1. Egg;

  2. Lemon juice – 30 g .;

  3. Cognac – tablespoon;

  4. Yeast – 10-15 grams.

Dissolve the yeast in protein, add lemon juice and brandy, mix everything.
Before applying, you can supplement the composition with juniper oil or
bergamot Apply to the strands and wrap them with a towel. After 20-25
minutes composition washed off.

Mask with honey and green onions

Green onions Recommended for all hair types. Thanks
regular use, the hair will become healthy, shiny and
elastic. And to prepare the tool will need:

  1. Single egg yolk;

  2. A few spoons of honey;

  3. Spring onions, finely chopped – two spoons.

The mixture must be brought to a homogeneous mass, consistency,
which resembles liquid sour cream. Apply on the head and warm
hat Hold for about 60 minutes. Wash off using
shampoo. Applying egg hair masks regularly, throughout
few months, you can get great results. Hair
become beautiful, shiny and healthy, but about such problems as
Increased fat or dandruff and you will forget!

Video.Preparation of hair mask from the egg

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