Elegant weaving by yourself – easy!

how beautiful braids braidsSpit today on
peak of fashion. And not in vain, because it is very beautiful, stylish and at the same time
practical. The beauty of braids is that they can be braided on the hair
different lengths and they are all to the face – and the child, and an adult woman.

How beautifully to braid hair, we will tell in this article.

French braid: species

The French braid is a very fashionable weave that you like.
many girls. However, there is a perception that independently her
impossible to create. In fact, it is not. After we
We will tell you all the secrets and techniques of weaving, you can quickly and
easy, and most importantly beautifully braided hair itself.

Classic option

This is a very elegant hairstyle, which is quite able to do
any girl who has long curls. How to braid braids:

  1. comb it well;
  2. select the front strand and divide it into three identical
  3. transfer the right strand through the middle one, then the left strand through
    medium, repeat several times;
  4. hold the resulting pigtail with one hand so that it does not
    split up, separate several strands from the side and weave them with
    previous strands just as they did before;
  5. continue the whole process until all the hair is
    woven into the braid.

On this hairstyle, it will take you about 20 minutes. You can leave a braid
in this form, but you can decorate it with a beautiful hairpin.

Negligent French braid

This hairstyle is done exactly the same as the previous one, only from
pull the pigtails out of the ready-made pigtails. Start off
It is necessary from the end of the spit, rising up. As a result, you should
get a slightly disheveled spit.

Inverted French braid

The braid is woven in the same way as the classic version, but strands
weave not from the side, but from below. So strands you should
impose under the middle strand, and not on it. This option looks like
even more elegant and gives the hair more volume.


This is a variant of the French braid, only strands are woven in front,
in the forehead area. How to braid braids:

  1. divide the locks in the middle of the growth line from ear to ear;
  2. remove the part that remains;
  3. begin to weave the usual French braid from the left ear to
    right, you can choose the classic version or inverted;
  4. for the rim you need to take strands of medium size.

When the bezel is ready, you can make the tail or beautiful
braid your hair in a regular pigtail. You can also leave the hair
loose – then fasten the bezel so that it does not fall apart.

French braidsThere are many varieties of weaving.
Most of them require professional hands, but there are quite a few.
such that you can do yourself. The main desire
learn how to braid hair and patience beautifully in order to “get a hand”.
Many braids only seem to be very complex, but in fact
it is enough to see the weaving technique, how everything becomes clear. For
visibility, we illustrate our examples of photos. And now let’s
Let’s see how you can beautifully braid braids on medium and long

“Fishtail”, or “spikelet”

This is ideal if you have straight long curls.

  • Separate 2 cm from the temples;
  • Cross the right strand on the left;
  • press strands to the head;
  • take another strand on the right and make an overlap on the left
  • press your hair back to your head and repeat the whole process until
    do not reach the neck;
  • further braid the fishtail braid: reach for one strand from
    tail and cross them in the center.

At the end, fasten the braid with a barrette or rubber band. This hairstyle
emphasize the beauty and brilliance of healthy smooth hair.

Plait braids

Make a tail. Then divide it into two equal parts and tight
spin in one direction. After you get two tight
twisted harness, they need to weave together, but in different
directions. Secure the end of the braid with a rubber band.

How beautiful to braid short hair?

What to do if you have a haircut, and you want to be fashionable? Not
be discouraged, because the hairdressers-stylists have come up with a lot
interesting weaving options for you. First you can
weave even a French pigtail – classic, inverted –
Both options are suitable. But this is not all the hairstyles that you
can afford


This is a very creative option, because you can experiment before
infinity: for example, you can weave a pigtail, including strands
bangs and gradually move to the main part of the hair. Can you
braid the bang itself. It is also a great option for anyone
I decided to grow bangs and she climbs into the eyes.


This weave looks great on short hair and is done
not difficult:

  • divide the hair into strands, choosing the width at will;
  • braid pigtails out of these strands – there should be more of them, so
    it is better;
  • in the process weave braids into threads. Best for this purpose
    suitable floss two colors. First, pick the threads in the strands, and
    then continue to weave pigtails from threads alone. Length can
    be any.

Despite the fact that afrokrosichki hold on for a long time, hair is still
polluted. Before washing the braids it is best to stitch.

How beautifully to braid long hair for a child

The long hair of a child is always beautiful, because
girl can weave a variety of braids. Can
experiment: make simple hairstyles to school and more
festive at the celebration.

Classic option

With this hairstyle, you can go to school, to workout or each
day. Instructions for weaving braids:

  1. comb your hair well;
  2. divide them into three equal parts;
  3. distribute in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head;
  4. pick up the left and right strands, and leave the center
  5. get the right order for the middle one and hold it with your fingers
    left hand from the left strand;
  6. Now the right strand has become the middle one, and the middle one – the right one.
    Take this strand in your right hand;
  7. turn the left strand by the middle one and hold it with your right hand. So
    the left strand should be in the center of the weave, and the one that was
    middle – left;
  8. pick up the new left strand with your hand. Get the right strand behind
    medium (it is easier to do with the right hand);
  9. repeat the whole process until you braid the braid
    the length you want. Secure the end of the pigtail with a rubber band, barrette or

Over time, the girl will be able to learn to braid quickly and beautifully.
braids on this method yourself.

Two braids

A child with medium or long hair can make two
pigtails. How to braid beautifully:

  1. comb your hair well;
  2. distribute them into two equal parts from the forehead to the back of the head;
  3. carefully separate these two parts so that the head appears
    clear and smooth parting;
  4. braids are woven in the same way as in the first embodiment;
  5. secure braids with rubber bands or barrettes.

In order for this hairstyle to turn out beautifully and quickly, it is important
divide the hair into equal parts. The hairstyle is universal:
with her you can go to school, visit, etc.

Tail braids

This hairstyle on the technique of performing something similar to the previous and
done very quickly. How to braid long hair:

  • comb and separate long hair, as in the previous
  • assemble each part into a high tail;
  • begin to weave braids from the tails;
  • secure braids with rubber bands.

This hairstyle will give the girl a cheerful and naughty look, but
so must be the children! You won’t go to school with this hairstyle, but
But for playing in the courtyard or on vacation – ideal.


pigtailsIt is necessary to braid beautifully
hair in two braids, as in the previous version. Wherein
it is necessary to weave a bow or ribbon into the braids. When the braids are ready,
fold each one in half. Lock woven bow or
ribbon at the base of the braid: pass the ribbon between the hair and tie
bow. Repeat the same manipulations with the second oblique.


In this variant of weaving the end of the right pigtail needs to be fixed
between the strands at the base of the left pigtails. This is also done when
relief tape woven into braids. The end of the left pigtails need
fix at the base of the right. In the end, you should get
the design reminding the basket woven of hair. A great
option for long hair to go to school or for ceremonial

Every woman should be able to braid her hair beautifully, because braids
never go out of style. They can turn you into an elegant
lady or daring girl – it all depends on your mood.

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