Elos (Elos) rejuvenation panacea or profanation?

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of innovative
techniques and techniques. From the abundance of information can be confused, since
every day there are all new techniques and methods that allow
prevent aging and prolong youth. So on
Cosmetic market appeared Elos (elos) method, which
offer many aesthetic salons and clinics. Need to say that
This method has exactly as many supporters as
opponents. The first claim that the Elos method is a panacea,
the latter mercilessly criticize him. In order to understand this
question and decide on this method of rejuvenation, you need to know
what is it about? Today we will tell you what Elos is.
(elos) – rejuvenation, what is the essence of the technique, who should do it,
and who to refrain from this procedure.


  • What is elos (elos) – rejuvenation?
  • How is the effect on the skin
  • Stages of the procedure
  • Who is shown the procedure
  • Who can not carry out the procedure
  • Complications after Elos procedure

What is elos (elos) – rejuvenation?

Elos (elos) – rejuvenation is a hardware method that
based on the simultaneous use of laser, radio frequency and
light radiation. The positive effect of the procedure occurs for
due to the impact of the apparatus not only on the surface of the epidermis, but also
on the deeper layers of the skin. Literally, the term elos (elos) means
“electro-optical synergy”. The principle of this method is sufficient
simple: light is absorbed by the tissues, and in the deeper layers of the skin it
converted to heat energy.


An interesting history of the invention of this technique. The method has been opened
like everything in our world, by chance, as a side effect
conducted photoepilation. The specialists who carried out the photoepilation
began to notice that after the procedure, the skin in the treatment areas became
look better. She pulled up, she began to disappear
age spots, acne cured, acne and improved
physical characteristics. As a result, Israel created
elos technology based on a combination of two types
light energy: optical (IPL or laser) and radio frequency
bipolar electric current energy.

The method consists in the absorption of light and
electric current, resulting in light emission
turns deep into the skin into heat energy. Act
electric current will be more intense in those areas
skin that has already been warmed by light. In this way,
electrical current has a selective effect on tissue and
more intense effect on the already heated dermis. This kind
impact is successfully used in the treatment of age-related skin defects
and a variety of cosmetic flaws.

How is the effect on the skin

During the procedure, the following processes are activated:

  1. Intensive warming of tissues activates
    fibroblasts. This stimulates the production of collagen,
    elastin and hyaluronic acid, which contributes to the lifting of soft
  2. Some heating of the blood in the capillaries contributes to the rapid
    disappearance of rosacea (vascular network) on the face, since
    coagulation of blood and protein occurs.
  3. Heating the tissue also contributes to the destruction of melanin.
    Melanin is a pigment that is produced
    melanocytes. As a result, light clean skin always looks.
    younger pigmented.

Special nozzles Elos apparatus are point,
targeted and selective actions that only affect
problem areas of the skin, not injuring it, but only eliminating
existing skin defects.

Stages of the procedure

  1. The treatment begins with the removal of the skin.
  2. Special glasses are worn on the eyes (such as in a solarium) to
    protect your eyes from bright light flashes.
  3. In most cases, the procedure does not require anesthesia, but this
    depends on the individual tolerance threshold of each patient.
    Therefore, it is up to the physician to decide whether or not to conduct the pain
    conversation with the patient. Feels like elos – the procedure is similar to
    light injections that cause more pleasant tingling than
  4. A special thick gel is applied to the face, which is
    A good conductor of electric current and light energy. Himself
    the process lasts no more than an hour if it is only about the face, but in
    In general, the duration of the procedure depends on which area of ​​the skin
    need to process.
  5. The apparatus for Elos procedure has several nozzles that
    used to solve a specific problem. Maximum depth
    to which light energy penetrates, is 5 mm.
    Power and intensity of current is chosen individually for each
    patient so as not to cause him severe burns, pain and
  6. After the procedure, a cooling and
    soothing cream. This must be done to avoid


After the procedure, the skin becomes red and swollen;
point burns are observed. Swelling, skin flushing and burns
persists over the next few days. About
after 3 or 5 days, swelling and redness disappear completely, and
age spots become more pronounced. Not worth it
be frightened, as the pigment spots will go away with the damaged
skin, giving way to a smooth and white skin. After 7 days
The process of exfoliation begins.

The duration of the session is 45 -60 minutes. To complete
the course of rejuvenation is necessary to spend at least 5-7 sessions, with
once a month.

Who is shown the procedure

Elos – the procedure is recommended in the following cases:


  • presence of mimic wrinkles;
  • presence of rosacea (spider veins);
  • gravitational aging;
  • dull, sallow complexion;
  • acne and acne;
  • post-acne scarring and scarring;
  • roughness of the skin;
  • abundant hyperpigmentation.

It should be remembered that the elos – the procedure does not prevent the appearance
new pigment spots. It removes existing stains, but
after the procedure it is necessary to protect the skin more thoroughly
from ultraviolet radiation.

You should also not make too high demands on
this procedure. Elos – a technique is not a panacea, because
There is no panacea at all. In cosmetology there are
unshakable rules that will always be like this: our skin
is aging. Even the most advanced techniques and techniques are not capable.
turn the clock back, but in our competence to hinder
aging process and push it as far as possible. By this
The reason this method is not able to rid forever of wrinkles or
gravitational ptosis. For this there are other more
radical methods.

Who can not carry out the procedure

Elos – the procedure is not recommended for the following

  • autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • chronic and acute diseases in the acute stage;
  • the presence of pacemakers in the body;
  • the presence of metal prostheses;
  • micro injuries and skin damage;
  • age limit up to 18 years;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • endocrine system diseases.

Fresh intense tanning is an obstacle to
Elos – procedures. In this case there is a significant risk.
burns. Since the skin after exposure to ultraviolet radiation
damaged, the additional light radiation may aggravate
the situation. For the same reason, you should refrain from visiting
beach or solarium.

Complications after Elos procedure

Many patients are interested in the question of whether there are
procedures complications? Do hardware effects on the skin in
In general, there are almost no complications, but the side effects are still
happen. This happens when violated
technique of the procedure, the wrong power and
current intensity, or the doctor is not professional enough and
can handle the nozzles correctly.

A big role is played by the service life of nozzles elos-apparatus
since they have a limited number of flashes and after
service life should change. Old procedure
nozzles, increases the risk of burns. And each
type of nozzle is designed for a certain impact on
specific skin area. Also important is the degree
effects of light energy and current on certain areas of the skin.
For example, the degree of impact on the neck is much more intense than
degree of impact on the eyelids. If not differentiate degree
effects on some areas of the skin can be provoked

Another significant fact about which it is important to know is that
that the formation and maturation of collagen fibers is 28
days Therefore, the interval between sessions should be at least 21 days.
Frequent elosing does not promote facial rejuvenation and
improve skin parameters. It’s just money thrown away.

In conclusion, we can say that the elos method is not
panacea, but is not a profanation. The thing is who and how
conducts hardware procedures. If you decide on the procedure, then
aesthetic clinic and specialist should be carefully chosen
whom you can entrust your beauty and health.

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