Elos epilation technology

Elos epilation is the perfect solution for those who wish
A good and simple solution to the problem of unwanted body hair.
Thanks to modern technology, this procedure is considered the most
safe. In addition, it guarantees long-lasting smoothness.


  • What is Elos hair removal
  • Carrying out the procedure
  • Contraindications and preparation for the procedure
  • Conclusion on the topic

What is Elos hair removal

Choosing between what is better: photo or laser
epilation, it is better to give preference to a completely new way
hair removal – Elos hair removal. She is
considered the most effective and most comfortable procedure among
all previously known. Despite the relatively high cost,
The procedure guarantees a long-lasting effect (approximately 3 months). After all
it completely destroys the structure of each hair, so
its growth stops.

Device for Elos epilation

Elos hair removal is a removal procedure.
hair through a special apparatus that generates current
high frequency and light energy.

Elos hair removal is one of the safest procedures.
hair removal.

It combines all modern technologies (photo,
electrolysis and laser). In the process of hair removal Elos
follicles collapse quickly under simultaneous exposure
high-frequency light pulses and current.

The main advantages of Elos hair removal:

  1. Quick procedure.
  2. Suitable for all skin types.
  3. Low risk of burns.
  4. Removes even the “fluff”.
  5. Does not cause allergies.

If you compare the photo with Elos hair removal, then the first procedure
does not guarantee the complete removal of gray and light hair.
The second, on the contrary, will cope even with this difficult task. Besides
Moreover, photo-epilation does not destroy the follicles, as does the Elos
epilation. Therefore, the effectiveness of the second procedure is much
higher than the first.

As for the use of the laser, it is appropriate
only when epilating dark hair. At the same time there is a mass
painful sensations and consequences (skin inflammation, ingrowth,
scar formation). Therefore, before visiting the cosmetology
Cabinet must consult with a dermatologist.

Choosing the type of hair removal, you should pay attention to the cycle
follicle activity. There are three stages of hair growth: active,
transitional and resting phase. Beauticians conduct the procedure only
at the beginning of this cycle, that is, during the active stage. She happens to be
most suitable for the destruction of the follicle.

Carrying out the procedure

Before carrying out elos epilation, the beautician removes all hair from
using a disposable razor. Then he applies anesthetic to the desired
areas, as during the procedure can be felt unpleasant
tingling This is especially true for very sensitive areas.
(bikini, armpits). In some cases, anesthetic
cover the skin for half an hour before the start of hair removal.

Procedure for ELOS epilation in the armpit

During the session, the person feels light.
showing up At this time, elos epilation destroys hair

The procedure lasts from several minutes to an hour. It depends only
on how many sites are planned to be processed. For example,
Epilation of a deep bikini zone will take approximately 40-50
minutes As for the number of sessions, their number varies from
6 to 8. The interval between them should not be less than 6 weeks.

In the breaks between the sessions you can not peel or attend
solarium. This can not only negatively affect the result.
procedures, but also seriously harm the skin. Therefore, in this period
It is best to refuse these cosmetic services.

As a rule, the stages of hair growth do not coincide in all areas
body. Therefore, a specialist can assign a new session even
the next day. For example, on the legs 90% of the follicles are in
active stage, and in the bikini zone only 30%. In such cases
cosmetologist calculates the approximate dates of the onset of the
or another phase. Thus, each session will bring the maximum

Experts advise to pay attention to the menstrual cycle,
since at its beginning the pain is almost not felt. therefore
many girls prefer to attend epilation sessions in this very
period. As for hair removal in the bikini zone, during
procedures it is worth using a hygienic tampon.

After the procedure can not be applied to the treated skin
means based on alcohol or other aggressive substances. They can
burn out damaged areas, after which burns will occur. Besides
Moreover, it is forbidden to do body wraps against cellulite, to visit
pool, swim in open water.

Such precautions will help protect the body from
penetration through the damaged skin of dangerous microorganisms. But,
if a girl is seeing increased redness, itching and rash,
you need to immediately consult a doctor. As it may
testify about allergies. In addition, there are a number
contraindications that prohibit the use of the procedure.

Contraindications and preparation for the procedure

Elos epilation is contraindicated in pregnant women. It is harmful and
for patients with oncological ailments. Doctors do not recommend
carry out the procedure and those who suffer from various diseases
internal organs, uncontrolled diabetes. Besides
it can provoke a abscess formation on the skin that
will lead to the spread of infection throughout the body.

It is worth considering the fact that the effects of intense light
laser waves can enhance the symptoms of illnesses such as
epilepsy, porphyria, systemic lupus erythematosus. Not advised
use Elos hair removal and with AIDS, HIV, as well as during the reception
medications that suppress the immune system. If a
a person suffers from bleeding disorders significantly
increases the risk of severe bleeding due to
epilation. Contraindicated procedure and those who take
anticoagulants (drugs that lower blood clotting). Elos
epilation is prohibited for people who are allergic to sunny

Leg hair removal with ELOS method

2 weeks before the procedure, you should refrain from
tanning visit (tanning), tanned skin is not
contraindication for the procedure, but can significantly reduce
impact efficiency.

In the case when there are scars on the skin surface and
neoplasms, the procedure can not be carried out. This also applies to
use of laser for rejuvenation, deep chemical
peeling, as well as the presence of metal implants and stimulant
the work of the heart. Elos hair removal can seriously harm health
people with such contraindications.

Before the procedure, the beautician must
get acquainted with the results of ultrasound. Besides
This woman must undergo a full examination by a gynecologist,
endocrinologist and mammologist. Otherwise, the use of Elos
hair removal is prohibited.

Beauticians are not allowed to go to the solarium and sunbathe
two weeks before and after elos hair removal, as this is essentially
reduces the effectiveness of the procedure. In some cases, she
may even cause severe burns and skin pigmentation. therefore
Ultraviolet rays of no less than a month should be avoided.

Before Elos hair removal, you must shave all hair in areas
on which the procedure is planned. This will help the laser.
penetrate the follicles unhindered. But by no means impossible
pull out or depilate the skin with wax or sugar paste,
use fat creams and lotions.

Conclusion on the topic

Contraindications and consequences of the procedure of epilation are nothing
differ from other methods of removing unwanted body hair.
It effectively destroys the follicles, but at the same time it can
damage tanned skin. In some cases, it leads to

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