Elyuminirovanie hair – the key to beauty and health of your hair

Want dye to benefit your hair?
Dreaming about the mirror shine of each strand? This can help
hair elimination which is a newest technique
staining with a special composition that does not contain ammonia. Like
the composition penetrates the hair structure without revealing scales, which
allows hair to remain smooth, shiny and not

Hair Elution

Advantages of the procedure

The content of the article:

  • Advantages of the procedure
  • Features of the procedure
  • Effect from the procedure and cost. Photo Before and After
  • Contraindications and features of care
  • Hair Salon Elution VIDEO

This cosmetic manipulation has many
positive sides. Among the main ones we can single out the following:

  • Safety procedure. Dyes have
    plant base and therefore do not harm the hair.
  • High durability staining. Even through
    a few weeks the color will remain as saturated and bright.
  • Dazzling hair shine.
  • Variety of shades. Feature
    goldwell aluminization (this is a special staining compound)
    is that the paint includes more than twenty
    shades. Thanks to this you can easily choose for yourself.
    suitable tone.
  • Acid medium means compact structure
    the hair, thanks to which the strands become smooth and
  • Ease of use. Tool does not follow
    mix with other ingredients.
  • The paint has a pleasant unobtrusive
    the smell.

Please note: if you do not want to change your
natural hair color, you have the opportunity to take advantage
colorless makeup that gives a healthy hairstyle

Features of the procedure

If you are the owner of thin and weak hair,
also in case you often use coloring compositions,
elumination will be a great way for you. The effect of such
procedures lasts for a half to two months, and
the duration of the most cosmetic manipulation takes approximately
hour (exact time depends on the length of the hair).

Do you plan a vacation at sea? Carry out the procedure
eluminization, which will protect the hair from
exposure to strong ultraviolet and sea water.

Girl on the sea Before the procedure, the master cleans hair
client cover from residues of styling products using
special lotion. Due to this the coloring matter will be
longer stay on the hair. In addition, the lotion levels
hair structure, which allows the paint to be evenly distributed over
the entire length.

After that, the composition itself is applied, which is kept approximately
half an hour. Next, the specialist carefully scrubs the client’s hair and
applies on them the caring balm.

Effect from the procedure and cost. Photo Before and After

As a result of visiting the hairdresser you will notice that the hair
shone with bright shades, and also became more healthy and smooth.
We present you a photo before and after

The price of hair elimination may vary. Accurate
the cost depends on the pricing policy of a particular beauty salon, and
also from the city where you live. As you know, prices in
Moscow beauty salons are much higher than the cost of such
services in small towns.

In addition, the final cost affects the length of the hair. Average
the cost of coloring for hair of medium length is 2 thousand
rubles. This is an acceptable amount that can afford
each representative of the fair sex with an average income. For
maintaining beauty and bright colors is recommended to carry out such
procedure once a month.

Contraindications and features of care

Elyuminirovanie almost no contraindications. Such
dyeing can be done on completely healthy hair
and on loose strands: a soft composition will not cause them any

Hair Elution In order to maximize the effect
the procedure must be performed at least four times. However,
It is recommended to take a break for several months from time to time.
in order that hair could “rest” from a paint.

If you want the color to last longer, preferably
use specialized care products of the brand that
dye itself. You can buy them in specialized stores.
or directly in the beauty salon. Should not use
hard shampoos with the addition of sulfates. Better to apply
Special shampoos for colored hair from professional

Good advice: try not to put masks on strands and
oil-based balms that tend to flush

In addition, experts do not recommend the use of caring
Cosmetics, which includes alcohol. After each wash
towel your head as gently as possible. Strong
mechanical stress can negate all efforts
hairdresser. When brushing, use only brushes with
natural bristles. Dyed hair should not overdry
hairdryer, irons and other appliances. This is not necessary, because
your hairstyle and so will look shiny and attractive.
By following these simple rules, you can easily keep stunning
brilliance and bright color for a whole month.

Hair Elution If you are the owner
thick hair with a thick structure, perhaps dyeing will have to
hold several times. This is the main disadvantage
eluminizing. Otherwise, this procedure is perfect.
those women who want to change the natural color of the curls and
same time to preserve their beauty and health. In order not to
disappointed in the result, it is recommended to contact the famous
beauty salon and choose a professional master.

Hair Salon Elution VIDEO

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