Emo hairstyles for girls and guys

Emo hairstyles photo 1Youth is
always romantic and shocking, this desire to stand out from the environment,
it is audacity and the desire to do the opposite. Probably why this
the period of life is so beautiful and no matter how contritely shook their heads
grandmothers looking after modern teenagers hitting their
appearance and unimaginable hairstyles, but willy-nilly, and they
remember their youth, and their disobedience. Today hairstyles
modern girls can be surprisingly different, just like
however, and their mistress. And among the most popular – emo hairstyles for
girls or older girls: defiant, impudent, surprising
suitable for this age, allowing to express their attitude to
the world and your own style.

emo hairstyle photoScandalous
Emo hairstyles girls make more independent, relaxed, but
at the same time cute and even feminine in their own way. And we will not
sanctimonious to perceive this desire of youth to be different from everyone:
grayness in life and so lacking, let it be better everything will be more colorful
and spectacularly.

So how do you make an emo hairstyle yourself? Usually such
hair do on medium or long hair, at least – on short.
The general rules are: long “torn” bangs, asymmetric can be,
which covers half of the face, hair color is black, rarely white,
contrast purple, lilac, red strands in the total mass

Mandatory reception – combing hair roots and straightening them on
the ends. The back of the head is usually trimmed always shorter, the hair in front

It is possible to make the bang edging in a contrasting color, for example,
for black – white or pink, coloring is also applicable.
Mandatory element – strands of different lengths, carelessly trimmed,
creating creative chaos on the head. To create hairstyles, emo is needed
gel, mousse, hair creams, wax – all this will achieve
the desired result. The bangs are straightened with irons,
nape make ruffled.

Emo hairstyle photo 2Extra touches – bright hairpins,
bows, ribbons with hearts, flowers, as if on purpose
borrowed from kids. All this adds to the image of insolent and
bold girl a little childhood and sweet immediacy.

Before you do an emo hairstyle, carefully review
Photos of various options in magazines or Internet portals: there
You can always note something. And do not be afraid
experiment: emo hairstyles are designed for non-standard
individuals who seek to stand out from the crowd, declaring their
bright personality.

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