English highlighting – photo before and after that what it is

English highlighting will change the hair, giving them not only
updated fresh look, but also pomp, volume, and

Hairstyle of any length will acquire charm and refinement thanks to
harmonious combination of shades, and the end result will have to
face of every woman, perfectly fit into any style.

What is English highlighting

The content of the article:

  • What is English highlighting
  • Who is suitable for English highlighting
  • Step by step description of the technique of performing English
  • Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure
  • The cost of the procedure in the beauty salon
  • Beautiful shades and colors. Photos before and after
  • How to make English highlighting at home
    by myself
  • Hair care after highlighting

English coloring of curls, as a rule, is aimed at
highlighting the contrast of shades of natural hair color and
bleached strands. This kind of highlighting looks very stylish,
effectively and gives the hair gloss, due to which the hairstyle is completely
transforms and looks completely new. English highlighting

With such a highlight most often used quite
saturated and contrasting tones, however too bright and unnatural
colors to this type of staining will not work.

According to this method of highlighting, strands are brightened on
multiple tones, creating a noticeable contrast, so
natural shade looks brighter and more interesting.

At the same time, not all are subject to clarification.
hair, and only some of them, which allows to minimize
harmful effects of chemicals on the structure
curls. This technique is considered to be quite mild and
a delicate way to lighten the strands compared to the traditional
staining and the usual type of highlighting.

A feature of this method, in addition to contrast, is also
the very technique of highlighting curls: the English way suggests
diagonal staining, that is, color change under a slight
angle when the strands are selected and lightened vertically or
diagonally. Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

Who is suitable for English highlighting

This clarification technique is ideal for most women with
straight curls of any length and any shade.

Thin strands will gain the missing volume and pomp thanks to
such staining, therefore this method is often applied on thin

Very nice and impressive English coloring
Looks on the hairstyles of four different lengths, as well as on cascading and
asymmetrical haircuts. Short hairstyle is also very
can be distinguished with the help of such clarification. who suits

The most suitable English highlighting is suitable for the following types.

  • straight;
  • short;
  • medium length;
  • thin and devoid of volume strands.

The only “contraindication” to such an event
is curly hair type. Curly or curly
head of hair of contrasting color transitions and smooth merging tones
it will be quite difficult to achieve, so on this type of hair
Such shading is practically not used.

Step by step description of the technique of performing English

Technique clarify curls in this way is somewhat different
from classical and other types of highlighting.

In the English version of staining strands are highlighted not even
lines, and diagonal strokes, which give the hair
refinement and charm. This coloring looks very
interesting and unusual. technique melirovki

Highlighting technique in English style:

  • hair gently combed and separated
    diagonally on small strands. Diagonal lines
    are selected arbitrarily. For convenience, each selected strand
    fixed with a barrette;
  • highlight curls usually start from the top
    heads moving to the back of the head and finish the procedure
    applying a clarifier on the temples. Selected for bleaching curls
    may be of different widths;
  • using a foil, a brightening agent is applied to the strands,
    after which the hair is combed and wrapped in foil
    in the standard way;
  • lightening alternates, usually in a couple
    centimeters: curls painted, wrapped in foil,
    retreated by 2 centimeters and began to lighten the other highlighted
  • wait for the distribution to complete
    some amount of time, usually 30-40 minutes, then
    the foil is removed and the hair is washed with warm water and soft

Sometimes, at will, after clarification, a procedure is performed.
toning, during which the paint is applied to the selected tone.

Depending on the color of the hair master may
adjust the strand separation technique, since for each type
Hair has its own characteristics.

English highlighting on the curls of different

  • on dark hair. To dark hair color
    choose enough contrast, and curls themselves, which will be
    paint is applied, do not very wide, since on the dark
    a head of hair contrast will be noticeable even when thin strands are highlighted;
  • on the blond. Light brown color is very harmonious.
    combined with many shades, so often the master mixes
    several tones of paint at once, creating a unique image and
    color; Brown hair
  • on light. Light curls brighten slightly
    wider strands, and the diagonal line itself is made
    somewhat clearer in order to ensure maximum
    contrast and spectacular color transitions. light

Shades of paints for such clarification are usually chosen.
master individually for each woman, depending on
natural hair color, color type and personal

Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure

Do not wash the head before highlighting

The best way to conduct such an event on the fourth or fifth
day after washing, so that the hair structure contains some
the amount of subcutaneous fat that makes the strands elastic and
saves hair from overdrying. Read more about hair preparation
before highlighting hair wash

The cost of the procedure in the beauty salon

The price in the cabin for such a procedure depends on the length of the curls,
experience of the master and the status of the institution.

  • So, the clarification of a short haircut by this method varies in
    around 4,000 – 8,000 rubles.
  • The cost of a highlight for medium length will be almost
    similar, from 5,000 to 8,500 rubles.
  • Owners of long thick hair, this procedure will cost
    about 7,000–12,000 rubles. money

The duration of such a melioration is approximately
2-3 hours to lighten the hair of medium length.

How much is the result

The result will be on average about three to four.
months, depending on the brightness and saturation

How often can you make such highlighting. This type of staining
can be repeated about once every six months. Exact date
set based on the state of hair and hair type.

Beautiful shades and colors. Photos before and after

All main shades in English highlighting look
in a new way due to the original zigzag

Beautiful shades and colors for different lengths of curls:

  • on short hair. Cropped haircut
    pearl, pearl, light blond and golden hues will do;
     short hair
  • on average length. On the hair of medium length
    look great shades of honey, caramel and amber;
    medium length
  • for a long head of hair. Long hair decorate
    nutty, copper, chocolate and coffee shades. long hair

When selecting shades it is important to take into account also the color type and
natural hair color. So, for fair-haired fit
light tones, and dark-haired, respectively, more saturated and
deep shades.

How to make English highlighting at home
by myself

Independently carrying out such a measurement will help significantly
save money.

So, the English clarification at home for hair
average length will cost about one thousand rubles. at home

What you need for highlighting

For the implementation of this type of staining is necessary before
just choose a suitable clarifier. The tool should be without
ammonia and be as safe as possible with a soft and delicate
impact. It is also very important to use quality
combs and brushes for applying paint. Breed and
All products must be mixed in glass or plastic.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • prepare foil and brightener;
  • comb the hair and divide the curls into small strands;
  • separate the strands obtained once more using a fine comb on
    zigzag parting, after which the dedicated
  • lay a strand on the foil and smear thoroughly with the brightening
    means, then cover the curl with another leaf of foil and,
    forming a small envelope, hide it painted
  • repeat the same action with the rest of the curls, not
    forgetting to alternate clarified strands with natural color;
  • leave the product on the hair according to the package instructions.
    As a rule, 20-30 minutes is enough;
  • remove the foil and rinse the hair under warm water using
    shampoo suitable for dyed hair, then apply
    moisturizing balm.

Required tools: Required Tools

  • foil hairdressing kit;
  • a set of combs, including a spatula or a fine comb
    for easy selection of strands;
  • convenient small hairpins for fixing zigzag
  • brush for applying brightener;
  • hairdressing gloves;
  • Suitable plastic mixing utensils.

Means used:

  • brightener without ammonia mild action;
  • shampoo and balsam for colored or streaked hair.

Important. Recommended before applying paint.
test the tool to make sure it is not
allergies. For this, a diluted product can be applied to the wrist.

In case the scalp is prone to increased dryness, the roots
you should not paint over without finishing
one centimeter.

Hair care after highlighting

After the staining procedure, the curls will require to themselves
increased attention: by changing the color
segment, strands can become dry, brittle and split.

In order to avoid such trouble, you should start in advance.
apply quality and safe emollients, especially
after shampooing. In addition, the curls should be
apply thermal protection before using a hair dryer, curling iron or ironing.
hair care

After highlighting the hair will especially need
hydration and nutrition. The use of natural oils and
products based on natural extracts will help to saturate and
moisten the hair without the effect of weighting.

It is very undesirable to apply after the flashing procedure.
products incorporating aggressive chemicals
parabens, sulfates, silicones, as well as any desiccating
components like zinc. This kind of highlighting as
English is considered one of the most popular and fashionable.
The original technique that transforms hairstyle will look
very unusual and interesting on the hair of any color and length.

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