Everything you need to know about curly care hair

Curly hair decorates all the girls, but the curls need
proper care. Most often curls refer to the mixed type:
the tips are dry and the roots tend to
fat content.

Curly hair

It is important to select suitable shampoos, conditioners and others.
cosmetics. It is enough to follow certain
rules so that the styling always looks good and
attracted enthusiastic views of others.

  • 1 Hair Types: Distinctive Features
  • 2 Characteristic differences
  • 3 Important Rules
    • 3.1 Selection of detergents and care products
    • 3.2 Wash
    • 3.3 Drying
    • 3.4 Combing
    • 3.5 Haircut
  • 4 Hairstyles
  • 5 Styling
  • 6 Coloring
  • 7 Best means
    • 7.1 Shampoos
    • 7.2 Air Conditioners
    • 7.3 Indelible air conditioners
    • 7.4 Masks
    • 7.5 Popular recipes: decoctions
    • 7.6 Creams
    • 7.7 Oil complexes
    • 7.8 Serum
    • 7.9 Sprays
    • 7.10 Other care products
  • 8 Styling aids
  • 9 Prevention of dryness

Hair Types: Distinctive Features

Scientists distinguish 3 different types of hair slices:

  • flat;
  • round;
  • oval.

The structure of the curls and their color depend on the type of cut. Strands
with a round cut – straight and tough, and most often they
have black color. This type is most common among citizens.
Middle East and Asian countries.

Dark-skinned girls

The ellipsoid and oval cut is inherent in curly strands.

The intensity depends on the flattening of the hairs
curliness The most curly hair is in black people,
and the Europeans – curls mostly smooth and bright.

Important! The shape of the bulbs also affects the type of strands:
if a person has a folded follicle, then the hairstyle becomes

Often, curls are inherited, and they can
appear due to pathology, hormonal disorders and
use of potent drugs.

Characteristic differences

If a girl has naturally curly and curly hair, she’s
will have to face certain problems. Curls often
are too brittle and too dry, so their
required to restore and moisturize.

Owners of small curls complain that it is difficult for them
comb your hair Often you have to use special
balms and sprays to simplify the task.

Badly combed hair

Curly hair is often prone to fluffiness, which makes it look
untidy In this case, the girls should not use the styler,
because strands are unstable to negative external
impacts. Cracks appear on bends, and
artificial heat damages the hair structure. Because of this they
they become too dry, brittle and prone to falling out.

Attention! Curly girls dangerous lighten up and
settle for a perm. Even ordinary staining can
badly damage the hairstyle: the tips will start to split and the hair –
tangle, making it difficult to comb. To avoid this,
It is necessary to use masks that prevent cross-section.

Considering that curls are often too dry,
it is necessary to apply moisturizing and regenerating agents.

Important rules

It is enough to follow a series of simple recommendations to hairstyle
always looked good.

Choice of detergents and care products

The choice of care products

From detergents depends on how beautiful will be
curls. Shampoo should be suitable for the type of hair. If a
hairs strong and shiny, then you can buy
wavy hair products.

When curls are dry, you will have to stay on the tool with the effect
moisturizing. Thin – especially need additional reinforcement
and nutrition.

Important! It is useful to apply serum and oil with
adding keratin. These cosmetic products simplify care.
curly hair and prevent their loss.

the washing up

It is important to wash your hair properly so that there are no problems with curls.
You can not carry out the procedure every day, because the constant
the use of the shampoo washes away the protective layer and
adversely affects the sebaceous glands. Optimally wash
hair 2–3 times a week.

Washing curly hair

Useful recommendations:

  1. Shampoo should be applied exclusively on the area near
    roots to eliminate excess fat.
  2. Masks and balms must be distributed over the entire length.
  3. Means for restoring curly hair after application
    need to hold for at least 5 minutes for them to act.
  4. No need to wash curls with hot water, otherwise the tips will be
  5. Silicone-free air conditioning should not be applied to
    Bottom area, otherwise the hairstyle will cease to be

After washing, be sure to rinse your head with cool
water, then squeeze out excess moisture and wrap hair
a towel.


Wet hair

It is best to dry the hair naturally without applying
hair dryer. In such a situation, they will absorb the required amount
moisture and will not be damaged. When using a hair dryer
you first need to dry near the roots.

The device should be directed from the top down, with the need to install
cool mode, as it is the safest hair. Warm
air can be used to enhance the action of serum and


You can not comb your hair immediately after washing, as in the wet
they are vulnerable and brittle. First you need to smooth the hair
hands and dry. Only then can you take on
comb, carefully untangling the strands.

It is not recommended to use massage brushes: because of them curls
lose their shape. Comb made of wood – the best comb for
curly hair, as it does not hurt the strands.

Combing hair

A haircut

Curls need to be trimmed periodically to make it easier
do styling. If there are damaged areas, then they are important.
clean up, leaving only healthy ones. All actions
Should perform a hairdresser, as it is not
can achieve the desired result. Haircut, care
curly hair can always keep
hairstyle in perfect condition.

This video shows how easy it is to cut curly hair in
home conditions.

Curly hair harms filming, as well as the removal of the top
layer using a special razor. The stylist should know that
haircut is performed only on dry strands. It is important to pay
attention to detail to achieve a good result.

Tip! If the ends began to split, you need to immediately
contact the salon. Regular trimming promotes fast
growth and cutting with hot scissors will prevent further


A woman can choose any hairstyle, but will have to give up
straight bangs with oval and round head shape, since
face will seem disproportionate. Good fit
cascade and ladder – styling will be bulk.

The length depends on the state of the curls. If they are badly damaged,
then you should opt for short haircuts.

At night, it is better to collect long hair in a braid or a tail,
to make it easier to stack in the morning.

Tail, pigtail


If desired, you can do your own styling.


  1. It is recommended to use products with
    thermal protection that must be applied only on
    wet hair.
  2. You can apply a mousse to fix the formed strands.
    First, the foam is distributed in a thin layer over the surface of the palm,
    after which it is applied from the tips to the roots.
  3. To refresh your hair, you should use a regenerating
  4. It is not recommended to straighten strands using ironing,
    because curls soon curl again. Can
    make keratin straightening to achieve lasting

This video shows a simple way of laying curly by nature.


It is important to choose the right hair color so as not to harm
them. Ammonia compounds should be abandoned, as they
aggressively affect the curls. For new
tint fit means with natural formulations. For example, henna and
Basma, as they are absolutely safe for healthy hair.

Basma, henna

Best tools

When choosing care products you should be guided.
the main rule: a cosmetic product must be suitable for
specific hair type. Can advise the most
quality and popular shampoos, masks, conditioners,
which are suitable for wavy hair.


Sulfate-free shampoos gently clean curls. Great
The results are shown by means of OSTA Aqua from ESTEL. It
suitable for frequent use, strengthens and
feeds strands. In addition, this sulfate-free shampoo significantly
facilitates combing and moisturizes.

Kapous Professional contains orange extract and
fruit acids. After washing, hair begins to shine, become
strong and well maintained. Suitable for all hair types, with
this is inexpensive.

Shampoos for hair

Air conditioners

Curly from Sexy Hair – expensive, but high-quality air conditioning,
which perfectly moisturizes the curls and provides easy
combing. It contains jojoba oil, panthenol and
liquid proteins. Spent sparingly and also has a pleasant
the smell.

Grapefruit & Geranium from Avalon Organix contains a lot
natural ingredients: chamomile, calendula, orange, grapefruit and
a lot others. Perfectly restores the lipid layer and
makes combing easier. Eliminates excessive fluffiness and
warns the cross section.

Air Conditioners

Indelible conditioners

Londa’s Curl Definer is applied to wet or dry hair. AT
Ingredients have olive oil, which perfectly moisturizes
Curls makes them silky.

Conditioner leave-in, Lakme well suited for curly strands,
and can also be used after perm. It has
pleasant aroma, easily distributed over the entire length and not
weights hair. Curls will look like after
visit the beauty salon.

Conditioners indelible


Mask Curl Contour from L’Oreal is well suited for food
whorls, protects against the negative effects of solar
rays. Strands will shine beautifully, and curls will get
clear contours.

Klorane allows you to save the styling shape, straightens the strands and
makes them smoother. Means is spent economically.

Hair masks

Folk recipes: decoctions

Folk remedies, though not highly efficient,
but it does not require large expenditures.

You can make a decoction at home, using 10
bay leaves, 1 bunch of parsley and 10 rosemary needles.
It is necessary to mix herbs and pour 500 ml of boiling water. After the remedy
let it brew for 40 minutes, strain and wash the strands with it
after applying the shampoo.

Possible for the prevention of hair loss
use a decoction of oak bark or chamomile.
The procedure is performed on average twice a week.

Oak bark


Estelle’s Wave Twist smoothes hair and eliminates
excessive fluffiness. Intensively restores curls,
makes them supple and resilient.

Curl Contour cream from L’Oreal protects hair from
damage and maintains the strength of the strands. Means
allows you to save the rich color of curls and keep them from
ultraviolet radiation.

Cream for curls

Oil complexes

To improve the condition of the hair is recommended to use the following

  • jojoba;
  • corn;
  • sunflower

They must be applied to the tips immediately after
washing up.

Jojoba oil

You can purchase ready-made complexes:

  • Riche, Hair Oil Aml. The product smells good and
    makes curls smooth, well-groomed;
  • Organic Shop (jojoba oil). Softens and nourishes the curls,
    eliminates dryness and restores; Ready-made oil complexes
  • Natura Siberica (sea buckthorn oil). The highest quality and
    an affordable product that does not make hair too greasy, but
    effectively moisturizes the strands. Great for
    damaged tips that need repair.

Important! Do not apply too much oil,
as this will lead to increased fat content.


Separately recommended to use serum to restore
strands and accelerate growth. Advantage of these
means that they restore hair, and
laid down.

The following serums can be recommended:

  • Kharisma Voltage Daily Nutritive Hair Serum;
  • Kapous with argan oil;
  • Kapous Dual Renascence 2 phase.

Hair Serums

They are used about 1 time per week for prophylaxis.
hair problems.

The sprays

The advantage of sprays is that they are easy and convenient to apply.
The result can be immediately noticed, so the effect will not wait for a long time.
have to. You can apply the spray during styling, but not with
hair dryers and irons. The tool envelops the strands and creates
film that will prevent the loss of moisture.

Good sprays:

  • L’oreal Hydra Repair;
  • Wella Elements;
  • Yellow Curly therapy.

Sprays for curls

They can be used every day to update hairstyles.

Other care products

For the formation of strong curls recommended
use Organic Root mousse. He will do
hair is more silky and will warn puffing.

Otium Twist Spray makes combing and hairstyle easier
brilliant. The tool does not need to be washed off, so you can use
even before going out. It will additionally protect hair from
negative environmental impact.

This video explains how to care for curly hair,
Showing care products for curls.

Styling aids

To make the locks beautiful, you can use the serum
Paul Mitchell. It does not stick hairs, smells good and nourishes
head Thanks to the hairstyle will be great
hold, while the serum is suitable for curling

Sexy Hair Reactivator adds extra volume and
visually increases pomp. Facilitates the styling process
hair, as the strands become elastic. Means
must be applied before creating hairstyles.

Tool for curly texture

Prevention of dryness

As already mentioned, curls often turn out to be too dry,
therefore, it is important to deal with this problem. Recommended for
prevention keep your head away from the bright sun and cold, and
also enter into the diet foods that are rich in vitamins
B, A, E.

Do not use the iron as this
device harms curls and dries them. To
prevent hair loss, it is recommended to avoid stress

Important! You should cut your hair at least once every three
month to eliminate split ends. Twice a week will be
useful to massage the head to activate growth, and strengthen
the roots.

If you carefully care for curls, then they will
beautiful and healthy. It is important to take care not only of the hairstyle, but also
about the health of the body, since it depends not only
condition of the strands, but also the appearance as a whole.

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