Everything you need to know about self hair dye

how to dye your hair at homeWhy
Many people choose coloring curls at home? Yes because
that it is cheaper than in the cabin, but no less beautiful and impressive.
However, before you dye your hair at home, you still need to weigh
all the pros and cons, correctly assess their capabilities. Need to
to understand what to paint a head of hair by some original, complicated
self, without the help of a professional and necessary
tools will be extremely difficult.

Highlighting, coloring, and also booking and other
Fashionable types of stains are not available at home. Can,
Of course, experiment, but the result is unlikely to please.

The real possibilities of home staining

Not everyone dyes their hair with complex methods, most young ladies
still prefer simple painting in one tone. Right
dye your hair very real and not at all difficult. Large
Opportunities are opening up to those who decide to take this step. Also
at home you can paint your hair a couple of tones brighter
or darker. Monochrome staining is a good option, as the most
dye your hair after highlighting or lightening, and return your

First, you can update the color and tint without any problems.
the roots. Long hair can be painted over the entire length of such paint
which corresponds to the natural own shade of curls. AT
this case is given a saturation of color, shine, and hides
penetrating gray hair. Also homemade hair coloring is excellent.
way to paint over gray hair.

Choosing materials for coloring

There are many recommendations on how to properly paint
hair at home, but the main one is the competent choice of materials for
staining, that is, paint and oxidant. First you need
determine the place of purchase of materials. To achieve the best
results it is recommended to use professional paint,
which is sold in specialized stores.

It is important to understand that on the shelves of supermarkets such products are not
find, so you should not buy into the tricks of marketers and
take the word “professional” on the packaging at face value. That
that professional paint is not sold in the supermarket, not at all
means that it costs fabulous money – the price of such paint
not much higher.

choice of hair colorWith
choosing any brand of professional paint for coloring curls,
or if you need to tint the roots, you need to take into account that the oxidizer
have to buy separately. Properly choose the oxidizer itself is not
succeed, therefore it is better to consult with the sellers in the store, they
must know what percentage is appropriate for
another type of staining.

Before you dye your hair, you need to decide on yourself
dye, it can be with ammonia or without it. Permanent
ammonium dye well paints a couple of tones lighter and color
lasts longer on the hair. But without ammonia paint is suitable for
those who only want to refresh their color, give their hair shine and

Arsenal of tools and accessories that will be useful

To properly dye the roots of curls or long hair
In addition to paint and oxidant, one must also purchase a wide
long-handled brush and flat comb with large and rare
prongs. They are useful to easily split hair into strands and
comb them for even paint distribution. In order to
stir the paint with an oxidizing agent, plastic or
glass container with a wide bottom, it can be a bowl or
deep plate

Professional paint can come with gloves, and
maybe without. This is not a problem, you can buy a whole pack of disposable
gloves, which is enough to paint the hair a few more years.
The necessary trifle is cotton swabs and fat cream. These items
need and if dye long hair, and if only dye
hair roots. In order to properly paint the hair and not
paint your forehead and temples, a thick layer of cream along the contour is useful
hair growth, which will not allow the dye to paint the skin.

You can buy a special tool to remove paint from the skin,
which is sold there, in professional stores. If a
long hair or hair roots permanently dye yourself,
such a tool will be a great helper and will quickly pay off.

The stages of the process of dyeing hair

Hairdressing professionals know how to
to dye your hair so that the color “takes” well over the entire length and not
spots and gray hairs. The very color of the roots is also not so
hard, you just need to know the algorithm of action. Better of course
ask a girlfriend or sister to help her dye her hair, but
if there is no such possibility, you need to be patient and two
large mirrors to review was from all sides.

First you need to comb your hair well and separate them smoothly.
parting Next you should draw another line from ear to ear with
center on top. Lower hair must be tied with a rubber band,
so that they do not interfere. Then you should take a little paint on the brush
and distribute it through the hair on both sides of the parting no further than
2 centimeters from the roots. Dye your hair line to the crown,
should be separated by a narrow side of the brush or comb thin strand
on either side of the parting and shift it to the other side.

Paint the roots on one side of the head, you need to go to
another, then proceed to the back of the head. All this needs to be done at a pace
so that the paint did not have time to take more strongly on one side and weaker on
the other, otherwise you’ll get a “a la Cruel” hairstyle. To correct
to dye the remaining hair, you need to wait a little to
paint on the roots took better, and proceed to the coloring of the strands
by the same principle. When dyeing each strand need to knead
separate them with hands so that the paint penetrates well and paints everything
hairs, no spots.

If the hair is long, there is a good way to dye your hair.
evenly. They can be twisted into small buns, which
perform two functions at once. First, curly hair will not
interfere with staining the rest of the head, and, secondly, twisting in
flagellum strand and twisting it in the form of a bun, you can increase
the ability to paint soak throughout the length evenly.

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