Exercises for legs – slim legs for a couple weeks

To be attractive and slim is the dream of every woman. Beautiful
Embossed legs, smooth thighs and tight buttocks are
one of the main signs of female attractiveness. Not all
women bestow nature
advantages of the figure. Many of them need to work hard to
to bring your form to the ideal. Attend a regular fitness club and
under the guidance of a trainer can afford a few in
due to lack of time and money. But you should not be upset.
There are effective exercises for slender legs, designed
to perform at home.


  • The basic rules of successful training
  • A set of exercises for the legs at home
  • Dumbbell leg exercises

The basic rules of successful training

To achieve fast and stable results, you should follow
not 3-4 separate exercises, but a whole set of exercises for the legs,
aimed at maintaining the tone and strengthening of the muscles. Classes
you need to give daily at least 15 minutes, then the visible result
come in 2-3 weeks.

The power complex provides an impact not only on the muscles
buttocks and thighs, it allows you to straighten your posture, make strong
abdominal Press. It is recommended to start classes in the ventilated
under rhythmic music and in a good mood. Power
exercises, both with dumbbells, and without them, pumping and stretching –
components of a successful and, therefore, effective training.

Exercises at home begin with a warm-up. Doing so
You can in any form, but you do not need to warm up for a long time.
The number of trainings should be at least three times a week.
Do not exhaust yourself loads, be sure to rest between
workouts. In this case, the regularity of classes is more important,
rather than their frequency.

To achieve the desired result in a short time you need
during the class, eat and drink a day at about 2
liters of water. At each workout exercise order should be
change. Such changes will provide a diverse impact on
leg muscles that best affect the outcome and overall
well-being. After exercise, it is recommended to take a contrast

A set of exercises for the legs at home

This complex will make legs strong and slim. For better
effect to do the exercises you need twice a day – in the morning and
evening daily.

Exercises for the inner side of the thigh

  1. Lie on the floor, focusing on your right elbow and right side. Right
    leg stretched forward and the left bent at the knee, the foot rested on
    floor. Make twenty lifts with your right foot. Sock with
    not stretched, but “looks” at you. Do the same exercise for
    left leg, changing position.
  2. Accept the starting position (similar to that described above).
    Try to turn the right leg to the right, as far as possible, and
    perform in this position the same 20 lifts. So happens
    strengthening the legs and stretching the inner side of the thigh. Repeat the same
    most with the left foot.

Lifting legs

Lying on the floor, raise each leg to a height of 15 cm 20 times.
Shoulder blades should be firmly pressed to the floor, and feet –
are closed.

podnimanie nog

Exercise “Bicycle”.

Perfectly strengthens the legs. “Pedal” 20 times first
straight, then left and right. Try not to lift your legs too much.
high: 15 centimeters from the floor – enough.

Running on the spot

Stand on your feet and run in one place for 5-7

Lunges forward

Stand straight, legs apart shoulder-width apart. One foot
make a low lunge forward, stay in this position for 7-10
seconds, then take the starting position. Do the same lunge
other foot, then return to the original position. Exercise
need to repeat at least 15-20 times.


While standing upright, put your hands on your hips and
sit down. Stay 7-10 seconds in this position, then
straighten up, but only half and, holding the tension,
stay for the same amount of time, complete
exercise full squats. Must be done 10-15



Complete a set of exercises for the legs stretching the muscles. Straight
stand, hands put on the hips. Bend your knee so that
heel touched the buttocks, but the foot “looks” up.
Try to pull the leg up, strongly straining the muscles. Make a
This stretching exercise for 15-20 times for each leg.

Dumbbell leg exercises


Upright stand, legs apart shoulder-width apart
along the hull. In both hands, take the dumbbells. Start slowly
squat on the exhale, not bending at the same time in the lower back, as in
In this case, the load will be distributed incorrectly. Try hard
keep straight: do not lean forward or backward. Climb and
take the initial position on the inhale.

Perform 3-4 series of 20 squats.

Frontal attacks

Starting position: feet shoulder width, back straight, dumbbells
keep your arms straight down, palms pointing inward. Take a step
forward while inhaling, bending the knee of the front leg forward on
exhale We go down until the leg left behind,
will not touch the floor. The knee in the process of movement must be on
one line with a toe.

On a breath we occupy a starting position.

Side attacks

Take dumbbells in hands, legs spread wide apart.
Arms bent at the elbows, press to the waist. Start bending
alternately knees, smoothly making side lunges with feet: first
left, then right. When one leg is in the bent
position, the second is absolutely straight. The weight of the new support leg
need to be transferred due to the work of the muscles of the gluteal region. Then muscle
backs will not be overwhelmed.

Like the other types of physical activity performed for
improve your body, exercise for slender legs is required
perform regularly. Then and only then can you count on
result. Exercises at home for
only 10-15 minutes will help strengthen the muscles of the lower body, and in
Combined with a diet will be an excellent option for fat burner.

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