Exercises from cellulite on the legs and buttocks

Cellulite is a particularly feminine problem, get rid of
which help only complex events that include
balanced nutrition, exercise and exercise
cosmetic procedures. Eliminate the “orange peel” on the legs and
buttocks alone will not succeed with wraps and massages.
Additionally, you must perform exercises from cellulite. Total
30 minutes of lessons per day at home will help to achieve
stunning double result: the skin will become smooth and smooth, and
legs – slim and fit.



  • What is cellulite?
  • What exercises do not eliminate cellulite
  • The most effective exercises
  • Bicycle, dumbbells, jump rope and other enemies of cellulite
  • Jump rope against cellulite
  • Cellulite Hoop
  • Dumbbells against cellulite

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a structural change observed
in the subcutaneous fat layer that lead to disruption
microcirculation of blood and lymph. You can characterize this phenomenon
as stagnant fluids in adipose tissue, leading subsequently to her

Medical professionals are wary of
the term “cellulite”, preferring increasingly to use for
The definition of this disease is the term “ginoid lipodystrophy”. AT
medical community views on this issue strongly
differ, many doctors believe that cellulite can not be called


The term cellulite is often confused with the term cellulitis, which
is a big mistake as the latter means purulent
inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.

What exercises do not eliminate cellulite

Oddly enough, but not all exercise
help in the fight against cellulite. Some sports
implying a heavy load on the legs (tennis, aerobics and
volleyball) can only aggravate the situation, because during
workouts have a strong pressure on the venous network, and
joints are loosened.

The best solution in the fight against cellulite on the legs will be
strength training with moderate load and cardio. It is this way
will help to burn extra calories, thus reducing the size
hypertrophied adipocytes (adipose tissue cells), and improving
microcirculation. Strength training is great for fighting
cellulitis at home.


The best sport that effectively helps get rid of
cellulite on the buttocks and legs, considered swimming. Regular
Water aerobics allows you to make the skin smooth and shape –

The most effective exercises

Squats. Uncomplicated and familiar to all
exercise must be performed daily. First do each
a day of 15 or 20 squats. Then the load should be gradually
increase. Squatting is the easiest and most affordable way.
tighten the skin and muscles of the legs and buttocks at home.


Lunges forward. Set your left foot forward, and
right – take back. Focus on the left foot, putting on
her hands Keep your back straight. In this position
lean forward slowly and freeze for 10-15 seconds. Then
straighten up and change legs. Exercise must be repeated 10


Raising the body lying down. Lie on the floor. By making
inhale, stretch your arms behind your head. Exhale, reach for your hands,
raising a little torso. Stand for 20 seconds in this position.
This exercise should be repeated 10 times.

Swing feet. Lie on your right side, bend
right arm in the elbow and place under the head. Perform 10 sweeps
left foot, while trying to raise the leg as high as possible.
Make sure that the foot, dropping, does not touch the floor. Same
Exercise do the right foot, turning on his left side.


Raising legs. Lie on your back, lift both
legs up (as high as possible). Then lower, but without touching, the floor and
raise again. Start 10-15 times, increasing the load each
day. This exercise will help get rid of cellulite on the pope and
strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Bicycle, dumbbells, jump rope and other enemies of cellulite

A great way to handle gynoid lipodystrophy is to ride
cycling or training on a stationary bike. These classes are not
take a long time: 15-30 minutes per day is enough.
The only prerequisite is their regularity.
carrying out.

After a month of training, you can go to the maximum pace
drive away. This is usually done as follows: the first 2-3 minutes to go
you need to slowly, then gradually increase the pace, to achieve
maximum speed. The whole body is tense, the legs work,
like a motor. This accelerated pace needs to be maintained for 3-4 minutes.
Next, slow down and rest for 2-3 minutes, and again everything

Jump rope against cellulite

Skipping rope exercises can work wonders, eliminating
ugly manifestations of lipodystrophy in a short time. The fact,
that cellulite is “afraid” of shaking, therefore jumping on a rope is quite
effective in the fight against cellulite.


So, pick yourself a jump rope for growth, take time and
jump for 15 minutes daily. Gradually increase
class time. The result is noticeable after a month of training.

Cellulite Hoop

Sports hoop or hula hoop will be a reliable tool for
eliminate cellulite bumps. Classes with hula hoop allow
“disperse” the blood throughout the body, and in particular, in the back,
waist and hips. This, in turn, helps to get rid of
cellulite and improve the functioning of internal organs.

Exercises with a hoop should be performed daily and better in the first
half a day because the rush of blood to the digestive organs in the evening
undesirable. Twist the hoop is recommended 15 minutes. The result can
will notice after 2-3 weeks.

Dumbbells against cellulite

To perform exercises from cellulite will need two lightweight
2-3 kg dumbbells – each. One of the simplest exercises is
slow squats with dumbbells in their hands. Squat, breathe evenly
try to keep your back straight, not leaning forward.


Take the dumbbells in both hands. Keep your back straight, reducing the shoulder blades.
Do 5-7 bends forward, trying not to bend your legs. Ideally
when tilting, hands should not touch the floor, but be on
a distance of 15 cm from him. First, the exercise will seem difficult to you,
but after a few workouts, the slopes will be made easier and

You can also get rid of cellulite on the legs and thighs with
running and walking on the spot with high elevation of the knees. Useful
rotation pelvis and torso in different directions. Pick up for
yourself the most acceptable sporting activity and do
regularly. This will help preserve the slim figure and eliminate
a nasty cosmetic defect like cellulite, and
prevent its occurrence in the future.

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