Exotic and unusual! 30 ways wears african braids

One of the most fashionable hairstyles of the 90s – African braids – again on
peak of popularity. Long hair, braided in numerous
pigtails, looks very fashionable and cool.

What you need to know about African braids

One of the most famous advantages of African braids is
virtually no care of them. This is the most fascinating
an aspect of this hairstyle is the idea of ​​not washing or styling each hair
the day looks just great. However, if you are thinking about
African braids, be patient for a few hours to
get them.

1. Long and thin African braids with side
a grader

2. Medium African Long Braids

3. Long silver-gray braids

4. Knot of izdzhambo braids on top

5. Black African braids with a red tint

6. African braid halo crown

7. Black and White African Pigtails

8. Two buns from African braids

9. Casual hairstyle of thin braids

10. To choose: horse tail or babette

11. Rainbow from African braids

12. Volumetric braids with a purple tint.

13. Fashionable and trendy pink braids

14. African braids plaited into boxing braids.

15. High knot at the crown with falling pigtails

16. Black and gold pigtail hair

17. Multicolored African braids

18. Crown with pigtail harness

19. Black and white side crown of rough braid

20. Rough African braids with a side-grader

21. Side curl of purple braids with identical color.

22. Cutting a bobie from African braids with a knot at the crown

23. Black and white royal crown

24. Side crown of interlaced strands

25. African braids in all shades of green

26. Golden small braids

27. Horsetail from African braids

28. African braids with a touch of “Beach Blonde”

29. African pigtails with melange effect

30. African Pigtails “Merry Yarn”

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