Extension: fashion accessory – hair

hair extensionsLong groomed hair,
undoubtedly the best decoration of any woman. For some time their
“growing out” has become quite accessible even to those ladies from whom
nature got only “three thin hairs”. Some
hours at the hairdresser, and, thanks to hair extension technology,
chic curls you provided. In other words, in our time
hair turned into the same accessory, such as fashion
handbag or shoes.

Sleight of hand and no cheating …

technology of hair extensionsSpeaking of gluing hair as well
In this way, the spit “grows up”, some people are squeamish
frowning, claiming that only natural beauty is right
“for life”. Perhaps, at first glance, they are right, but with
On closer examination, this statement is a bigot. After all
beautiful clothes, cosmetics, high heels are also unnatural and
are “decoration”. Wigs, hairpieces, various
devices to increase the volume and length of hair existed in
all the times Hair extensions are just a continuation of traditions with
using new technologies.

Properly fortified neat strands adorn many women.
They are also good because they are easy to get rid of if desired. Long
hair, albeit “glued”, provide many opportunities for
design a variety of hairstyles. They can curl, smooth,
to paint. Changing the image has a positive effect on mood,
increases self-esteem.

Today there are several options
artificial “growing” hair. They are all built on one thing.
principle: stick to your own hair with special glue
strands of necessary length and structure. Hair extension cost
consists of the cost of purchasing materials and payment of work
masters This pleasure is not cheap because the procedure
painstaking and takes a long time, but at the same time about the length
Hair can not worry for a long time.

Bring me, my friend, not a scarlet flower …

hair bandsWhen about the opportunity
artificial “growing” curls spoke for the first time, then buy
hair extensions were almost impossible.
Specialized shops were located only in megacities.
The procedure itself performed expensive salons, they also engaged and
subsequent correction of hair. Wells were delivered from abroad
and were very expensive, like the work itself.

Now you can carry out the process of building almost
rural barber shop and even at home. And buy hair for
cheap building is possible directly through web-pages. To choose
strands of any color, shades, length, volume. Fully available
tools needed for work, as well as related products and
care products.

The price of bundles depends on their quality: length, thickness and composition.
The most expensive – long natural curls. Spit will cost less
horsehair. Artificial strands – the most economical.

By the way, many experts recommend doing the first
building it up with the help of artificial hair, because not every
a woman can get used to the new hairstyle that requires the most careful
care. Yes, and they sometimes look no worse than this. Qualitative
artificial hair is almost indistinguishable from natural, but
has many advantages. Synthetic fibers more evenly
amenable to staining, styling. Such curls dry faster, easier
combed, have a neat appearance for a long time.

Choosing materials for hair extensions, first of all, it is worth
pay attention to their quality. They have to:

  • look as natural as possible and not look like a beam
    synthetic yarn;
  • have durable hardware, do not fall apart from the first
  • capsule or duct tape, which are the main “fasteners”
    elements must have a fresh look and a solid structure.

Often opponents of building indicate not very good
the origin of tufts of natural hair. Main sources
Mortuaries, shelters, prisons and impoverished neighborhoods of settlements in India are considered.
How to prove and disprove this information is impossible. On
in fact, you can sell long hair at any barber shop.
Constantly printed ads for the purchase of curls. Synthetic
or horse strands – a great way out for those who are afraid
get negative information with other people’s hair. If speak about
natural curls, then, of course, they are subject to sale
thorough chemical processing.

Ways to “grow” curls

curly hair extensionsThere are several options to grow
curls. The most commonly used cold hair extensions.
It is believed that this method is the most gentle for its own
shag The work is carried out in several stages,
which sequence depends on preferences
master hairdresser.

Normally, washed hair is leveled, giving it optimum
length Then, dividing into fine strands, starting from the occipital
the zones are applied to each one in accordance with a new strand and pressed down with special
forceps. Special glue based on vegetable resins
forceps, leaving the capsule, securely glues its own and
acquired hair. The parietal zone is left unchanged, so
as a task of the top rows of hair to hide the capsules. At the end
gluing stylist-hairdresser gives the hair shape and color.
Sometimes hair dyeing is done before the main procedure.

Hot build is performed in the same way, only with
the use of heated to a certain temperature instruments. how
for the time taken to work and for fastening, both
The method is roughly comparable. Harm to hair with improper care
can cause both ways. Usually “hot” method
Recommended for hair extensions for short hair.

With a short haircut is not recommended to take too long and
thick locks. Otherwise it will be very difficult to hide the junction.
capsules. As your own hair regrowth during the correction
hair can be supplemented with new beams.

The latest and most modern technology – tape
hair extension. Feature of the procedure in the speed of its implementation.
It also does not require special tools and can be performed.
at home. Instead of capsules, tapes with applied are used.
on a strip acrylic or silicone gel.

Hair extensions at home

For many women, the curl extension procedure is not available in
because of its high cost. In this case, a good option
perform hair extensions at home. This job is not
as complex as laborious. Naturally, alone with
I can’t cope with it, I have to invite a helper.

Best suited for home performance tape
technology. It is simple and does not take more than an hour. Besides
You can buy hair for tape extension right in
the internet. They are not so expensive and easy to use. Spinning
attached to a transparent strip, glued to their own
hair special bio-based glue. In some
In some cases, the gel is not only harmless, but also contains caring
substances. Strips of hair can be straight, “curls”
“spirals”, “waves”. They are varied both in color and in

Before taking action, it is advisable to go through at least
minimal hair extension training. If the event is a one-time,
there is no need to attend special courses. Just look
a couple of videos, photos, learn workshops, read
recommendations from professionals. When everything becomes clear to the smallest detail
can get to work.

From the additional equipment will need special
comb – divider, scissors, several crocodile clips
different size and clean sheet on the shoulders. All this can be bought in
any haberdashery shop is cheap enough to save
significant funds is on the equipment. For hot
hair extensions would have to additionally purchase a special
thermal device for heating capsules with glue.

Clean wet hair needs to be fixed with “crocodiles” and,
choosing one even thin strand, glue to each strip
with “donor” curls. With the second option used
masters, the strips are glued in a checkerboard pattern. Upper
own strands must remain in free “flight” and
close the bottom bars. If done correctly, the result
work will surely please you.

According to the reviews – tape hair extensions look
very attractive. Hair gets not only length, but also gorgeous
volume Transparent strips are almost invisible in the hair. And yourself
strands look very natural and spectacular.

How much does it cost to grow hair

Since long hair came into fashion, and with it increased
demand for building, it is natural that the salons have not bypassed this
moment of attention. Whereas the price of the perm fell
almost doubled, hair extensions are inexpensive to make
almost impossible. Any master, focusing on colleagues, nor for
that will not “lower the bar.”

As an option – perform the procedure at home. When it is uncomfortable or
there is no one to entrust serious work, then you can go to the trick. If a
be diligent, then hair extensions can be done
is free. Of course, you have to work hard and spend your time, but
for the sake of saving five or even all fifteen thousand rubles, it is worth
to try.

It is no secret that many hairdressers organize paid
Courses where beginners are taught the craft of a stylist and hairdresser. So,
as models for “experiments” they recruit people from the street. AT
including hair extensions. In this case, the “victim” is nothing
pays. Pupils usually try hard and do all the work.
under the guidance of a mentor, so for the result you can not
worry: he usually exceeds all expectations.

In the same way you can get on the nail, massage and
other useful beauty guidance procedures. The main thing in this business
– be quick, because those who want to get free
haircut is always enough. Announcements about the set of “models” can be found
in newspapers, on the doors of salons, on web-pages.

Hair care after building

Simply “glueing” the curls is not enough. Even the most expensive
Hair requires careful care. To make them look shiny and
alive, we need special rinses and shampoos. Pick up
funds should be very carefully. If dandruff starts or
allergy, all the work will go down the drain.

It is necessary to take care of a comb. She should not be
sharp, cling and “rip out” hair. At night, strands needed
carefully assembled into a “bundle”, otherwise they will quickly come off, they will
have a casual look. Morning hair is required neatly
“disassemble into strands” and comb.

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