Extension on short hair: features procedures

Short haircuts are currently experiencing another
peak of popularity. More girls are eager to make
fashion cascade, asymmetry, etc.


But short hair has its weighty flaws – with them
impossible to create romantic curls for a date or
intricate braids. It is in search of diversity.
girls tend to increase strands.

  • 1 Features of the procedure
  • 2 Is it possible to hold extensions on short hair
    • 2.1 What should be the minimum hair length
    • 2.2 Building on the car
  • 3 What technologies are used
    • 3.1 Diamond hair
    • 3.2 Hollywood build-up
    • 3.3 Tape capacity
  • 4 Features of capsule technology
    • 4.1 Price
  • 5 Contraindications
  • 6 microlining technology features
  • 7 Is it possible to do at home
  • 8 Variations on the type of hair with photos
    • 8.1 Building on very short hair
    • 8.2 Capacity braids for short hair
    • 8.3 Extensions bangs on short hair

Features of the procedure

The extension process for a short haircut is characterized by
in the following steps:

  • Basic consultation. Master hairdresser along with the client clearly
    determine the ultimate goal of the procedure, the desired effect (options
    changes in image, shape of hair, length and shade of hair, etc.).
    Then the type of the increased curls is selected,
    optimal technique (depends on the initial state
    hair, estimated budget) and discusses the client’s wishes.
  • Selection and general preparation of the order. Specialist methodically selects
    strands to build coming from the base and desired color
    hair. It combines strands of different lengths and
    stiffness to obtain the most natural
    result. Most often, the initial preparation of “donor” hair,
    the process of dividing into strands occurs in advance (when building
    will only need to pick the necessary material). Strands to build
  • Preparatory work on the client’s hair. For this
    Procedures own curls should be completely clean. If a
    it is necessary to change the initial shade – the master produces
    pre-staining. At the request of the client can
    to restore or lamination hair. On
    This stage also decides what type of installation you will receive –
    straight or wavy curls.
  • Directly build up. After dividing all the hair into
    micro-strands consecutive fixation of “donor”
    curls, according to the chosen technique.
  • Correction of shape and styling. After the end of the main stage
    procedures master makes corrective haircut and styling.
    Choosing home care.

Note! For different images can
apply curls of different lengths – it helps not only to increase
length, but also create a fashionable haircut, an additional volume of hair.

Is it possible to hold extensions on short hair

Extension on short hair

Usually before the procedure of building girls confuses
the initial length of the curls. Specialists often do not give
unambiguous answers – the possibility of increasing in a particular case
determined on an individual consultation.

Important! But do not diminish the merits
capacity and capabilities of modern technology –
a qualified master will help you to radically change the image and
lengthen a short hairstyle.

The main condition: the longer your hair, the longer
strands turn out to increase. And also play an important role
the number and degree of obedience of curls on
the back of the head – when laying they should close the place

What should be the minimum hair length

Hair length

The smallest length is considered to be their own strands of 10-15 cm.
Although in practice it all depends on the qualifications of the selected
masters and applied technique procedures.

In some cases, it will turn out to increase the curls even by 3 cm.
own length (this technique is relevant not only for women, but
for men with local bald spots).

Building on the square

Building on the car

The girls who have a bob haircut are as lucky as possible.
this length can be easily and naturally increased
hair of almost any length (photo before and after clearly
demonstrate this). With this type of hair, you can absolutely choose
Any technique – the best options are considered tape and
keratin extension option.

Haircut caret allows you to completely hide the place
attaching tapes or keratin capsules, with the length
enlarged canvas looks organic. In some cases it may
need a small finishing haircut.

This video shows how tape builds are performed.
hair on the square.

If your strands are direct
type and practically do not push – after the procedure
should not have any problems with home

If you want to get maximum comfort in the process of wearing and
the invisibility of building – give preference to modern
microencapsulation. If you are planning a rather long
Toe curls without regular correction – stop the choice
on the glue technique.

Note! If the “native” hair curls or
pushing – hair styling after extension will take some
time. It will require high-quality thermal protection, iron or tongs for
creating curls.

What technologies are used

Diamond hair

Recently, the market of hairdressing services appeared
fundamentally new technique for building on short hair –
diamond hair method (photo below). She allows
increase the length of the strands, working with source data from 7
see. Such a development has become a joint achievement.
Russian and French stylists.

Technology extensions

The peculiarity of this procedure is that artificial
attached to its own with the help of a specially designed
apparatus with adhesive composition inside.

The formula of such glue includes diamond microparticles, which
absolutely not injure natural hair and completely invisible in
the process of daily wear.

Mounts are very small – their diameter
is about 2-4 mm, which makes it possible
build up strands for very short haircuts.

Hollywood build-up

The most gentle and fast hair extension
involves the process of sewing tress on a miniature,
pre braided french braid in basal

Hollywood Technology

With the help of this technique, the least traumatic
build-up – even a long period of exploitation of donor curls
does not harm your own hair structure.
Tress can be removed without special ancillary products in
home conditions.

Hollywood building looks completely unnoticed and
characterized by easy care compared to other
types of building. With this procedure it is allowed:

  • make high tail, complex weaving and various
  • use care masks, conditioners and
  • to paint and lighten the curls;
  • go to the bath and sauna;
  • sunbathing.

Tape building

Tape building

Belt technology refers to the cold type and allows for
30-60 minutes to get chic curls of any length. Such
the procedure is optimal for short and very
fine hair. Own strands are not exposed
aggressive chemical or heat treatment, and fixing practically
not felt in the process of socks.

Donor curls, you can choose artificial or
natural origin – it all depends on financial
customer opportunities.

Hair Extensions

The advantages of such extensions include:

  • The speed of the procedure – from 30 minutes depending on the source
    density of your hair;
  • The technology is completely safe because there is no
    temperature or chemical effects on hairs;
  • Tapes are not felt during the socks and do not create additional
    load on the root zone;
  • Acceptable build-up on a very short base – from 2 cm;
  • When carrying out the necessary corrections strands can
    serve for about 1 year;
  • The removal process is quick and easy;
  • Ideal for thin and weak hair;
  • The cost of the procedure and consumables is much lower
    than with other types of capacity.

Features capsule technology

Curls and capsules

Donor hair with this technique is fixed by
special capsules, the size of which is not more than a grain of rice.
Wizard fixes the shade of the original color
curls. For this technique, very fine strands are separated –
this is how the natural effect of density is achieved.

To lengthen the hairstyle used special capsules from
keratin (in their formula, they are similar to the building
material of human nails, hairs). On the market
there are also special resins, gel and adhesive bases, which
used for securing straps manually.

Attention! Capsules of some types after drying
may turn white – for this reason, this technique is suitable for
extensions only blond hair. If in doubt, discuss this.
nuance with a professional hairdresser.


Building in the cabin

The cost of this service consists of several components:
origin, length and number of beams, technique, qualification
hairdresser, region, etc. Average price of building
is 3-5 thousand rubles.

The maximum cost has no limit, in expensive salons price
capacity can be about 40 thousand rubles. Exact amount
will help determine the master in the process of the first

This video shows how keratin extensions are performed.
hair capsules.


Different extension techniques are characterized by their limitations.
The most often among them are called:

  • severely damaged hair with heavy loss,
  • the presence of IRR or a tendency to migraine;
  • problems with pressure and blood vessels;
  • sensitive scalp, skin lesions
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • age less than 14 years.

Microlining technology features

Capsule extension technology

The technique refers to the hot type and allows you to increase strands
on short hair, increase the length of the bangs, the density of curls
in the area of ​​the temples and parting. This is the way you can
apply for thinning hair and ultrashort hairstyles.

It is suitable for all who lack the proper density of strands –
used to revitalize thin and weak hair.
Microgrowing is also popular among men.
who want to remove the bald spots.

Important! The process uses the most subtle
strands (their size is much smaller than the standard) and quite tiny
capsules. This technique allows you to get imperceptible and weightless
compound own and artificial strand.

The lightness of the microcapsules helps reduce the load on
your hair (reduced percentage of pulling and tangling
curls when combing). Specialist for capsule fixation
uses special tongs with a width of only 3 mm (in the classic
option size tool 2 times larger!).

With this technology, you can increase the length to 80
cm, spending about 3-6 hours depending on the thickness and
number pryadok.

Is it possible to do at home

Tresses and hair bands

Increasing the length of hair at home is relatively
inexpensive but time consuming task:

  • Assistant is needed – self-build up strands not
    will succeed;
  • Time consuming due to lack of experience
    build-up may take 2-3 times longer compared to
    procedure in the cabin.
  • For home conditions it is worth choosing the easiest ways:
    tape technique, tress (capsule techniques require
    more skills and support tools).

Type of capsular capacity

Variations on the type of hair with photos

Extensions on very short hair

For very short hair, microlining is best.
Such a procedure is a complex creative process for
master demanding sufficient professionalism and

The most “problematic” options are asymmetrical haircuts.
– it is necessary to attach locks to them not in partings, but in non-standard
sequences (determined by the master

Girl with red hair

For a natural result, choose the right one.
future hairstyle silhouette (cascade best suited
filirovka). With skilled work wizard curls will
look natural, and the attachment points will remain

Capacity braids for short hair

With the help of small braids, you can create a natural and beautiful
hair volume, even with a very short haircut. Girls with
hairstyle “pixie” for one procedure can dramatically
change your image using small braids.

Capacity braids

Extension bangs on short hair

Separate bangs extension or compaction of hair volume
temporal zones is particularly popular. Such
build looks the most natural, and she
The procedure takes no more than 1 hour.

This video shows a new extension technology for rare

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