Extra long bob – emphasize uniqueness

On the fashionable past few seasons haircut bob, heard each
girl. If you are not the owner of this popular
haircuts, you probably thought about it or even looked through
Several variants.

Bob has many different ways of performing, accurate
the number of which you will not call even the most experienced
Hair stylist. However, the hallmark of a haircut
considered volume and pronounced silhouette.

Extended Bob

This effect can be achieved by lengthening
side strands and neatly modeled hair on
back of the head. It should be noted that each girl can
pick up a bob haircut for yourself. It is universality that makes it
so trendy and popular.

  • 1 Haircut bob – do not confuse with square
  • 2 Extra long bob. We select our option
    • 2.1 hair structure
    • 2.2 Oval face
    • 2.3 Lifestyle
  • 3 Haircut bob for long hair
    • 3.1 No Bangs
    • 3.2 Bob caret with lengthening
    • 3.3 With bangs
    • 3.4 Effect of mild negligence
  • 4 Styling Methods
  • 5 Popular options for everyday styling

Haircut bob – do not confuse with square

Hairdressing is improving every year and
gives us surprises in the form of new products and ideas for hair and care
them. Long and thick curls are considered not only
beauty, but also a symbol of their health and nobility

But in today’s conditions, when a woman is forced to combine in
her attractiveness, activity and mobility, she increasingly
appreciates and prefers comfort. Haircuts like bob
perfectly combine these qualities.

At first glance, the bean seems identical to the long-famous and
favorite haircut square. But between these haircuts exist
Significant differences:

  1. The classic version of the car provides for the presence of
    bangs. While bob gives you freedom of choice regarding
  2. classic

  3. The back of the head for bob haircuts – cut, with caret
    clear lines are preserved on all sides.
  4. When laying bob creates volume from the roots, for caret
    Smooth styling is used, because the volume can ruin the whole
    picture, rounded oval face.
  5. car

  6. Kare is a feminine and classic hairstyle, bob
    originally a boyish haircut.

Attention! Bob is very easy to care for.
The versatility of the installation consists in a variety of options:
alignment, cheat curls, natural negligence or weaving
– will help every day to surprise your way.

Extra long bob. We select our option

Gone are the days of patterned and copied hairstyles,
mindless and unreasonable choice of haircuts. Beauty industry
Today can offer a lot of options that are selected by
individual request and features of the client. Choosing
its kind of haircut, you need to pay attention
to the following:

Hair structure

  • graduated bob is an excellent choice for
    owners of thin curly hair. This option will give volume
    all hairstyle and will avoid pomp at the tips of the hair;
  • graduated bean

  • if curved and thick, then
    should focus on the bean with the elongated front
    strands. Such a choice will facilitate the styling process. Elongated
    strands are easy to align or wind into neat curls;
  • bob on wavy hair

  • straight hair of medium thickness gives its
    the owner of the right to choose any of the options extended

bob on straight hair

Face oval

This is an important parameter when choosing a hairstyle. Bob can
adjust the oval in the right direction for you, you only
to choose the right option.

  • with a narrow face, it will be right to choose a volume bob, with
    smooth lines. Such a haircut will round the face and give
  • with protruding cheekbones, straight forward long is an excellent choice.
    bean. In addition, he beautifully steals the plumpness of the cheeks, softens
    nose and chin;
  • bob with a torn or oblique bangs suitable for girls who want
    hide such features of appearance as large cheeks or nose,
    high forehead;

Important! Extra long bob is considered universal.
hairstyle and suits girls with any type of face, color and
hair structure. It should only properly use thin
details of the haircut and they will play you in hand.

bob-caret on different types of faces


In addition to individual external characteristics when choosing a hairstyle
It is important to pay attention to lifestyle, style and mood. After all
hairstyle should not just beautify, but also create a feeling
comfort and lend confidence.

  • asymmetrical bob will emphasize your
    Individuality, will create a unique style and will not leave you
  • asymmetrical bob

  • romantic and easy personages will taste
    layered bean. This hairstyle will give carelessness and
    freedom of its owner;
  • layered bob

  • graduated strands falling on the forehead –
    will give tenderness and refinement to an image;
  • bob with clear contours and bangs fit
    resolute and active girls, always ready for action.

Haircut bob for long hair

Owners of long curls are in an advantageous position.
when choosing a bob hairstyle For them, the stylists prepared the most
ideas for reincarnation:

No bangs

Bob without long hair bangs will love the girls who
always rush and value their time. The lack of bangs allows
lightning to make a decision about a new hairstyle: now you go with
flowing hair flowing over the shoulders, and after 5 minutes
can afford a high tail or weave. bob without bangs

Bob bob with lengthening

This haircut has three options:

  • Classic – smooth contours, elongated strands on the sides and
    clipped occipital part. Hair done without bangs;
  • bob-bob with bangs – repeats the classic
    option, but the presence of bangs allows you to create the necessary ideas:
    hide something, underline something. Playing with bangs often helps
    improve the hairstyle and decorate the face;
  • Asymmetric bob-kare – a bold, sometimes even bold option.
    The difference in the length of the side strands can reach 15 cm. Due to
    the asymmetry of the lines, the image takes on an interesting appearance, despite
    the presence of a haircut you always demonstrate the luxury of hair.


With a bang

The bang is able to change face and unrecognizable
its according to your requirements. The main thing is to make the right choice.
You will certainly help a specialist. The main task bangs in this
case improvement.

long bob with bangs

Ripped, slanting bangs will give the image of romance and youth,
Strict direct will add seriousness.
Short bangs are recommended for girls with perfect facial features,
because this option is able to emphasize the slightest flaw.

Light negligence effect

Lightness of the image will give some carelessness hairstyles.
Lack of clear even contours or ideally stacked curls
Looks great on long hair with a bob hair cut.

careless bob

Styling methods

The uniqueness of the bob haircut is that each new styling
may be new and unique. Any fashionable girl for sure
wants to try one of the “star” styling or has
Stock Arsenal most winning options for their appearance.
With a bob haircut, experiments with styling have no end:

  • Classic styling. Such
    hairstyles are usually preferred by girls living in
    accelerated rhythm. The hair is dried and smoothly combed. Bang
    – combed the classic version, the parting stands out to taste.
    Hair often remain behind the ears, revealing the face.
  • classic styling

  • Laying “Merlin Monroe”. Very successful
    a combination of bob and styling in the style of a romantic image. Curls
    are formed from the root, to create maximum volume and
    laid out on the head in the desired order. To give strength
    For this hairstyle, use a medium fixation varnish.
  • Laying Merlin Monroe

  • Retro styling. Last few seasons
    Retrovse style often appears in women on the red carpet.
    Creating them “cine” image, however, making its owner
    incredibly feminine and reverent. To create this styling
    Hollywood waves should be made with forceps. Important
    Do not comb them, but strengthen them with varnish.
  • retro styling

  • Create a natural volume. Universal not
    Binding hairstyle, relevant both on an important evening and in
    daily activities. Hair pre-moistened
    special mousse, further divided into identical small
    strands and screwed on papilotki. Then
    hair should be blow dry using warm
    of air. Then we remove papilotki and distribute strands of hair.
    by hands.
  • Aesthetic negligence. One of enough
    quick styling options, but no less original and
    beautiful. Drying hair with a hot air dryer
    try to change directions, so that the hair was total
    as disheveled as possible. Next, we wrap dried hair with gel,
    creating with hands the desired shape and volume. You can do this styling.
    and as follows: wrap wet hair with mousse or gel and
    blow dry in hot air mode using
  • careless styling

  • The presence of small laconic decorations on the hair with a hairstyle
    bob look very feminine and gentle. As such jewelry
    You can use a hoop, headband, ribbon or beautiful hairpins. With
    This bangs can be collected as an ornament, and lie on
    its place.

This video shows how to cut and stack a long

Popular options for everyday styling

Home affairs, work, meetings, haste and lack of time –
permanent attributes of the modern woman. But in these conditions
you need to look and feel at 100%. The hairstyle is
exactly what gives a woman confidence, therefore
pondering your image should be aware of
everyday styling options:

  • Smooth bob. This haircut will give
    accuracy and restraint. For its implementation you will need
    smoothing gel and iron. Create a dried
    a necessary parting, then align the hair with a flat iron.
  • smooth bob

  • High styling. Hair should be treated
    foam and screw on the cords. Dried curls are counted
    back, creating volume. Free you can leave a pair of side
  • Hair styling will help to give originality
    tips out. Dry your hair and align it with a flat iron
    twist the tips out using a strong hold wax.


Interesting fact! Haircut bob does not require
monthly adjustments, and even after several months
Looks fresh and well maintained.

Owners of bob hairstyles assessed her as much as possible
versatility and convenience. Bob – proof that fashion
hairstyle may not be boring and will not bother you in a month. After all
styling options, ways to wear and a variety of bob haircuts themselves –
reach an incredible scale.

After consulting with a stylist and viewing fashion magazines you can
pick up a bob “for yourself”, taking into account the features of the exterior,
and hair type, as well as preferences and, importantly for a woman, her

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