Eye tattoo: tribute to fashion or necessity?

Just imagine: you wake up in the morning with makeup on
face. No need to spend an hour at the mirror to make
expressive look with a pencil, eyeliner and shadows. Is not
just fantasies! With the advent of such a procedure as eye makeup, this
became a reality.


In recent times, the tattoo of the eyelids is no less demanded.
procedure than tattooing eyebrows. The process of applying “indelible”
The shooter on the upper eyelids is much more complicated and riskier, although the essence is
same as tattooing lips and eyebrows – penetration into the upper layer of skin
coloring matter with a special device. However, the risk
as practice shows, almost always justifies the new
in a harmonious way that pleases the representatives of the beautiful
floor many years.


  • Who needs eye makeup?
  • Pros and cons of eye micropigmentation
  • Types of eye tattoo
  • Bruises and swelling after eye tattoo: how to eliminate
  • Eye care after the procedure

Who needs eye makeup?

  • Eye tattoo is needed for women whose eyes have lost their
    expressiveness. As a rule, these are women with whom with age
    facial features faded and lashes thinned.
  • Permanent arrows are used to correct
    eye cut. They allow you to visually correct some natural
    imperfections of appearance: distance from close-planted
    eyes, and eyes set wide apart.
  • Permanent eye makeup is suitable for conservatives, the category
    women who for whatever reason do not wish
    experiment, and prefer makeup “once and
    forever and ever”.
  • Eye tattoo solves aesthetic problems such as
    by nature, rare eyelashes, hung eyelids, very narrow, small
    or bulging eyes.
  • And, finally, eye makeup is necessary for those who suffer from allergies.
    on any decorative cosmetics, but at the same time wants to look always

Pros and cons of eye micropigmentation

Permanent eye makeup not only saves time and
forget about the tedious procedures for applying decorative cosmetics.
This eye contour makeup does not wash off with water.
spreading from the heat, it is unnecessary to constantly tinker. Correction
tattooing is carried out only after 2-3 years. In addition, tattoo can
serve as a template for creating everyday makeup, significantly
speeding up and simplifying this process.

However, there is another side to the coin. There is always a risk
poor quality results, and not unsuccessfully made tattoo
almost non-refundable. Eye tattoo robs women
opportunities to experiment with style. And the procedure itself
despite the use of anesthesia, it is very painful. After
tattooing there is a strong swelling of the eyes, the recovery period
eyelid skin is accompanied by discomfort. Damage
a needle of small vessels may cause bruising / bruising.
Sometimes the consequence of tattooing may even be loss of eyelashes.

So, appreciating all the advantages and disadvantages of permanent
Make-up century, think carefully whether this game is worth the candle.

Types of eye tattoo

Eye tattoo is decorative and natural. First view
makes the look pronounced, creates the effect of bright makeup, while
as the second only slightly emphasizes the eyes.

The interstitial tattoo is a kind of natural permanent
eye makeup. It is almost invisible in the eyes, although it gives
enough expressive look. This option is ideal for those
Who prefers natural shades in make-up. Application procedure
is to fill the space between the eyelashes
pigment. This method makes the eyelashes visually thicker and smarter,
allowing you to do without daily use of mascara.


! Before you decide on the procedure, make sure that
that it will be performed by an experienced, qualified makeup artist with a mass
positive reviews. Poor quality work remake

Eye tattoo with shading looks more catchy. Looks like that,
as if, in addition to the eyeliner, shadows are also applied to the eyes. Permanent
Makeup with feathering, made by a professional looks very
beautiful. This tattoo is perfect for women with heavy eyelids.
It creates the effect of light shadows on the eyes, visually narrowing the eyelid. For
the implementation of such a technique the master must have extensive experience.
Otherwise, the result will be terrible.

Arrows. The choice of a particular type of arrows due to the type
the appearance of the client, more precisely, the cut and shape of the eyes. Colour
It is selected in accordance with the color of skin, eyes, hair, as well as in
according to the preferences of the client. Most
common variants of permanent arrows are:

  • a line without an arrow on the upper eyelid, stretching from its middle to
    outer edge;
  • a thin line drawn through the upper eyelid from its outer
    corner to the inner;
  • wide arrow or “east”, leaving in considerable
    degree beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Permanent arrows differ from each other clarity.
sketching and thick. For example, a wide arrow looks
excellent in large almond-shaped eyes. Women with
with small eyes, the option with a neat thin
an arrow slightly going beyond the boundaries of the eye and coquettishly
bent up.

The tattoo of the eyelids with the effect of shadows refers to the art-permanent
make up. Its essence is in the use of complex color combinations and
transitions. When considering a particular tint palette should
take into account the fact that the chosen shades should certainly be good
look not only in the combination of general makeup, but also separately from
him Therefore, natural tones are universal, which
allow you to achieve a natural tattoo.

Brighter and more saturated colors used for evening
make-up, for women whose lifestyle requires constant
presence on the face of cosmetics. Tattoo shadows make it possible
round the narrow eyes, visually make their incision almond-shaped and
even hide minor skin defects (scars or scars).

Bruises and swelling after eye tattoo: how to eliminate

Usually, the eyelid tattoo is planned for the period of vacation or long
weekends. Consequences in the form of edemas and bruises characteristic of
Permanent eye makeup in two days alone will not pass.
However, in the case when there is no time to wait for an independent gathering
swelling, you can remove unpleasant side effects by applying one of
below presented methods.


  • Taking such antihistamine drugs as: Fencarol,
    Suprastin and cetirizine. Consultation is required before use.
    a doctor.
  • The use of hormonal ointment, which is applied to the skin of the eyelids.
    Hydrocortisone is considered one of the most effective.
  • Apply cold compresses to the eyelids (preferably
  • With a strong swelling, which does not leave the eyes for a long time, you can
    break the rule prohibiting contact with moisture, and make gadgets,
    using herbal teas (series / chamomile).
  • After tattooing, you should consult with linderyst
    who will share effective methods of dealing with a strong

Eye care after the procedure

After completing work with the pigment, the master puts on the eyelid
a special remedy that has a healing effect, and
conducts instruction on how to care for the skin of the eyelid for
the next 7-10 days. Usually to suppress negative effects
A few simple guidelines should be followed.

  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight. In the sun
    weather in the first days you need to wear sunglasses.
  • The treated area should be lubricated several times a day.
    special cream.
  • When washing it is recommended to avoid the use of cosmetic
    means of soap. Rubbing eyes is also not desirable.
  • Crusts, formed on the eyelids, can not be wetted or removed.
    We need to wait until they disappear themselves, as this may
    reflect not the best way to paint.
  • On outdoor activities and sports at the time will have
    to forget.
  • Avoid walking in windy weather or staying on
    draft – injured eyes are prone to conjunctivitis.
  • We can not wet the injured area. In the event of
    need to clean your eyes, use a damp cloth without
    alcohol content.
  • During the recovery period, you should abandon the procedures.
    steaming in baths, saunas, from visiting the solarium, as well as
  • To make the crust come off more quickly, lubricate it regularly with ointment,
    which will appoint a beautician. As a rule, these are drugs composed of
    which contains petroleum jelly.
  • Until the eyelids are healed, try to sleep at night on your back so as not to
    rub your eyes on the pillow.

Remember, you can fully evaluate the result only through
three to four weeks. Before drawing conclusions do not rush, because
the manifestation of color and form comes precisely at this time. Not worth it
to be afraid of small defects, they are eliminated with the help of correction,
which is required in 90% of cases.

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