Eyebrow tattoo: types and characteristics

It is believed that when creating makeup, special attention should be given
to give to eyes that the look was just bewitching. But not
many know that the main role here is played not only by cosmetics
(mascara, eye shadow, pencil, eyebrow styler, etc.), but also eyebrows: their
shape, appearance. They give the woman a special look.
expressiveness and openness, emphasizing at the same time the whole contour

Alas, not all women nature gives beautiful thick eyebrows, and
if it gives, it takes away with age: eyebrows become rare, and
sometimes baldness occurs at all. The main methods of correction
eyebrows are the use of tweezers and constant staining. With
a more complex picture – scars, sparse hairs or complete baldness
– permanent eyebrow makeup comes to the rescue. With his eyebrows
get the perfect shape and look natural, but the main thing –
This effect persists for many years.


Eyebrow tattoo is a specific cosmetic
an operation whose process is similar to the process of creating a temporary or
permanent tattoos. Eyebrow tattoo done in the salon
beauty through the introduction under the skin of special needles coloring
substances that make eyebrows visually darker, thick, and
corrective line of natural eyebrow growth.


  • Types of eyebrow tattoo
  • Eyebrow tattoo procedure
  • Pros and cons of permanent eyebrow makeup
  • Eyebrow biotatuage – alternative to permanent tattoo

Types of eyebrow tattoo

There are three most common types of eyebrow tattoo:
hair tattoo and soft shading and shaking.

The hair technique involves drawing hairs between
natural hairs. This is quite a long and painstaking work,
but the result is worth the wait. Eyebrows look the most
effectively and naturally. This permanent eyebrow makeup apply
in order to disguise small scars and scars, or when distorted
natural brow shape due to misuse
tweezers. A skilled wizard creates new or
additional natural hairs.

Attention! Not every master has a hairy perfection.
method. For this you need not only to take training courses, you need
years of experience, as well as the presence of an expensive apparatus for
creating a tattoo, equipped with features such as adjustment
needle penetration and speed adjustment. Therefore, avoid
new home craftsmen promising a quality tattoo for
low price This may have irreversible effects, as
evidenced by numerous reviews and photos online.

Feather imitates eyebrow shadowing or
cosmetic pencil. Eyebrow tattooing with a shading method
women who want to emphasize the beauty of their eyebrows, give them
clarity and expressiveness. Feathering is an excellent option.
and for women with sparse hairs on the eyebrows or with their full
the absence of.


Staggering is the most cardinal method, which consists in
complete removal of hairs from the eyebrows and in the application of the pattern on their
place Master paints this area of ​​the skin, creating the effect
drawn eyebrows. It should be noted that permanent eyebrow makeup
This type turns out very prominent and is not
every woman.

Eyebrow tattoo procedure

Manipulations for eyebrow correction by means of permanent
Makeup performed as follows:

  • clean the skin of the work area: remove decorative makeup and
    excess sebum;
  • apply anesthetic drug – cream, the effect of which
    begins ten minutes after the skin has been treated;
  • draw with a pencil sketch – potential outlines
  • coordinate their thickness and shape with the client;
  • begin to inject pigment under the skin with a special device with
    a needle;
  • covering the treated area of ​​skin with a means of removing
    irritation and inflammation.

In general, the procedure lasts about an hour. Often the women who made
Permanent eyebrow makeup scares unusual brightness
drawn hairs. However, this phenomenon is considered quite
normal because over time the pigment injected into the skin
will be gradually lightened. Should not scare and wounds and cortical
formations that appear a few days after
operations. Proper care and observance of all precautions
eliminate unpleasant symptoms in a week.

! It is very important in the process of eyebrow reconstruction to successfully pick up
pigment color and draw all lines clearly. Eyebrow tattoo,
performed by an inept master can spoil beautiful facial features,
emphasizing in exchange flaws.

In the future, with the eyebrows there will be no hassle. It will be necessary only
sometimes pluck hairs with tweezers that, when growing, can
disturb the contours of the eyebrows. And the rest of the time, do not get tired to take
compliments from acquaintances and friends who do not even guess that
These naturally beautiful eyebrows – the result of hair tattoo.

Pros and cons of permanent eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow tattooing is not as complicated as a tattoo, but
takes it, should be no less serious and responsible, taking
into account the fact that it is not subject to correction. Decide on
such a step can not every girl, but only the one that wants
drastically change your image.


The advantages of permanent eyebrow makeup include:

  • convenience and the ability to look perfect always and with any
  • significant time savings due to lack of need
    in the care of the eyebrows;
  • long-term effect up to 7 years;
  • An excellent way to create a clear line of brows, visually
    make their color richer and give them a thickness (in particular for
    those who by nature have pale and inconspicuous brows).

However, the dark side tattoo eyebrows still exist. That’s why
we must rationally argue about the need for this procedure
considering the proportion of risk. What can be dangerous permanent
eyebrow micropigmentation?

  • Pigments that are injected under the skin do not have the best effect on
    new hair growth, they can clog skin pores. With
    constant application of the procedure, the hairs disappear altogether, then
    tattooing becomes an urgent need.
  • Needle piercing of the skin is fraught with any
    viral infection, so the salon and the master permanent makeup
    should be chosen very carefully. Health is more important!
  • Inadequate mastery experience also increases the risk of getting
    a result that will greatly diverge with yours
  • Correct unsuccessfully applied makeup is very troublesome, and
    sometimes impossible.
  • After removing the tattoo, the skin area usually becomes
    pink or yellowish, which even grown ups do not hide
    hairs. Therefore, the tattoo will have to do all the time.

Eyebrow biotatuage – alternative to permanent tattoo

The ideal solution for those who are not or are not yet
supporter of the introduction of pigment under the skin with a needle, recognized biotatuazh
eyebrows. This method allows you to create and save on significant
term beautiful eyebrow shape without resorting to permanent

We are talking about staining eyebrows resistant henna. Product
natural origin is widely used in modern
beauty industry. Henna stains and hair and eyebrow skin. On the skin
the drug lasts up to 2 weeks, on hairs – up to 6 weeks.
Henna staining provides a perfect, not devoid of naturalness.
the appearance of the eyebrows contributes to the compaction of the hair structure,
whereby the eyebrows become graphic, thicker and

And finally: if you still opted for
permanent eyebrow makeup, order the procedure only in good
proven beauty salon, trusting only
highly qualified specialist, as poor quality
made tattoo is almost not subject to correction. And remember
Beauty is what is natural!

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