Face Contouring for Beginners: Step by Step instruction

It is thanks to Kim Kardashian world stars and stylists.
stumbled on the latest trend in makeup – contouring the face.
Kim achieved perfection in creating the sculptural forms of his face
and now she has many followers. How to learn stellar
experience – learn from our instructions step by step.

Makeup Queen Makeup Stylists of the World Uniquely Recognize Kim
Kardashian queen of makeup. Her fame, among other things, she
owes a perfect make up in which always appears before
photo cameras. Rarely what paparazzi managed to catch Kim without her
multiple layers of tone and powder. Kim’s “highlight” –
exciting game of light on the illuminated and darkened areas of the face,
which creates perfect sculptural forms. Of course about contouring
faces the world knew before Kim, but thanks to her
contouring has gained immense popularity among stars and
make-up stylists.

How to make a perfect contour makeup face

Sculptural makeup takes enough time, so
every day it is not worth doing. But try for a big
Exit – definitely needed!

Good news for all lovers to work with their own hands.
over its beauty is that the necessary palettes of tonal means
made available to the general public, and not just
professionals, as it was before. So if you wish
try on yourself the contouring technique in your cosmetic bag
must be:

  • concealer
  • contouring palette with different hues
  • toner sponge
  • golden highlighter
  • bronzing powder
  • rouge
  • brushes for feathering tone, for corrector and blush

Step 1. To moisten the face and prepare it for contouring,
apply a thin layer of foundation. He will create on the face needed
clean sheet effect.

Step 2. Choose from the palette one of the light colors, which
Fits the color of your skin. Brush apply it on the “inverted
triangles “under the eyes (areas located between the nose and
vilitseyu), along the line of the nose from its tip to the triangle between
eyebrows, on the center of the forehead, and distribute
smooth lines above the eyebrows.

Step 3. Take a dark shade of tone and draw them conditional
number 3 on the edges of the face – start to darken from the upper growth line
hair, further in the hollows of the cheeks and complete the “top three” on the performance
lower jaw. Use the same tone on both sides of the nose to
create an effect of refinement.

Step 4. Now comes the most exciting part – feathering.
Sponge for feathering with gentle movements with pressure rub
clear boundaries between dark and light tones until you achieve
perfect result without transitions.

Remember that contouring should look natural,
so shade site by site. It’s best to start with
the inside of the face and direct its movement outward.
Shade light parts in dark and resist the temptation
work with your fingers. Otherwise, the result will be a spotty face.

Step 5. Already having a beautiful view, underline the newly found ones.
cheekbones powder Choose a bronze tint of powder due to which
your cheekbones will become complete. Puffed lips will help you
understand exactly where to apply the powder under the cheekbones.

Step 6. This face contouring step is golden.
the highlighter that should be applied directly above the cheekbones and under the eyebrows
to give your face a fresh look.

Step 7. At the very end, add some color to your face and
bring him back to life. Apply the powder of your favorite shade on the “apples”
cheeks and enjoy your sculptural face. It’s time to take a selfie!

Let your appearance overshadow everyone!

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