Face mask from black dots as cleanser


For deep cleansing of the skin with soiled pores you
need a face mask from black dots. But first you have to
eliminate the root cause of these greasy traffic jams – a list you will find
here. As a list of the best branded drugs, as well as recipes
home remedies (film masks, black masks).

Open comedones – cysts formed due to
obstruction of the mouth of the hair follicles with desquamated epithelium, mixed
with thick lard. They resemble black plugs in enlarged pores. Color
melanin, a substance that
is obtained by tyrosine oxidation. When extruding from them
easily stands out the rod.

Usually appear with hyperkeratosis. Eliminated regular
facial cleansing with salon peels and home scrubs. Still
one effective remedy against them is a face mask of
many black dots
cosmetic companies. If desired, it can be prepared in
home conditions. However, it will be useless if not
find out the main root cause of this scourge.

Ready-made and homemade face masks from black points

Causes of black spots on the face

With proper skin care and proper lifestyle comedones
formed extremely rarely. And even if you regularly make a mask
for the face against the black dots, without eliminating the reasons for them
appearance, they will be again and again pour. So much
it is more practical to find out once and for all why they are formed – and not
pester the already exhausted skin with endless cleansing. So that
run over the factors that are the main provocateurs of these
traffic jams, and try to get rid of them.

  • Wrong skin care

Black dots – the lot of those who are lazy to remove makeup before bedtime,
rarely uses scrubs and steam baths. Take for yourself
the rule is to wash it twice a day with cleansing gel or
milk. Cardinal face cleansing is recommended 1-2 times
week, depending on the condition of the skin.

  • Makeup problems

Today, many one-day firms produce cheap, but very
low-quality and low-quality cosmetics, the remnants of which
clog pores. It contains synthetic ingredients,
which do not dissolve and form traffic jams. Aggravates the situation and
improper use of cosmetics. If drying
preparations are applied to dry skin, and a heavy, oily consistency –
on fat and problem, work of glands gets off, and hypodermic fat to
failure clogs the pores.

  • Oily skin

This reason for the formation of comedones is not so easy to eliminate until
certain age (after 30 years at the first age
changes the epidermis becomes normal as it loses
collagen, elastin and moisture). Oily skin is always overweight.
the production of fat, which leads to the appearance of shiny skin
film and black spots in large quantities. Particularly suffers
T-zone. Only one way out – to organize regular generals before the age of 30
skin cleansing.

  • Hormonal disorders

Nothing can be done in the event that the period has come
rampant hormones. This happens at certain stages in a woman’s life:
during puberty (adolescence), pregnancy,
lactation, menstruation, regular use of contraceptives,
climax. Here you just need to wait out this difficult time – and all
will pass by itself. And masks from black points will become
real salvation.

  • Diseases

Comedones are often the result of long-term treatment.
powerful drugs. Antibiotics, for example.
Chemotherapy and too long contraceptive use also lead
to clog pores.

Diseases of the stomach and nervous system – another reason
education comedones. So you have to be tested and complete the course.
treatment. Or, with a strong nervous tension, try
avoid stress, drink away antidepressants.

  • Unbalanced nutrition

Dry eating, quick snacks, fascination with fast food and
carbonated drinks, failure to eat – all this
worsens skin condition and contributes to the abundance of black spots on the face.
And one mask here clearly can not cope. Learn the principles
proper nutrition and start to finally stick with them.

  • Bad habits

Smoking, alcohol, drugs – toxins do not settle after them
only in the body, but also in the pores, corking them tightly
traffic jams.

  • Ecology

Life in the industrial area of ​​the city with constantly polluted
air, and even high humidity – even with regular
the use of masks dirt and toxins will constantly accumulate in
pores. Get a vicious circle. There are two ways: salon cleaning
persons or relocation.

Such a detailed overview of the reasons why these
unpleasant black dots – a warning that
that not even the most effective comedian mask described
below will not cope with the scourge, if not get rid of provocative
factor a.

The skin tends to get used to the same cosmetic.
composition and eventually stops responding to it. So have to
endlessly look after yourself different masks and recipes, and not
they will all work. It is much easier to stop attacking the vine.
Well, in parallel, of course, engage in cleaning.

Interesting fact. Many homemade masks from
black spots are made of activated carbon – and not without reason. it
the substance has a large number of pores, so it is easy and deep
absorbed by the surface of the skin.


Record the recipes of summer masks for the face of currants:

With oily skin will help cope mask of protein. Everything

Useful tips in the application of masks

It remains to figure out how to make a face mask from black
points at home and how to apply it,
to get the most out of it. A few tips will come as
can not be the way. If you stick to them, the contents of comedones will
it is very easy to take out with the help of the proposed means.

    1. Contraindications: scaly, dry skin and narrow pores.
    2. Both store and home black dot masks can cause
      allergies on the skin, so be sure to check how it will react
      skin on one or another product. Usually for this purpose lubricate
      sensitive wrist skin. However, this method does not always give
      100% result.

  1. Before cleaning, steam the problem area using a vaporizer,
    herbal bath steamed.
  2. No need to injure the skin with an additional cleaning scrub, so
    as a mask from black points will be enough. Better do it
    on the eve of.
  3. Do not apply this tool to the entire surface of the face:
    process only contaminated area. Most often this
    T-zone – chin, nose, forehead.
  4. Action time is approximately 10-20 minutes. Rarely what kind of masks
    leave for half an hour – unless those that do not form the film.
  5. If the mask-film from black spots does not want to be removed from
    Faces, literally sticking to the skin, do not rip it off by force. it
    will lead to trauma. It is enough to slightly moisten your face with water.
    room temperature.
  6. After removing the black spots, a protective or
    soothing cream.
  7. Not recommended for an hour after the procedure.
    to go out.
  8. If a mask is used as a prophylactic,
    it can be done once a week. If black spots and acne are very
    many – twice.

If there are no questions with the use of the remedy, it’s time to start
choice. It can be found on the shop counter – in a beautiful
packaging, with the perfect formula inside, pleasant smell and comfortable
consistency and brand name. But while it necessarily
there will be parabens, perfumes, dyes and other
synthetic and chemical substances that are not entirely positive
affect the epidermis. And it will cost a lot of money. Can i
make a good face mask from black dots
at home. The choice is yours.

On a note. If you use for
eliminate black dots black mask made from a healing
mud, keep in mind that it has healing properties.
So in the presence of scars, acne after acne – necessarily
take advantage of this.

The best face masks from black spots

Black Mask Rating

Many believe that the most effective face mask from black
points – branded, from famous cosmetic companies. Really,
judging by the reviews, many of them are great pulling comedones out and
perfectly clean the skin. Pick something from this rich
assortment for yourself.

    1. Blackhead – Chinese face mask from black
      points. Pilaten. $ 13.
    2. Black Mask – black face mask from black dots. Boscia
      Luminizing. USA. $ 16.5.

  1. Purifying Natural Mineral Mud Mask – Purifying Mud Mask
    for face. Bio Marine. Israel. $ 16.
  2. Pig-nose clear black head – cleansing nasal strips for
    remove black dots. Holika Holika. Israel. $ 7.4.
  3. Pudina – mint mask for wrinkles, acne and black dots. Lalas.
    India. $ 5.
  4. Black Head 3 Step Solution – black dot mask patches.
    Elizavecca. South Korea. $ 3.6.
  5. Black Mask Purifying Peel – black mask for cleaning
    faces from the black dots. Shills. China. $ 3.3.
  6. Secrets of Arctica – deep cleansing from black points. Planeta
    Organica. Russia. $ 2.5.
  7. Black Clean – black mask film for T-zone face with
    activated carbon. Belita-Vitex. Belorussia.
    $ 1.6.
  8. Aqua Bamboo Black Mask – moisturizing black mask with extract
    bamboo Mijin. South Korea. $ 1.5.

Brand funds will have to regularly spend a certain amount.
amount of money whereas homemade mask against
black dots made from ordinary food,
would not be so expensive.

Helpful advice. In the absence of due
skin care black spots eventually become inflamed and turn
in acne. To prevent this, wipe the face between the masks
alcohol tincture of calendula.

Recipes for face masks from black dots

Homemade recipes of folk remedies

Usually homemade face masks from black spots are prepared from
drying components that form a film on the skin. it
gelatin and protein. Polysorb has good cleansing properties.
activated carbon, sea salt, baking soda. Look for that recipe
which you will like – and enjoy the result.

  • Black mask

The best black face mask from black points –
activated charcoal, crushed and mixed with various
ingredients. Dilute crushed 2 tablets of coal with 10 ml of water,
add the same amount of lemon juice. Add 3 drops
tea tree essential oil. Action time – 20 minutes.

  • Gelatinous

One of the most popular is the black dot face mask.
with gelatin. Mix the crushed pill
activated carbon with 5 grams of gelatin powder. Add 10 ml
milk Beat, heat, in a warm (almost hot) form applied to
problem area. Remove how you feel on the skin
the film was formed.

  • Egg

Homemade face mask from black dots with egg
It is made exclusively from protein. If you beat him up to the state of foam
and put on the skin, a film is formed, removing which you pull out
to the surface and pollution from the pores.

  • Protein

The drying mask for the face from black points with
protein will help to cope with acne and sebaceous
Shine with oily skin type. Mix 30 grams of black clay with 10 ml
lemon juice and egg white.

  • Honey

Homemade face mask from black dots with honey
and soda perfectly cleans the most polluted pores and eliminates
comedones for 1 procedure. Dilute 50 grams of baking soda with 100 ml
water, add 20 ml of warm honey.

  • Aspirin

Purifying face mask from black dots with
Aspirin is not suitable for sensitive skin, but it will
perfect salvation for fat and problem. Mix 2 shredded
salicylic acid tablets with 25 grams of coarse sea salt and 10 ml
warm honey.

  • Oatmeal

The oatmeal face mask from
black dots. For its preparation you need to dilute the lemon
concentrated juice with warm boiled water and mix this
solution with oatmeal to a thick state.

  • With polysorb

Well-proven mask for the black dots
with Polysorb – anti-drug
intoxication of the body. It absorbs harmful substances
like a sponge. Its action is very similar to activated carbon.
Dilute 10 grams of polysorb powder with warm water so that
turned out gruel. Applied directly to the problem

  • Cleansing

Just a great cleansing facial mask of
black points is obtained with hydrogen peroxide. Take it in quantity
20 ml and mix with 10 ml of large sea salt. Apply the agent
skin for 10 minutes.

  • Mask film

Gelatin or protein mask film for the face
from the black points of any composition will be very effective. cool
brewed large leaf green tea (50 ml) mix in equal
proportions with chamomile extract, add 20 g of gelatin powder,
heat and stir. Cool, pour 20 ml of cucumber juice and 40 ml
aloe juice Insist half an hour.

  • For oily skin

If you need a fat face mask from black
dots and acne, mix 20 ml of aloe juice, as much glycerin and
potato starch.

Any homemade black face mask recipe
points are a guarantee of natural composition and safe
of use. Yes, such funds do not always get the right
consistency and rarely exude airy flavors, unlike
branded. Both those and others have their advantages and disadvantages.
The choice is yours.

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