Face Mask with Dimexide and Solcoseryl

One of the remedies for wrinkles was Solcoseryl, a face mask.
done with it. Any woman wants as long as possible
stay young. Looking for different recipes and methods, women
spend a huge amount of time and money. And most likely
it is this “search operation” that has led to the application to eliminate
wrinkles medications that are used in treating
patients of the burn unit, surgical clinic or
ophthalmological hospital.


  • How does solcoseryl affect the skin?
  • Cosmetic mask for rejuvenation
  • Reviews of Solcoseryle and Dimexidum after application

How does solcoseryl affect the skin?

Solcoseryl is a pharmacological agent that is directed
on stimulation of the regenerative process of tissues. Solcoseryl
used for healing wounds, ulcers, as well as other lesions
integuments, including those caused by radiation. Solcoseryl –
This is a drug of animal origin. Main
the drug component is made from the blood of bulls as a result
cleansing. Solcoseryl includes such low molecular weight

Solcoseryl Mask

For the production of this drug in the form of a cream (oily
white or yellowish paste) or gel (colorless
transparent mass) take the blood of dairy calves and remove from it by
dialysis antigenic parameters and proteins.

  • oligopeptides;
  • electrolytes;
  • amino acids;
  • nucleotides;
  • nucleosides.

These substances with blood enter the body before
cells and start to stimulate them. Protection occurs
cells, enrich them with oxygen.

Cell membrane stabilizes and activity increases.
enzyme located inside the cell. Fibroblasts synthesize
collagen fibers. In addition, Solcoseryl keeps stable
energy exchange at the cell level. Thanks to the components of the drug
glucose as quickly as possible enters the cell tissue and
helps to normalize the acid balance of the skin that
slows down the formation of wrinkles. Famous European
The company today produces Solcoseryl in the form of ointment and gel, which
applied to the face. On the basis of ointment it is good to make cosmetic masks.
for face with Solcoseryl. Ointment contains:

  • additional preservatives;
  • emulsifier;
  • cholesterol;
  • petrolatum;
  • water for injection.

Masks with Solcoseryl should be applied 2 times in 7 days. To
get rid of wrinkles, ointment with solcoseryl should be applied to
pre-freed from cosmetic skin. Mask with
Solcoseryl is applied in 1 millimeter on the entire surface of the face.
The procedure time is 25 minutes. Removed mask with Solcoseryl
moistened in cold water with a cotton pad. Need to wash off in two
reception, because the mask with Solkoserilom has a fat structure.

Very good effect gives the mask with Solcoseryl anti-wrinkle,
which are also called mimic. For the manufacture of need to take
ointment Solcoseryl, a solution of vitamin A and E in equal proportions.

solcoseryl face mask

Solcoseryl is a pharmacological, medicinal
means intended to restore tissue after burns,
radioactive radiation, frostbite and difficult-to-heal wounds
(bedsores, trophic ulcers).

The components are well mixed and applied to the skin for about 30
minutes After this time, the mask should be removed from the face with a dry cloth.
Flush must be neat movements. The procedure should be 2
times a week. After 30 days, as confirmed by the results
studies, fine wrinkles will go away. Age wrinkles will become
less, and the skin – fresh, velvety and tender. Course
held for a month, after which you must give the skin
rest for at least 2 months, then you can repeat.

Cosmetic mask for rejuvenation

To strengthen the rejuvenating effect, cosmetologists
It is recommended to make masks with Dimexide and Solcoseryl. Dimexide –
This is a drug against local inflammation. The tool has
the ability to break down and eliminate organic and
inorganic substances, but it does not reduce the pharmacological
exposure to active ingredients of drugs.
Transplantology actively uses a liquid substance, because,
affecting the skin, Dimexide launches restorative and
replacement processes. The vessels that are functioning, becomes
more, thanks to which the transplanted skin takes root better.


In the cosmetic direction, Dimexide masks are applied,
because the substance can perfectly seep through
biomembrane and promptly delivers medicine. Thereby
Solcoseryl and Dimexide supply beneficial deep skin layers
items. A face mask with dimexide helps the cells
divided, gradually replaced and renewed – wrinkles become
less or disappear. Dimexide should be applied very carefully,
It is impossible that the tool fell on the mucous surface. Women
nursing a child, and nursing mothers to apply the drug
means impossible. The mask with Dimexide and Solcoseryl is done

  1. Prepare a solution of Dimexide 1:10. 1 scoop Dimexidum and 10 spoons
  2. The resulting tool is wiped face. Face must be cleaned
    before application.
  3. Mask is applied with Solcoseryl.
  4. To sustain a mask of 30 minutes.
  5. Remove in three doses with a wet cotton pad.

Reviews of Solcoseryle and Dimexidum after application

Most women who have tried masks with Solcoseryl and
Dimexidum, speak positively about them. Many women say
that began to look younger by 5-10 years. Almost everyone notes that
the skin becomes tender, light, velvety and
are cleared. Skin elasticity increases, many women have compared
mask effect at home with the result after visiting
beauty salon. A number of women have noticed the disappearance of facial wrinkles.
And mothers have noticed efficacy in the treatment of wrinkles in children.
adolescence. With all the usefulness of masks in any case
Before use, consult a doctor or

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