Face masks – an effective method of dealing with acne

The appearance of acne on the skin always signals a failure in
the body. The most common causes are: sexual
maturation, hormonal disturbance, problems with
digestive system, stress and a number of other reasons.

Often to solve this problem along with medicamentous
treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, use
cosmetics (masks, lotions, compresses, etc.) that
can be cooked at home. They help improve in
a certain degree of skin condition. In addition, many masks for
people with acne have a healing effect that enhances the effect
medical drugs and contributes to more rapid


  • The main ways to combat acne at home
  • The secret of acne masks
  • Indications and contraindications for the use of masks
  • Home lotions and herbal tinctures against acne
  • Folk Masks Recipes for Acne
  • 7 rules to guarantee the effectiveness of acne masks

The main ways to combat acne at home

The degree of acne lesions depends half on the main
reasons, inside the body, and 50% of compliance
hygiene and measures taken daily.

  • In the morning you need to wash the herbs with anti-inflammatory
    action (chamomile, calendula, oak bark). Reduce inflammation
    also pharmaceutical preparations – calendula tincture, salicylic acid,
    tea tree oil, etc.
  • From time to time it is necessary to use a home scrub
    cooking Deep cleansing of the dermis eliminates impurities,
    allows the skin to breathe through the open pores, contributes to its
  • Do not use homemade acne masks
    two or three times in 7 days, so as not to overdo it and not
    provoke the opposite effect. Among home remedies
    characterized by anti-inflammatory effects, produce juice
    Aloe, natural honey, products with abundant vitamin content
  • Acne can not squeeze yourself! It hurts the skin and
    can only increase their number. The skin should be periodically
    steam out. It accelerates the ripening of pimples and reveals

The secret of acne masks

The principle of operation of face masks for acne
is the active influence of their main components.
The products that make up the masks should be predominantly
natural and have pronounced antiseptic and
anti-inflammatory properties. These products include:
seaweed, aloe, honey, ginger, citrus, etc.

Acne masks are recommended for use in both mature and
adolescence. The recipe is usually selected based on the main
defect, as well as some related problems: wilting,
pigmentation, dry skin or too vigorous activity
sebaceous glands.

The choice of home remedy should be determined by
him ingredients. The composition determines the effectiveness of the mask in

In addition to combating acne homemade masks, depending on the set
components cleanse and tighten the skin, nourish it and heal. They
normalize blood circulation, narrow pores, matt, eliminating
oily shine, and eliminate black dots.

These masks are recommended to do 2-3 times a week. For a while
procedures (15-20 minutes) it is advisable to lie down and relax, closing
eyes. In order to improve the efficiency of the masks they need to be combined with
diet and healthy lifestyle.

Indications and contraindications for the use of masks

Cosmetic procedures at home, providing
The use of acne masks can be carried out in the following

  • in the absence of pathologies and serious internal diseases
  • when prescribing therapy to eliminate the root cause;
  • at normal body temperature;
  • when the rash takes up no more than 30% of the skin;
  • The cause of acne is hormonal changes.

However, there are a number of contraindications for
home masks against pimples. Even the most effective mask
would be completely useless if used
conditions that are unacceptable for the implementation of this procedure, and

  • with severe diseases of the internal organs;
  • at high temperature;
  • when more than 30% of skin covers inflammation;
  • with purulent lesions of the dermis;

Mask against inflamed acne, in the absence of complications,
associated with the infectious process, can be applied exclusively
with the permission of a specialist doctor.

  • with intolerance to the body of certain components.

Home lotions and herbal tinctures against acne

Recipes for face masks to help get rid of
pimples difficult to count. However, besides masks you can cook
homemade lotions and tinctures, the basis for which also serve
natural ingredients. Below are several options.
effective cosmetics that enjoy great
popular with the beautiful half of humanity.

Lotion “Chamomile”. All known plant has
wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile flowers
soothe irritated skin and relieve redness. They are good for
sensitive skin and do not cause allergies.

So, pour one teaspoon of flowers with one glass of boiling water.
Insist 30 minutes and filter. The resulting lotion can
wipe face can be used for warm compresses or
turn into ice cubes (excellent toning

Lotion “Parsley”. Parsley leaf juice is diluted with vodka.
proportions of 3: 1 and is used for daily rubbing of the face.

Lotion “Aloe”. Aloe sap is used to wipe clean.
as diluted with water (1: 2 ratio).

Tincture “White Lily”. White lily petals are placed in
glassware (dark glass must!), pour vodka and
insist 2 weeks. Used as a cleansing anti-inflammatory.

Folk Masks Recipes for Acne

The most common products that make up the masks
for the face as the main ingredients are:

  • lemon juice – whitens the skin, kills bacteria;
  • egg white – tightens the skin, making it more
  • henna leaves – have healing properties;
  • natural honey – softens the skin and moisturizes it, reduces
  • green tea – cleanses the skin, removes dark spots;
  • potato – has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • oatmeal – dries acne;
  • clay – brightens the skin, has a bactericidal effect.

The mask with aspirin also belongs to national recipes. is he
relieves acne without causing redness or

The correct ratio of main and additional components
will help get a real antibacterial high
qualities that completely eliminate acne in one course
application. Any mask should be applied to the skin, previously
clearing it, that is, before the procedure it is desirable to use
ready or home scrub for the face.

7 rules to guarantee the effectiveness of acne masks

Home masks will be as safe and effective as possible.
if you follow the seven important rules.

1. Never try to get rid of acne yourself.
Similar cleansing threatens with scars or, worse, infection

2. During the period of the therapeutic course, try not to
use makeup products. In case of acne mask
serves as a “first aid” before any event, to process
face should be at least 2 hours before applying makeup.

3.Do not perform procedures with the use of cosmetic masks,
Guided by one instruction for all types of masks. Such reception
can only harm the process.

4. Prepare masks for a specially prepared clean mask.
dishes better porcelain or enameled.

5.If plants are used to prepare formulations
on your own, make sure they grow as much as possible
further highways.

6. Strictly follow the instructions that come with the

7. Carry out a test for individual portability of the components,
contained in a particular mask or lotion. Test performed
as follows: apply a little of the composition to the skin on the elbow
bend. After 30 minutes, check the reaction. If no
changes (redness, itching, irritation or burn), you can safely
proceed with the procedure.

Cosmetic facial blemishes in the form of acne and acne are very
common problem these days. Acne Face Masks,
cooked at home – the best option to fight
with this ailment. Providing the skin with constant care with
nourishing and regenerating masks and combining it with healthy
lifestyle (proper nutrition, exercise, full
sleep), you can completely eliminate the appearance of acne, acne and other
imperfections. After all, problems are always better warned than later.
to spend on their decision precious time, effort and money.

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