Face peeling soda

Soda peeling is an effective pore cleansing procedure.
The powder also removes dead particles well, which helps
skin to be smooth. Therefore, many women resort to this
way of cosmetic cleaning.

Baking soda as a peeling

Peeling with soda is primarily suitable for those who suffer
from enlarged pores and black spots. Most often it is the owners of the fat type


  • Where soda is used
  • Terms of use of soda
  • Conclusion on the topic

Where soda is used

Many housewives can not imagine their life without soda. After all
thanks to it, you can easily clean any surface from dirt.
In addition, sodium bicarbonate is widely used in
cosmetology. With it, whiten teeth, clean the heels and remove
redness of the skin. But the main advantage of this substance is
the fact that it perfectly cleans the face from eels and comedones.

Soda is a fairly strong folk remedy that
quickly relieves various skin imperfections. None
less improper use of sodium bicarbonate can seriously
damage the epithelium of the face. Therefore, you need to be as careful as possible.
use this substance at home.

Peeling face with soda effectively removes dead skin
layers of cells.

This cleaning will remove even small pimples open and closed
types. In addition, soda boasts antiseptic
property. Often, experts advise to use soda
owners of oily skin. It easily penetrates deep into
freeing them from residual makeup products.

In addition, the procedure of disinfecting the face with soda helps
the healing process of microscopic damage. But it is worth considering
that the solution should be very weak. Otherwise there is
high risk of burning the face with an aggressive drug.

Terms of use of soda

Applying the peeling mixture on the face

Despite the fact that soda helps to cope with
inflammations, if there are too many of them, including open
pustules, in this case it is better not to use soda.

How to clean your face with soda right? First you need
prepare a weak solution using this powder and a glass of warm
water. The amount of the substance itself depends on the individual
skin features. Everyone knows that soda also has a soothing effect.
action, but more than once a week to use this tool
can not.

Do not use sodium bicarbonate owners
thin and sensitive skin of the face. If there are open sores or
severe inflammatory processes then apply soda categorically
prohibited. Also, before using such a scrub, you must
Smear them on the wrist area. In case of redness, itching or rash
use of soda is strongly discouraged.

Applying cleanser to skin should be done.
massaging movements. For this you need to fingertips barely
touch the face so as not to scratch it. Some women use
soda only on problem areas where there are comedones. In this way
it is possible to avoid drying out healthy areas.

In order to wash the soda from the face, you must first
use warm and then cool water. Then follows
Be sure to put on the skin light cream. He will help to remove
inflammation and moisturize the epidermis.

Soda can also be used as an independent
facilities. To do this, dilute some warm boiled powder.
water Then you need to gently apply the substance to the skin.
massage movements. Special attention should be paid to the chin
nose and forehead.

Then you need to again gently, but carefully, wash off large soda
amount of water. After that, the skin should be covered with baby cream.
Weak soda is well suited for gentle cleansing.
skin. In addition, washing with this solution is suitable for all
skin types other than dry.

As for the preparation of this drug, it is completely
not complicated. For the product you need to dissolve some soda in
a glass of cool boiled water. Washing procedure
sodium bicarbonate removes acne, acne, comedones, tightens pores and
gently dries the skin. But do not forget about careful
rinsing your face with cool water, since otherwise soda
will cause an inflammatory process.

Conclusion on the topic

Washing with soda will help get rid of various cosmetic
facial defects. But this procedure is absolutely not suitable.
owners of dry skin. Nevertheless, it perfectly cleans and
tightens pores.

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