Facial after 40 years in the salon and at home beautician recommendations


What should be a full-fledged, high-quality, and most importantly –
effective facial after 40 years? We will talk about age
changes occurring in the skin at this stage. find out
features salon and home care. Recipes natural
anti-aging masks to help cope with aging.

What should be facial after 40 years
so that age-related changes do not leave too obvious marks on
skin? Is it possible to somehow prolong youth and not be afraid
look in the mirror in the morning, looking for new wrinkles with fear?
Modern beauty industry offers women balzakovskogo
age a lot of options as it can be done on

Not only are the shops crowded with anti-age programs and
anti-aging remedies and beauty salons are open to all
who wishes to make a suspender. Options – a huge amount.
The only problem is to understand all this, decompose
shelves and understand what is needed in your case.

Comprehensive face care after 40 years

Changes in the skin after 40 years

Before finding out what includes the right
face care after 40 years, you need to understand what is happening with
skin to achieve this age line. It is at this stage
life is a serious failure in the functioning of the hormone
system (in connection with the onset of menopause), which instantly
reflected on the skin. It is hormonal disorders that provoke
rapid aging of the epidermis. Cosmetologists argue that, reasoning
about the causes of age-related metamorphosis, it will be enough just to name
changes in hormonal background. Everything else is related
factors or consequence of the same hormonal failure.

Get ready for the fact that with skin after 40 years in high-speed
mode, the following changes will occur.

  • Dehydration

Oily skin will be combined or mixed, and for
dry times will come hard as she starts to age very

  • Regeneration slowdown

The rate of production of new cells decreases, while their
necrosis is the same as before. Result – horny
the layer of skin on the face thickens, the layers of “living” cells from below become
thinner. Elasticity is lost, color deteriorates, wrinkles appear.
Horny cells begin to fall off in whole groups, and the face is strongly
peels off. Special care here will require eyelids and lips, which
the first to suffer from age-related changes. The eyelids are ptosis,
i.e. sag, lips are no longer so prominent, start in different directions
rays wrinkles disperse, including – “goose
feet. ”

  • Irreversible changes in living tissues

Year by year the number of elastin fibers decreases, and after 40
years skin completely loses its elasticity. Collagen fibers
can be regenerated, but their rate decreases with age
updates. Ruined collagen “sticks together” and accumulates in
intercellular space. Result – wrinkles and age
dark spots.

  • Age wrinkles

Age-related wrinkles are the result of natural aging.
epidermis. This is due to the fact that the collagen fibers
becomes less, cell regeneration slows down, is detected
lack of vitamins, oxygen, minerals.

In addition to these major age changes, after 40 years you can
observe a whole series of skin metamorphoses requiring attention and
special care:

  • reduced tone;
  • “swollen” oval face;
  • pigmentation;
  • unhealthy color;
  • weakening of the capillary walls, as a result – the appearance
    spider veins, couperose;
  • bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Based on all these age-related changes in the skin
women over 40, cosmetic companies develop formulas
anti-age, which slow down the processes at the cellular level. With their
using anti-aging creams, anti-aging patents
programs for salon procedures. How to understand all this
diversity and pick something for yourself? In this case, useful
advice from a beautician for facial care after 40 years
sticking with which, it is possible to postpone old age. And start
Still worth visiting salons.

It is interesting! According to statistics, namely
40 years, women are most afraid: with fear waiting for the offensive
menopause and obvious age-related changes in the form of wrinkles. On the very same
In fact, to achieve this age, ladies become more confident
in themselves and even survive the peak of sexual activity.

What should be the right facial after 40 years

Thermal lifting will cope with the first age changes

Another anti-aging treatment is peeling:

Salon care for women of Balzac age

Professional facial after 40 years
includes anti-aging treatments that will help slow down
aging processes. It must be borne in mind that you yourself are unlikely
choose for yourself a suitable anti-age program. It will make
A cosmetologist, after a corresponding survey and examination, identifying
individual characteristics. What is he likely to you
will offer?

    1. Biorevitalization – injection injection under the skin
      hyaluronic acid that will smooth the most noticeable and deepest

  1. Mesotherapy – an introduction under the skin of the whole
    cocktails of skin-friendly substances (vitamins, amino acids,
    mineral complexes). This procedure is recommended for the care of
    skin after 40, if you want to eliminate several age
    changes. It corrects the shape of the face, reduces wrinkles,
    returns healthy complexion, eliminates dryness and flaking,
    reduces the level of pigmentation.
  2. Microcurrent therapy – effects on the skin
    apparatus emitting microcurrents. Causes muscle contraction
    stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Assigned to
    eliminate swelling and bags under the eyes, restores skin elasticity,
    tightens the oval of the face, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands,
    reduces inflammatory processes.
  3. Photorejuvenation – effects on the skin
    flash lamp: light rays are able to penetrate the most
    deep layers of the dermis. The procedure is very effective for face care.
    after 40, because it activates metabolic processes, stimulates
    cell activity, destroys age spots, eliminates
    spider veins, facilitates the course of rosacea.
  4. Stone therapy – face massage with stones
    provide alternate effects on the vessels of the face with heat and
  5. Chemical peeling is an essential part
    face care programs after 40 years, since the stratum corneum
    It is necessary to remove, clearing the way for new cells. You
    would certainly recommend:

* grape peeling – narrows enlarged pores;

* almond – ideal for the care of mature, dehydrated skin

* retinol – has excellent anti-aging

* TCA peeling – eliminates scars after acne.

In addition to all the above, facial skin care after 40
years in the cabin may include various
professional masks and exfoliants from famous brands,
individually matched. And, of course, do not deny yourself
enjoy the pleasure of soaking up under the experienced hands of a massage therapist –
there is a huge amount of anti-aging techniques that
will bring only benefit. Between the salon procedures do not forget
Pay attention to your skin and at home.

Helpful advice. 40 years old is the same age
when it’s time to think about contour plastic. It is beautiful
alternative to plastic surgery. Just a few beauty shots
will significantly delay old age.

Professional face care after 40 years in the salon

Home care after 40

If you can relax in the cabin and entrust yourself with skillful hands
beautician then home care after 40
years will depend entirely on your aspirations, desires, abilities and
skills. The responsibility lies only with you. Take it
frivolously, and after 50 time lost
you will not return: the aging process will be irreversible and irreparable.
So what is your power?

    1. In the morning and evening, the skin must be cleaned. Wash your face
      warm water using a series gel
      “anti-aging care”. For example, Shungit or Beutisa.
    2. Do not forget to remove the remnants of cosmetics from the skin before bedtime – this
      one of the most important skin care rules after 40. Otherwise, do not
      only aging processes will accelerate and new wrinkles will appear, but
      inflammation, irritation and even allergies can begin
    3. Once a week, be sure to nourish and moisturize the face
      rejuvenating masks. They may be branded
      (Amadoris cellular mask, stimulating by Natura Bisse) or
      homemade (honey, oatmeal, fruit).

  1. Be sure to use professional anti-aging
    creams that saturate the skin with essential substances.
    Pay attention to Nuxellence Jeunesse from Nuxe, Regenerist from
  2. Every six months, be sure to visit the beautician.
  3. Especially carefully select products for your food. Everything
    the mischief will finally have to be sent to the back of the memories and
    learn to eat only healthy foods.
  4. Do not go outside without protective cream. This is about caring for
    skin not only in summer but in winter.
  5. Lack of sleep and insomnia will accelerate the aging process, therefore
    with these two ills after 40 you have to fight. Complete
    An 8-hour sleep is what your skin needs now.
  6. Sports are also part of a comprehensive facial treatment after
    40, as they improve metabolic processes, which affects
    skin condition.
  7. Try not to be nervous: stress after 40 years
  8. Drinking regimen should combat skin dehydration:
    It is advisable to drink 5 glasses of water per day.

Here is a skin care after 40 years
should be at home. Try to stick with these
recommendations from a cosmetologist to delay the onset of old age.
Complement this program-minimum homemade mask recipes.

Keep in mind. If you have never been
did homemade masks, after 40 years, they are unlikely to be useful to you,
because at such a mature age not accustomed to natural
means the skin does not respond to them.

Home care after 40

Recipes for homemade masks for those over 40

It is not necessary to spend money on expensive masks and serums from
famous brands. If you are used to pampering your skin
coffee scrubs and herbal compresses, these same homemade
face care products after 40 years of age

  • Milk-honey compress

Mix in equal quantities liquid honey and milk, heated to
warm state. Wet the resulting liquid tissue mask
or layered gauze and put on face for 15 minutes.

  • Mask with aloe and egg

Leave aloe leaves in the fridge for 10 days. Grind them to
condition gruel. Mix 2 tablespoons of green puree with whipped
an egg. If the mixture is too thin, add a little
wheat flour to bring to a thicker consistency.

  • Mask with aloe and honey

We work according to the scheme of the previous recipe. Aloe Leaves Soak In
Refrigerator 10 days. Grind them to a state of slurry. Mix 2
tablespoons of green mashed potatoes with melted honey. If mask
get too liquid, add powdered milk.

  • Egg and Smetan Mask

For the care of mature skin prone to wrinkles, after 40 years
good use in homemade masks quail eggs. Beat 2
pieces, mix with 1 tablespoon of fat sour cream. Time of action –
up to half an hour.

  • Yeast Mask

2 tablespoons baker’s yeast diluted olive
unrefined oil until you get the necessary mask

  • Mask with turmeric

Mix a teaspoonful of turmeric powder, heavy cream and
melted honey.

If there is a possibility and means, it is impossible to do cardinal
the choice between home and salon face care after 40 years. They
complement each other at this age and give full effect
only in the aggregate. Every six months – signed up for anti-aging
procedure to the beautician. And in between these visits –
daily give your skin maximum attention: clean, nourish,
moisturize, rejuvenate, try to protect it from age
changes and external aggressive influences. Only in this way can
enjoy your own reflection in the morning in the mirror and not be afraid
questions about how old you are.

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