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  • The secret of magical transfiguration
  • About indications and contraindications
  • Cocoa Butter Makeup Skill
  • Cocoa Butter Recipes

Cocoa butter is called differently: “the food of the gods”
and the “gift of Aphrodite”. Those who have already discovered this
unique product, will never be able to refuse regular
use it. Those who have never seen him often
represent a briquette of chocolate color. Actually cocoa butter
whitish-yellow, has a firm, brittle consistency (with
room temperature), has a nice chocolate
smell. The “food of the gods” is called cocoa butter because of its food
values, but the “gift of Aphrodite” – because of its cosmetic
properties. Using this product in face masks can be solved.
many skin problems that others cannot cope with
cosmetic products. Cocoa butter is beautiful
natural moisturizer that restores tissue regeneration
thereby stopping time and preventing aging.

Cocoa butter for the face

The secret of magical transfiguration

Natural cosmetic cocoa butter costs a lot of money because of
complex and multi-stage process of its receipt. Product
undergoes fermentation, sorting, purification, heat treatment,
crushing, grinding and pressing, and only after all this
it turns out a product that is ready to offer its services to beauties
as a cosmetic. This unique “gift
Aphrodite “is enriched with all sorts of substances that help
skin to bloom and not age. Based on fatty acids, each
of which, falling into the cells, has its own specific

  • Oleic acid starts up disturbed
    lipid metabolism, which improves the work of the sebaceous glands
    and cell nutrition;
  • Stearic strengthens or restores
    skin protective barriers to repel aggressive attacks from the outside in
    form of merciless ultraviolet radiation, irritating sea salt and other
    atmospheric tests;
  • Lauric makes an excellent cocoa butter
    moisturizing agent for dry, flaky skin, since it is
    this acid regulates the water-salt metabolism in the cells and when there is a shortage
    moisture is able to keep it in the cells;
  • Palmitic is responsible for accurate and
    uniform delivery of oxygen to all cells of the epidermis,
    resulting in regular use of cocoa butter complexion
    aligned, becoming radiant and natural;
  • Linoleic helps lauric to fight
    dryness, fading and flaking;
  • Arachin improves skin absorption by others
    nutrients, not letting the cells starve.

Fatty acids are the main active ingredients of cocoa butter,
thanks to which a wonderful transformation of the skin becomes possible
individuals in just a few weeks of its use. Additional
components only strengthen their action and make a woman more
more beautiful.

Like any natural product, oil contains various
vitamins necessary for skin beauty:

  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E
    youth and irresistible beauty in the composition of the cocoa is responsible for developing
    collagen and elastin fibers that line the surface
    skin, making it smooth, elastic, supple;
  • Vitamin K
    invaluable anti-hemorrhagic properties, that is, he
    helps blood coagulate in certain situations, so no
    No wonder that with injuries, burns, microcracks
    and inflammations, cocoa butter contributes to the rapid healing of all
    problem areas; in addition, it can be used to lighten
    freckles and other age spots, which copes well
    this wonderful vitamin.
  • Phytosterol in the composition of this
    cosmetics quickly and efficiently stop the process
    aging in tissues, possessing rejuvenating and regenerating
    properties. Such a unique chemical composition is practically not
    leaves no chances of a single skin problem
    face all women daily.

In cosmetology have long used the “gift of Aphrodite” in
anti-aging procedures and for the production of various
moisturizers. However, the most effective is his homemade
application where natural cocoa butter does not interact with either
what synthetic substances and is a 100%

How to use cocoa butter

Moisturizes, whitens, rejuvenates, gently cares – all this
about sea buckthorn oil:

Which herbs are best used for a certain type of facial skin,
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About indications and contraindications

Home use cocoa butter for the face benefits when
solving certain cosmetic problems. Therefore, the recommendations
experts identified a list of those testimony, which is
use funds from it:

  • Dry kozhas peeling foci: thanks to
    moisturizing properties, “the gift of Aphrodite” will relieve from
    constant feeling of tightness and will contribute to the natural
    hydration of the epidermis;
  • Cosmetic defects (scars, scars, stitches
    after surgery, spots after squeezed acne, vascular
    asterisks) which other tools hardly cope with, quickly
    can be eliminated using cocoa;
  • Fading, flabby, wrinkled leather
    all possible signs of aging: under the influence of oil
    wrinkles are smoothed, skin tightens, face contour becomes
  • Acne, acne and other skin rashes (in
    including those of an allergic nature) gradually fade away,
    if you use products based on cocoa butter regularly;
  • Burns and herpes cures much faster
    if used as applications and compresses
    miracle oil.

Cosmetic and even therapeutic effect of cocoa butter for the skin
obvious, and therefore beauticians so actively recommend it
use to solve the problems that other means
just not able to handle. But the abundance of fatty acids in this
The product may be quite harmful in some cases.
Therefore, there are contraindications for its use as
cosmetic products. Do not get involved in them if you have:

  • oily skin of the face;
  • there are implants on the face;
  • the presence of purulent inflammatory processes;
  • marked individual intolerance.

In the presence of such contraindications, it is better to choose another.
cosmetic or do a full skin treatment, and
after recovery return to the issue of use
cocoa butter for the face.

The benefits of cocoa butter for the face

Cocoa Butter Makeup Skill

The effectiveness of any cosmetic in many ways
determined by the correctness of its preparation and use, and oil
Cocoa is no exception. Some simple
the rules will help to master this simple science and arrange at home
a real beauty salon.

  1. When buying, pay attention to the fact that the product was
    natural, without any additives.
  2. A block of oil is melted in a water bath at low heat,
    until it turns into a liquid. In some cases, enough
    hold it in your palms.
  3. Pre-test the “gift of Aphrodite” on the skin
    a wrist that will show you if you are allergic to it.
  4. It is better to mix the ingredients with a blender so that it does not work out.
  5. Prepared means are applied to the skin immediately to the oil
    not frozen and did not hinder its further application.
  6. Before a home rejuvenating procedure is better to steam the skin,
    so that the pores are opened as much as possible, and clean it with a scrub.
  7. It is necessary to apply them with light circular movements, on massage
  8. It is recommended to use different means for the eye area,
    lips and facial skin in general.
  9. The duration of cocoa butter masks is no more than 20 minutes.
  10. Remove funds better cotton pad or a soft cloth,
    dipped in milk at room temperature. After milk
    rubbing and removing oil residue can blot the paper face
    a napkin.
  11. It is not recommended to wash after this procedure.
  12. A full course of treatment should be no more than 10 procedures, so
    how the skin will need to rest a couple of months from the friendly onslaught
    fatty acids in the oil.

Properly using and applying cocoa butter for rejuvenation and
moisturizing your skin, you can quickly make sure that it is one
of the best gifts prepared for women by nature. Manifold
recipes with his participation is amazing, but it’s easier to choose exactly
a tool that will make it possible to solve all the most difficult
skin problems that may occur in modern

Cocoa butter for the face

Cocoa Butter Recipes

Cocoa butter for the face can be used both in pure form and with
other natural products and cosmetic oils that
only enhance its effectiveness.

  • Nutritious cream

There is nothing easier than to prepare a nourishing cream for dry and
dehydrated skin from pure cocoa butter. Hold the bar
few minutes in hand – and it will melt. Wipe them face before
a dream. This cream does not require flushing. The next morning you are not only
you will feel refreshed, but you will be satisfied by looking in

  • Protective cream

Cocoa butter can also be used in the same way, but by day, before
Out on the street in frosty, windy, snowy weather, when the skin
need to protect from the negative atmospheric and weather conditions. Face
smeared with a bar half an hour before going out, and just before
exit blotted with paper tissue. If according to this scheme
use cocoa butter on vacation or just in summer in hot
weather, the skin gets a beautiful, smooth, bronze tint
a tan. And cocoa butter protects it from drying out.
ultraviolet light, not allowing the precious moisture to evaporate.

  • Cream around the eyes

Beauties who are addicted to natural cosmetics
oils, they know that not all of them can be used for
nutrition and moisturizing the skin around the eyes. Cocoa butter among them –
pleasant exception. Melt it to the desired consistency, soak in
Use a cotton disc and wipe the eyelids and skin under the eyes. It will save in
the result of “crows feet” and bluish bags.

  • For the growth of eyelashes

To lashes to grow better, become thick and long, you need
mix already melted cocoa butter in equal proportions with
Castor and brush gently apply on the eyelashes, without touching them
roots so that the mixture does not get into the eyes. After 10 minutes everything is removed
the disk.

  • Lip balm

If lips constantly crack and peel off, apply a couple on them
once a day melted cocoa butter.

  • Oil masks

Cocoa butter combines perfectly with other cosmetics.
oils: dog rose, peach, almond, sesame. They can
Combine in equal amounts and apply on face.

  • Night Moisturizer

Melted cocoa butter (1 tbsp. Box) mixed with jojoba (1 tsp.
lodges.), olive (3 tbsp. los.). Beat with a blender / mixer, before
by application add sandalwood ester (drop 2).

  • Rejuvenating mask

Molten cocoa butter (tea leaves) mixed with butter
grape seed (st. lodges.) right in the water bath.
Stir, remove from heat, add crushed flesh
Aloe leaves (Chin. lor.). Apply the mixture in a warm condition.

  • Honey Scrub

Molten cocoa butter (2 tbsp. Boxes) is mixed with liquid,
also pre-melted honey (st. box.). Are added
oatmeal and crushed almonds (according to Art. lod.).

  • Lip cream

Melted beeswax (tea leaves) mixed with oil
cocoa (Art. Lozh.), added wheat germ oil (2 Art. Loz.).
Everything is thoroughly mixed and left to full
cooling down

  • Nourishing mask

Sea-buckthorn oil is added to the melted cocoa butter (Art. Box).
and dog rose (on tea. lodges.), oil solutions of vitamins A and E (on
4 drops), nourishing store cream (Art. Box.). Leave until
cooling down

  • Moisturizing compress

Melt cocoa butter, moisten it folded in several layers
gauze, put on his eyes, covered with a towel.

Every woman’s dream – to stop time – turns into reality,
when she discovers these white miracle cakes
oils from the shores of South America. Its beneficial effect on the skin
affects instantly, so no results
wait too long. Pleasant aroma, delicate texture,
Refreshing masks and rejuvenated face – that’s what gives all women
cocoa butter with proper and regular use. Astonishing
the gift of nature will be able to do that which was not able to do
other cosmetics: you just need to make sure of it.

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