Facial lipolytics are a magical remedy. modeling appearance

Facial lipolitics – special preparations designed
improve facial contour, smooth out bumps and dips on the skin, and
also eliminate excess body fat on the face. These drugs
removing fat layer, contribute to weight loss face. As a result
lifestyle, nutrition or aging changes occur with external
look of a man. Sometimes the cause of such metamorphosis can be
heredity. After all, all people age according to the anatomical
predisposition and physiological structure of the face.

Facial lipolytics are able to quickly solve the problem unnecessarily
swollen cheeks or deformed chin. Procedure
face modeling with lipolytics is called injecting


  • What is lipolitiki
  • Types of lipolytic agents
  • Indications and Contraindications for Injection Lipolysis
  • How to carry out the procedure
  • Rehabilitation period
  • Side effects
  • Features of the use of lipolytics for the face
  • Types of lipolytic procedures
  • Non-injection of lipolytic
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

What is lipolitiki

Facial lipolytics are biologically active substances,
which break down the subcutaneous fat. Splitting process
fat contributes to the formation of biodegradable substances that
naturally excreted from the body. It is their ability
splitting fat is used to correct and sculpture the face:
cheeks, nose, oval face. After using the skin
pulls up, becomes smooth and smooth. Use these
funds are needed when fat is just starting to be deposited on

Often this occurs in metabolic disorders, and the woman
starts to recover uncontrollably. At the same time need
understand that a radical problem cannot be solved, since the introduction
lipolitikov leads to a slight weight loss. If a person has
obesity or overweight is observed, then these drugs
can not help, they are designed to correct minor
deficiencies. Obesity should be treated by an endocrinologist, and significant
body fat eliminate liposuction.

These substances are a type of mesoinjection and are administered under
skin with the finest needles. Penetrating into fat tissue, they
increase intracellular pressure, leading to rupture
membranes. In this case, fats are split into two components: glycine and
fatty acids that get into the lymph flow are excreted
through the kidneys and liver.

Lipolytics in their structure and chemical composition are similar to
substances that are present in bile, which produces our
gallbladder. It is well known that bile is involved in
the process of splitting fat. So these universal
substances perfectly convert fat to carbon dioxide and water, which is
as a result, corrects those areas of the face where the injection was made.

Lipolytics are highly functional drugs. After all, their
The composition is rich in many useful and rare substances: different types
collagen, artichoke extract, caffeine, lecithin, hyaluronic
acid. They are able to eliminate body fat not only on
face, but also on the body. Besides the fact that they break down excess fat,
there is a deep saturation of the nutrient components included
in their composition. So, getting rid of fat, you can also improve the color.
face, eliminate wrinkles and get even skin relief

Types of lipolytic agents

To date, there are two main types of lipolitikov. They
differ in the mode of action and the effect:

  • phosphatidylcholine;
  • aminomix


This type of lipolytic is also called indirect because they
able to burn the minimum amount of fat, but not
destroy cell membranes. The drug helps stabilize
lipid levels in the body, due to the acceleration of the movement of ions, which
leads to weight loss. Independently means not capable
radically change the appearance and almost never occurs in
pure form, however, is part of many other lipolitikov. is he
eliminates the minimum amount of fat, so it is intended to
consolidate the result of other cosmetic procedures and improve
skin condition.


A powerful drug that can break down fat deposits.
Consists of two active substances that are designed to destroy not
only fat cells, but also their membranes. The drug still exists
one virtue – it is able to give the body a feeling of fullness.
This feeling allows a person to consume less
food, which leads to effective weight loss.

Indications and Contraindications for Injection Lipolysis

The procedure is prescribed for the following problems:

  • double chin;
  • deformation of the clarity of the oval face;
  • loose, wrinkled skin;
  • excess fat in the cheek area (Bish’s lumps);
  • defects in the nose;
  • sufah or paint bags (fat bags near the zygomatic
  • fat bags around the eyes.

Contraindications to the procedure is:

  • autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • acute infectious and viral ailments;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • allergic to substances that are part of the drug;
  • acute herpes;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • renal diseases;
  • HIV infection;
  • hepatitis;
  • thyroid disease.

Before the appointment of the procedure, the patient must be fully
examine for contraindications.

How to carry out the procedure

The composition of injections is selected individually for each patient.
as lipolytics are able to eliminate various problems on
certain areas of the face. So, you can pick up injections that
will model the nose, cheekbones, chin, eliminating fat and making the skin on
these sites perfect. Or smooth out wrinkles, eliminate
swelling, improve the tone of the face and its relief.

The procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. First of all, the doctor talks with the patient about what
    results need to be achieved, and after the conversation makes notes on
  2. It should be noted that the procedure is quite painful, therefore
    before it is administered, anesthesia is administered.
  3. The doctor then injects a short distance from each other.
    friend to a depth of 10- 12 mm.
  4. After the end of the session, the skin is treated with a special
    means which will calm and cool it.

So is one session of injection lipolysis, and the course of treatment
consists of 5-8 procedures. Therefore, between sessions should not pass
less than 7 days, because the skin must be restored. After the procedure may
there is burning, irritation and swelling. All these unpleasant symptoms
will be held during the rehabilitation period.

Rehabilitation period

If you follow all the rules, the recovery will be quick,
without side effects and troubles:

  1. The first week after the procedure, follow the drinking regime,
    consume at least 2, 5 liters of water per day. This will help
    waste products from the body.
  2. Ice or ice compress is applied to the treated area,
    to quickly remove puffiness. It is important to use boiled water.
    for compresses, not to make an infection.
  3. Two weeks not to visit saunas, baths, pools and solariums
    (sunbathing on the beach is also prohibited).
  4. Do not be in the frosty air, if the procedure is performed.
    in the winter.
  5. For three days, do not take a bath, only a warm shower.
  6. Constantly use sunscreen to avoid
    appearance of pigmentation on the face.
  7. Do not use color cosmetics until skin is completely
    will recover;
  8. Do not go to the gym, dispense exercise.
  9. Use special healing ointments, which will register
    attending doctor.
  10. With a low pain threshold, take painkillers,
    who will appoint a doctor.

Side effects

Full compliance with the procedure does not lead to
side effects and complications. However, in violation of the general rules
side effects are observed:

  1. Necrosis of tissues. This complication is extremely rare. but
    with the wrong choice of the drug and its administration technology such
  2. Burning, rash and itching. So manifests itself allergic
    reaction to the substance of the drug.
  3. Vomiting, headache, nausea, dizziness. These are symptoms
    intoxications that indicate poisoning of the body. With
    the presence of these symptoms urgently seek medical attention.
  4. Increased body temperature.
  5. Violation of facial muscles. This happens when damage occurs.
    facial nerves if the doctor incorrectly identified the site for

Features of the use of lipolytics for the face

Lipolytics are used for different parts of the face, because they
able to successfully cope with minor fat

Lipolytics in the cheeks

It should be noted that all people age according to their
anatomical predisposition. If a girl was in her youth
lush attractive cheeks, then over the years subcutaneously – fat
Fiber goes down, turning into bulldog cheeks.
Heredity, poor lifestyle and nutrition even more
aggravates cheeks and face. Such a picture is
unpleasant and badly spoils the appearance of a woman, no matter how old she is
did not have. Therefore, the use of injection lipolysis significantly
improves the condition of the cheeks. Lipolytics inject into the cheeks, leading to
the splitting of fat and the formation of a smooth outline of the line of the cheekbones.

Lipolytica in the chin

A second chin is a very serious problem that also
caused by heredity, unhealthy diet and manner
of life. Unfortunately, the problem is quite common among people.
of all ages and gender. It is found in both men and
women. To eliminate this phenomenon, an injection
chin lipolysis.

Cheekbone lipolytics

Over the years, sagging of the skin in the cheekbone area. AT
as a result of this sagging there are observed sufs – paint bags,
which add a few years to the biological age
person Sufa are located near the zygomatic bone and badly spoil
facial expression, giving it a suffering tormented look. With
conducting injections in this area of ​​the face, sufas can be completely

Lipolitics in the nose

Sometimes body fat can occur even on most
unpredictable areas of the face. Nasal injections are performed
when body fat accumulates around the nose or
nasolabial folds. This method can correct the ideal
nose shape.

Types of lipolytic procedures

There are several types of injection lipolysis:

Radiofrequency lipolysis

Correction of body fat occurs by electromagnetic
high frequency waves. As a result of the use of electromagnetic
high frequency waves fatty tissue is very hot and
evaporated (splits). This improves the skin condition.
structures, fibroblasts are activated, production is stimulated
collagen and elastin. During one procedure, the fat layer
decreases by 2–3 cm, the skin is tightened and the face acquires a new one.

Ultrasound lipolysis

On the subcutaneous – fatty layer is affected by ultrasound
in waves. The source of the waves is a special sound
converter. Ultrasound can destroy fatty membranes
cells, then metabolites, falling into the lymph flow, are derived from
organism. This procedure is performed on people with low fat levels.
deposits because it removes a small amount of fat.

Laser lipolysis

This method allows you to sculpt a face by influencing
fat deposits low-frequency laser energy. Light energy
increases the permeability of fat cells, as a result they undergo
significant metamorphosis, which allows them to flatten and push into
extracellular space. This method is the most gentle
and delicate.

Non-injection of lipolytic

This is a hardware non-injection method that includes
several techniques at once: mesotherapy, laser therapy, microcurrents,
myostimulation. Special substances applied to the skin in problem
zone and treat this area with the help of the apparatus. Wherein
nutrients penetrate the lower layers of the dermis, enrich them
nutrients, which permanently improves the skin condition
cover and gives a long lasting effect. Hardware method by
The spectrum of effects on the epidermis is similar to the injection, but with this
has several additional bonuses: microcurrents allows
beneficial substances penetrate deep into the dermis, while the skin
the cover remains holistic, myostimulation improves blood circulation,
relieves puffiness, and laser therapy improves lymph flow and
activates cell metabolism.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

The method of injection lipolysis has the following advantages:

  • eliminating body fat without prompt
  • minimizing the risk of scars and scars;
  • prolonged effect with a small number of sessions;
  • universality (correction can be carried out on any part
  • short recovery period;
  • quick procedure (about half an hour).

Unfortunately, even such an effective method of correction of appearance
has its drawbacks:

  • waste products arising from the breakdown of adipose tissue,
    have a certain limit of excretion from the body, because the liver
    there is a large load and if this limit is exceeded, then
    severe intoxication may occur;
  • also due to the active removal of fat from the body
    occur atherosclerosis;
  • in violation of excretion of metabolites from the body on the epidermis
    inflammation, sores and cracks may occur;
  • when processing areas with significant fat deposits can
    asymmetry of body parts occurs (for example, treatment of zones of breeches,
    or buttocks, forearms, etc.);
  • when flabby skin fades, sagging of the skin is observed, in this
    Lipolysis will not help if plastic surgery is needed
    excess skin.

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