Facial Massage Tsogan Asahi

Asahi face massage is very popular among girls and women in total.
world and deserves it. It is considered
lymphatic drainage and captures absolutely all parts of the face.


  • Massage rules
  • In what cases you can not do massage Asahi?
  • The secret of this technique
  • Massage technique and its implementation at home

Massage rules

Asahi Tsogan’s facial massage, unlike in Europe, is
very aggressive, that is, physical and mechanical effects
This technique on the skin of the face is considered strong and painful.
Japanese facial massage affects not only external
deficiencies, but also on internal. He removes wrinkles and positively
affects the structure that models the face and its tissues.

Face massage according to Asahi method

Why is this technique called Asahi, so far
not known. Its present name is ZOGAN-massage, which is translated
means “making faces”.

In Japan, the ideal of beauty is considered to be a flawless outer shell,
which at the same time is beautiful and from the inside.

When performing the procedure it is necessary to remember such

  1. The skin must be washed, wiped dry and lubricated.
    special massage essential oil. It is taken exclusively on
    natural basis.
  2. Movement should be as strong as possible, but not
    should cause pain.
  3. In the place of the lymph nodes, the pressure and strength of the movements should be weaker.
    It is necessary to carry out weak strokes in the direction where
    lymph nodes are located. On the face and on the neck they are located in different
  4. Japanese facial massage done by two and sometimes three.
    with your fingers.

In what cases you can not do massage Asahi?

Each massage has its own pros and cons, and Japanese massage
Asahi Zogan’s faces are no exception. The reasons why this massage
it is forbidden to perform, are skin, infectious, oncological
diseases, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, fatigue and poor

As mentioned above, there is a number of indications for massage,
which also can not be ignored: the desire to remove bags
under the eyes, wrinkles, strengthen the muscular circle of the face and recreate
“effect of youth”.

The secret of this technique

A distinctive feature of this technique is that it does not
only slight pressing and stroking of the skin of the face occurs, but also
certain impulses are created that affect the so-called
“points of beauty”. As a result, various
imperfections of the skin of the face, wrinkles or excess fat layers.

Japanese face massage by Asahi

Japanese massage can be done in any position – sitting, standing
or lying down. However, the posture should be perfect

Japanese face massage is divided into 2 types:

  1. Deep massage. With the help of manual therapy, it affects
    on deep facial muscles. Gives them the opportunity to relax, raises
    tone, dilates blood vessels.
  2. Lymphatic massage. Allows to remove toxins from tissue and muscle.
    and excess water, tones the skin.

Massage technique and its implementation at home

If there is no time to visit the salon procedures, then this massage
can be done at home. This can overpower every woman.
A technique that allows you to do this massage yourself,
consists of 12 exercises, repeated 3 times, and final
manipulations. Each exercise should be completed by lightly pressing into
for a few seconds on the part of the face that is being held
exercise. The steps of the massage are as follows:

  1. First stage. Two fingers put on the center of the forehead and very light
    pushing them down to the temple and in the other direction. Then with
    with a little more pressure we run our fingers along the neck and bring it up
  2. Smoothing the forehead. Brushes lay on the forehead vertically, and three
    fingers fixed pressing for about 3 seconds. After turning
    brushes at 90 ° with a push moving the fingers to the temples and from the temples.
    Reducing the pressure force, push the fingers to the ears, and then, again
    strengthening the pressure, we move to the clavicle.
  3. Eye area. From the outer corner of the eye with the fingertips almost
    imperceptible pressure conduct to the inner corner. Then movement
    moves to the area under the eyebrows and upper eyelid, and then descends
    to the temples, while pressing is fixed for 2-3 seconds. Then easy
    hold on the side of the neck and again fix the pressure at the ear to
    a couple of seconds, after, reducing the pressing force, we move to the clavicles.
    With the help of these manipulations, you can get rid of wrinkles, swelling and
  4. Massage round the mouth. The movement from the center of the chin smoothly
    held through the corners of the lips with a light touch and fixed on
    nasolabial fold. By increasing a little pressure, we keep a couple
    seconds After that, slightly weakening the pressure, spend on the partition
    nose, then fingers are dramatically removed and fixed again in the center
    chin up This manipulation does not move the neck and
    the clavicle. Such training helps to lift the corners of the lips and strengthen
    the muscles around them.
  5. Nose massage. Fingers massage the valleys of the wings with some force
    nose, and then smoothly go to the nose, then on the cheekbones
    move to the center of the cheeks. This exercise forms the nose and
    smoothes nasolabial folds.
  6. Adjust the shape of the face. We place our hands in such a way that
    palms lay on the cheeks, while the fingers should be down and
    cover the lower jaw, and the thumbs should be bent on
    90 ° towards the neck. Strong finger pressure on the face, squeezing out
    tissue unnecessary lymph, moving towards the ears, while touching
    whiskey. We bring our fingers to our ears, and then we complete the action on
  7. Zigzag on the cheeks. The lower jaw is fixed with one hand, and
    fingers of the other hand are placed in the hollows of the corners of the nose, fixing
    movement for a couple of seconds. Next, moving your fingers along the cheekbones, go to
    chewing muscle. After that, moving to the ears and fixing the pressure, we lead
    fingers to the clavicle. Thanks to this movement, extra lymph is derived,
    cheeks raised and cheekbones emphasized.
  8. Face lift The movement is performed from the cheekbones to the corners of the eyes,
    after the fingers move along a familiar path and fix the pressure on
    clavicle. These manipulations strengthen the face and smooth
    nasolabial fold.
  9. Face lifting with the help of osteopathic manipulations. Arms
    connect at chest level, palms move 90 ° relative to
    forearm Pressing fixed on the chin, moving his hands to the jaw,
    and then to the wings of the nose. After that, massaging the cheeks, lead hands to
    temples and then along the familiar trajectory, ending with pressure on
    clavicle. Exercise tightens the cheeks and strengthens the muscles of the faces.
  10. Smoothing the skin around the mouth. Fingers advance from
    nasolabial fold to the tips of the mouth, after fixing the pressing
    advance to the ears and descend again to the clavicles. Such an exercise
    removes excess lymph and prevents wrinkles in the nasolabial
  11. Sharpei effect. Actively massaging the cheeks on the lymph nodes,
    we go down to the neck and then again to the clavicles. Such an exercise
    tightens the facial muscles and lifts the cheeks.
  12. The jaw area. From the middle of the chin with a strong pressure
    moving your fingers to the corners of your lips, and then the movement moves to
    the wings of the nose, and the pressure is fixed near the nostrils. After fingers
    promote above and spend on the corners of the eyes, then lead your fingers to
    temples, again fixing the press for a few seconds. Then fingers
    moving to the ear, fixed pressure. Further, reducing the force on the neck
    lead to the clavicle. Such manipulations smooth nasolabial.
    folds, tone up and shape the outlines of the face.
  13. The final stage. With fingertips, intensively massage the forehead.
    straight and zigzag movements in this order:
    up, down, right, left. We conclude with the familiar movement on

In general, massage removes almost all the flaws of the face. is he
helps to remove excess lymph from tissues, eliminate acne and
other skin imperfections. In addition, if you want to make a face
slimmer, then such a massage is ideal.

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