Facial massage: types and descriptions

Cosmetic facial treatment includes periodic
Massage as a tonic and prophylactic
facilities. The manual effect on the dermis improves blood circulation and
activates the exchange processes in it. Massage strengthens facial muscles and
neck, keeping the skin smooth and supple. Today in cosmetology
There are different types of facial massage, each of which is directed
to solve certain problems and achieve specific


  • The main types of massage
  • Cosmetic Massage Types
  • Contraindications for facial massage

The main types of massage

Massotherapy. The name speaks for itself. This massage
recommended to fight some skin conditions and not
only. Used to treat acne, hair blockage
follicle (comedones), as well as neuralgia. Medical massage includes
in itself many varieties, the most popular of which
is a pinch massage. The main difference of all therapeutic massages
individuals in particularly intense effects on the skin in order to activate
vital body processes.

Face massage

Classic massage is characterized by softer effects. AT
during the procedure, the skin is stroked and rubbed, previously
greasing it with fat cream or special oils. This kind
Massage is very useful for fading and dehydrated skin. Him
usually in cases where the facial muscles begin to gradually
lose their tone, and there are shallow wrinkles on the skin.

Relaxing massage is usually the (initial) stage.
integrated program, although it may be implemented as a
self procedure. Movements performed during the massage,
relieve the patient’s tension, relax the facial muscles, promote
cleansing the surface layer of the dermis and improve blood circulation.
Such manipulations provide deep penetration.
cosmetic in the subcutaneous layers.

Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the lymphatic system
vessels and nodes, improves blood circulation, preventing blockage
small vessels and capillaries, removes puffiness, removing the extra
fluid from the dermis, relieves blue circles under the eyes. is he
involves the use of oils or special formulations,
containing a series of components that activate the above processes
in the skin.

Plastic massage is performed rhythmic, strong,
pressing movements along the main massage lines of the face. For
The procedure is usually used talc, not cream or oil. Sessions
plastic massage is performed if the patient’s skin is faded,
saggy, thinned, swollen face, pigmented spots and
mimic folds. In cosmetology, this massage is by degree
effectiveness is often compared with such radical methods as
plastic surgery either course myoneurostimulation or
electromyostimulation (medical method based on electrical
muscle stimulation).

Cosmetic Massage Types

Chiroplastic facial massage – a completely new unique
method of exposure to the skin, developed by a professor at the Institute
manual therapy in Barcelona. This style of massage allows
achieve a stunning lifting effect due to the complex
certain movements that irritate skin receptors, causing
thereby the body’s response in the form of vascular dilation
located in the dermis and hypodermis. This wonderful massage is designed
not only for the face, but also for the arms, neck, neck area.
Chiroplastic massage helps improve blood microcirculation,
normalize the work of the sweat and sebaceous glands, smooth as
mimic and shallow static wrinkles.


A pinch massage (massage by Jacquet) is
a type of therapeutic facial massage
tweeted way. He was invented by a French dermatologist
L. M. L. Jacquet in the 19th century. Jacquet’s technique is based on actions
allowing to squeeze the sebaceous glands, thereby ensuring their
normal functioning. Massage on talc and
recommended for seborrhea, open or closed comedones,
stagnant after acne. The duration of the session depends on
skin features and usually does not exceed 20 minutes.

Myofascial facial massage is a complex method that combines
deep breathing, a versatile short load on
one or the whole muscle group. This technique helps to achieve
relax the facial muscles, and also remove the muscle clamps. Forcing
deep muscles to work, massage adjusts the shape of the face and
smoothes the skin relief. As a result, the so-called
“minilifting” of the face: wrinkles in the area around the eyes and
on the forehead, nasolabial folds become less noticeable.

Contraindications for facial massage

Like all cosmetic or therapeutic procedures, massage can be
contraindicated in specific cases. A competent specialist is not
will undertake the procedure, if present on the skin
scratches, wounds, rash, allergic or infectious etiology.
Facial massage is prohibited during the recovery period of the skin after
median and deep peels using chemicals
and after microdermabrasion (face grinding).

Face massage

Also, a facial massage is strictly not recommended for:

  • viral diseases, acute manifestations of herpes, ARVI;
  • the presence of pustules on the skin;
  • individual intolerance to the body cosmetic
  • jumps of intracranial pressure;
  • extensive couperose on face;
  • the presence of a large number of moles and fragile vessels.

To complete a massage course, you must apply in advance for
consultation to an experienced cosmetologist-massage therapist. Specialist
tells about what types of facial massage are available, and selects exactly
the one that is needed in your case. Remember that in any
procedure professionalism beautician guarantees safety and
successful result.

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