Facial massage with snails

Recently, facial massage has become quite popular.
snails, which effectively affects the skin
women. The skin condition on the face of a woman always causes
the need to carry out proper care for her. For this
there are a variety of beauty treatments and massages,
which perform experienced professionals.

How is the procedure of massage with snails?

This type of massage is quite specific,
therefore, this procedure must be well prepared.
This massage is carried out by special snails Ahatinas, which
brought from Africa. Naturally, such a procedure could be
spend in a quiet home environment but if you have never
tried this type of massage, then the first time is better to ask for
the help of a specialist in some kind of spa.

African snail Achatina

Achatina snail – a large African land snail,
which quite often contain in terrariums.

Turning to the spa, you do not need to use this
service masters. You can simply ask for help from a specialist,
who is in the process of making a massage on another client,
will tell you all the technological nuances and features of this type
massage Only after you are fully acquainted with
features of the work, you can try to carry out this procedure in
home conditions.

Before flooding snails, they must be rinsed well.
cold water several times. Then you need to steam the skin of the face and
Using a scrub or gel, remove the upper skin. After that on
the surface of the skin should be applied a small amount of milk.
This is done because milk is considered one for snails.
of the most favorite delicacies. When this stage is completed, you can
include light music and implement directly the massage itself.
For this you need to put on the face of snails that will carry
active movements on the skin surface. Thanks to this, with their
surface mucus is secreted, which is considered very useful for
female body.

For 10–15 minutes, snails will not be removed, but
then leave the mucous membrane for the exact same time,
which highlighted the snails.

Then the mucus can be gently rinsed with warm water. Similar
manipulation should be repeated about a day before
the desired result. And the result will not make you wait long.

Advantages and disadvantages of snail massage

Any service that is carried out in cosmetology for
improve skin condition always has its benefits and
limitations. Exactly the same pros and cons of ulitkoterapii.

The main advantages of this type of massage can be

  1. The possibility of eliminating minor microdamages on the skin.
  2. Moisturize and activate dry skin. One session of snail therapy
    will give a better result than a three-month course of use
  3. Ability to eliminate small scars and wrinkles, as in women
    so men.
  4. Facelift and immediate rejuvenation.
  5. The ability to heal acne.

Massage by African snails

According to cosmetologists, the ability of snails to heal
Many diseases known to people from a long time. In ancient egypt and
Babylon snail was considered a symbol of eternity, and Colombians for
rejuvenation used mucus garden snail Helix

Naturally, the presence of pluses does not exclude the presence of minuses,
which are considered no less serious. To the main disadvantages
Ulitkoterapii include:

  1. Quite a specific procedure. In most cases not
    every woman finds the strength to overcome her disgust and
    to put on your face mucous creatures.
  2. Not a cheap procedure. This type of procedure is considered one of
    most expensive and this is understandable, since snails are delivered from
    Of Africa.
  3. The need for the presence of a person who will exercise
    control over how snails behave. After all, they can easily
    climb in both mouth and eyes. Therefore, they need to
    constantly watch.

Naturally, the presence of such minuses does not mean that
procedures must be abandoned. On the contrary, if you had
A unique opportunity to undergo the procedure of snail therapy, do not miss
your chance So how exactly is one of the most effective methods
giving a truly excellent result.

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