Facial myostimulation: quick return youth

Effective tool of modern hardware cosmetology
is the procedure miostimulyatsii. The method of myostimulation is based
on the application of electric current, which is considered one of
the most effective ways for quick regeneration and stimulation
metabolic processes in the skin. This hardware method allows
short time to get rid of loose and dull skin, eliminate
wrinkles and improve many skin characteristics.

Electric current is a great blessing for humanity. Thanks to him
all modern technology works. Electricity even exists
inside our body and our nerves are identical in device
electrical wires.  Researchers could not ignore
this fact and used electricity to treat and
prevention of many diseases. Using electric current
You can also rejuvenate your skin.


  • What is myostimulation and what is the essence of the method?
  • Procedure technique
  • Types of myostimulation
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • What effect should be expected from the procedure
  • Side effects
  • Apparatus for carrying out myostimulation
  • The advantages and disadvantages of myostimulation

What is myostimulation and what is the essence of the method?

As the name implies, miostimulation is an effect.
electric current of low intensity and frequency on the facial muscles
and body in order to improve the tone, elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
The essence of the method is that any fibers in our body
change under the influence of nerve impulses. These impulses
are low-intensity current discharges that affect
neurons. Neurons in turn have a very valuable ability.
change the electrochemical potential of its cell membrane. If a
no signals emanate from the nervous system, then myofibrils (muscular
cells that cause muscle contraction) are not reduced, and sometimes
they may lose this ability altogether.


You can also say that miostimulyation is forced
artificial muscle contraction. The
the method is carried out using an electrostimulator, which
generates current pulses of various frequencies. With the help of this
apparatus carry out many procedures, both therapeutic and

Procedure technique

Before any cosmetic procedure, the skin should be cleaned from
cosmetics, dust and dirt. Be sure to conduct intensive
exfoliation, since the dead cells of the stratum corneum will repair
obstructing the flow of current, reducing the effect of the procedure. For this reason
It should be easy peeling and moisturize the skin well. If skin
prepared, then begin the procedure itself. Two electrodes in turn
applied to areas of the face that need miostimulyatsii.
These are zones in which the motor nerve penetrates the muscle. Through
fixed electrodes are supplied with current of the desired amplitude and frequency,
the strength of which the patient feels light pain and tingling, but to these
minor sensations can quickly get used to. During
procedures may vary the intensity of the supplied current in order
to achieve certain effects.

The course of procedures is 12-15 sessions 2-3 times a week.
lasting 60 minutes. Support procedures are then required.
several times a month. Miostimulyation necessarily be carried out
courses, as this procedure has a cumulative effect, and
the result manifests itself closer to the fourth-fifth session.

Types of myostimulation

Depending on the problems that need to be solved, use
The following types of stimulation:

  • transcutaneous;
  • neuromuscular

Transcutaneous myostimulation is practically not used in
aesthetic salons.  This method is intended to eliminate acute
and chronic pain of various etiologies. The method is clinically tested and
used in daily practice as physiotherapists,
and other professionals around the world.


Neuromuscular myostimulation is widely used in modern
cosmetology. This is a very mild effect on the fabric, which
optimally corresponds to the natural processes occurring in
the body. This stimulation method is also used for
muscle activation after surgery, after injuries and in
period of rehabilitation of patients with strokes.

Indications for the procedure

Myostimulation is indicated in the following cases:

  • in cases of swelling of the skin;
  • gravitational ptosis (omission) of soft tissues;
  • excess subcutaneous fat;
  • the presence of wrinkles.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the fact that hardware procedures practically do not give
complications, yet there are a number of contraindications to their use.
Do not conduct myostimulation in the following conditions:

  • disease of the blood;
  • implanted pacemakers;
  • heart rhythm disturbances;
  • kidney and liver failure;
  • the presence of a violation of the integrity of the skin in the intended area
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases or new inflammatory
  • circulatory disorders;
  • skin diseases, especially in the area of ​​procedures;
  • individual intolerance to the procedure.

What effect should be expected from the procedure

  • reduction of mimic wrinkles;
  • improving the tone of the muscles of the face and neck;
  • reduction of subcutaneous fat in the area of ​​the double chin;
  • lifting of soft tissues (face oval correction).

This method is well combined with other cosmetic
procedures. For example, under the action of the current faster recovers
muscle mobility after the introduction of Botox, as well as faster
there is a resorption of gel fillers.

Side effects

Methods of hardware cosmetology are in demand due to
atraumatic skin and the absence of complications. But it still
does not mean that during the miostimulation can not be observed
Some side effects:

  • soreness with too much current intensity;
  • unsuccessful fixation of the electrodes to the surface of the skin;
  • the proximity of the electrodes to the periosteum, eyes,
  • insufficient moisture of the skin;
  • tooth sensitivity;
  • the appearance of microtraumas of the skin;
  • redness of the skin at the points of attachment of the electrodes;
  • muscle discomfort;
  • appearance of spider veins in the holding area


Subject to all rules of the procedure, the health
the apparatus and the absence of contraindications for the patient, the procedure
miostimulation can be called flawless.

Apparatus for carrying out myostimulation

Currently, there are the following professional

  • “Radium”;
  • “Galatea”;
  • “ESMA”;
  • “Maya beauty”.

These devices are multichannel, designed for
connecting a large number of electrodes are also capable
carry out treatment in different modes of operation. Also, these devices
have programmed schemes to stimulate the face and body. So
Thus, the specialist performing myostimulation is able
create individual programs taking into account the state of the muscles of the skin,
subcutaneous fat and patient age.

For successful miostimulation, these devices must
have the following characteristics:

  • the desired pulse frequency;
  • correctly selected pulse shape (rectangular,
    neural-like, triangular);
  • the required amount of current;
  • corresponding pulse duration.

The advantages and disadvantages of myostimulation

Any method of hardware cosmetology, like any other method
modern cosmetology, despite the advantages, hides in itself
and disadvantages. It would be unfair if we keep silent about them.

Let’s look at the cons of the procedure:

  1. You can not conduct myostimulation at home. In theory
    This is possible, but in practice it is better not to do it. Despite,
    what devices are on sale – miostimulyatory for home
    use this procedure at home should not be
    the reason that the current is very dangerous.
  2. Electrical current can cause burns of varying degrees.
  3. Also possible swelling, burning and pain in the muscles.

Above, we called the benefits of miostimulation, but not a sin again
name the advantages of this method. Using myostimulation

  1. face oval correction;
  2. elimination of mimic wrinkles;
  3. elimination of fat in the area of ​​the second chin;
  4. normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  5. improving skin tone of the face;
  6. improvement in complexion;
  7. elimination of pigment spots.

In order for cosmetic procedures to be a joy and in
blessing, it is better to entrust your beauty and health to a professional.

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