Facial photorejuvenation – effective salon anti-aging procedure


Do you know what miracles a skin can do with such a salon
procedure like facial rejuvenation? Flash exposure to the skin
Light smoothes wrinkles, whitens pigmentation. It’s time to decide
your cosmetic problems with this innovative technique
rejuvenation – you will not regret.


  • What is facial photorejuvenation
  • Expected effect after photo rejuvenation
  • Types of procedures
  • Indications and contraindications
  • How is facial rejuvenation
  • Rehabilitation period
  • The effects of facial rejuvenation
  • The cost of facial rejuvenation

To date, many salons offer their clients
facial rejuvenation – the procedure is far from new,
but promising and quite expensive. Reviews of her can
read the most ambiguous: someone remains enthusiastic about
the results of skin transformation, someone then tries for a long time
get rid of all sorts of complications. By itself given
the technology is very effective and allows you to dump bulk
cargo year. But a lot depends entirely on other factors:
individual features of the epidermis, general health,
the professionalism of the master, the apparatus and the authority of the salon as a whole.
So understand more about what constitutes
photo rejuvenation of the face and whether to test it for yourself.

Salon facial rejuvenation procedure

What is facial photorejuvenation

So, the photo rejuvenation of the face – what is it,
What is the procedure behind this complex and mysterious name?
It belongs to the hardware cosmetology – this means that the skin
will be affected by a special device. He s in advance
the specified intervals will create the so-called flash. it
light pulses that, in contact with the skin, activate in her
depths of many cellular processes:

  • penetrate the dermis to a depth of about 2-3 mm;
  • destroy melanin, which leads to lightening of pigment
  • activate the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers;
  • additionally saturate the skin with oxygen;
  • remove toxins;
  • destroy bacteria;
  • improve the condition of small capillary vessels.

Here is a complex effect on the skin procedure.
photo rejuvenation of the face in general. The results are striking: pronounced
rejuvenating effect becomes noticeable after the first session.
To not be disappointed in them, you need to imagine in advance,
what kind of transformations will give flashes of magic cosmetic

Through the pages of the past. The first devices for
facial rejuvenations were commissioned in 1993 in
Western Europe. In Russia, this technique came only in

What is a photorejuvenation?

What is peeling, what types are offered in the cabin and how is it
do at home:

Советы по уходу за лицом после 30 >>.

Expected effect after photo rejuvenation

So that expectations do not diverge from reality, in advance
see what effect after photorejuvenation
Faces are guaranteed by beauticians and what happens in reality
business For this, it is not enough to read the list of expected results:
it is an ideal that is unlikely to come true all from beginning to end.
See photos before and after the procedure, videos of those women
who decided on her. This is the only way to objectively evaluate
what happens to the skin after you get up from the salon
armchairs. Promises, of course, are given the sweetest:

  • whitening pigment spots of any origin;
  • slowing the aging process: smoothing and prevention
    wrinkles, tightening, skin elasticity, elimination of flesh, getting rid of
    double chin;
  • pore cleansing;
  • improvement in complexion;
  • treatment of rosacea;
  • reducing the number of rashes and inflammatory foci
    (acne, blackheads, etc.);
  • narrowing of pores

You need to understand that such a maximum, just amazing
the effectiveness of facial rejuvenation is only
estimated list of possible, expected results. But y
someone kuperoz too running, and some senile lentigo
it is simply impossible to output any flashes. So what a miracle
don’t count anyway. Perceptible lift
smoothing, overall improvement of the condition and color of the skin – yes. Everything
the rest is how it goes. It’s better to objectively evaluate your own
projections after the procedure. Much will depend also on
which type of light pulses you choose.

About the names. Photorejuvenation in many
prices and sources may appear as IPL technology – this
The abbreviation stands for Intense Pulsed Light.

Effect after face photo rejuvenation

Types of procedures

Depending on light sources and type of apparatus used
There are the following types of facial rejuvenation
which you can meet in salons prices:

  • laser facial rejuvenation: light source –
    neodymium laser;
  • IPL photorejuvenation: the use of intensive,
    light sources coming in a certain impulse;
  • Elos photo rejuvenation: combination of electric and
    photo rejuvenation of the face, the use of electric light
  • collagen photorejuvenation: effects on
    skin collagen lamps – rays of light of a given length.

It is unlikely that you yourself will be able to decide which facial rejuvenation
choose, since the nuances of the application of light flashes of different
origin can only know specialists. So trust them
in this matter. In addition to the evidence for a particular
procedures, one must also take into account their cost, which may
vary significantly.

From the history of creation. For the first time about a miracle
photo rejuvenation the world told American scientists R. Anderson
(dermatologist) and E. Parrish in 1983.

Types of photo rejuvenation

Indications and contraindications

Not sure if you really need this procedure? Not
nothing easier to check if you need it at all. For this
carefully review the readings for
photo rejuvenation face. If there are 3-4 items on this list, which
You have been very worried lately, write with confidence
in the salon for a session.


  • Skin aging: wrinkles, loss of turgor, flews, blurred
    facial contour, second chin;
  • couperose;
  • oily skin;
  • enlarged pores;
  • poor complexion;
  • dark spots;
  • rosacea;
  • dirty pores with black spots;
  • acne, post acne.


  • Damage to the skin of the face: wounds, cuts, scratches, stitches;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • dark complexion (4-5 phototypes);
  • acute cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine
  • varicose veins;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • hormonal imbalance and associated periods of life:
    menstruation, menopause;
  • eye disease;
  • oncology;
  • a tan;
  • reduced immunity;
  • photodermatosis;
  • taking photosensitizing drugs: beroxan, ammifurin,
    psoberan, sulfonamides, psoralen, griseofulvin,
    neuroleptics, tetracycline antibiotics;
  • aggravation of herpes;
  • any foreign inserts in the body in the form of metal
    structures (stimulants, prostheses, spokes, plates);
  • feverish condition, high temperature;
  • severe hypertension;
  • mental disorders, epilepsy.

It is not difficult to guess from such an extensive list that
contraindications for face photorejuvenation – a thing
very important and not allowing frivolous attitude. Treat
to them seriously. If something from this list applies to you,
Be sure to report this to the beautician. Not worth it for the sake of beauty
sacrifice your health because nothing but complications you
As a result, do not get. If everything is in order, you can start
prepare for the procedure.

Helpful advice. Facial photorejuvenation
recommended for those over 30 and who have already noticed the first
age-related skin changes.


How is facial rejuvenation

Before visiting the beautician, you can watch videos
how to make facial rejuvenation in the cabin and how it
can be held at home. First degree of effectiveness
the procedure is much more efficient and causes exclusively
positive emotions. At home, making all the manipulations
yourself, you take full responsibility for the consequences on

In the cabin

  1. The master and the patient wear goggles so that the mucous eyes
    not suffered from outbreaks.
  2. Application of a cooling gel for unhindered holding
    skin impulses.
  3. The nozzle is applied to the problem area.
  4. By pressing a button, the facial photo rejuvenation machine produces
  5. Pulsed light treatment of the next zone.
  6. Estimated time – from 20 to 60 minutes.
  7. Skin treatment with panthenol preparations with a soothing and
    wound-healing effect.

In salons can be used the following devices for
photo rejuvenation facial:

  • EpilMoon Smart (Italy);
  • IPL-quantum (USA);
  • Palomar Icon or Emerge (USA);
  • StarLux 500 (US);
  • Deka (Italy).

At home

If you buy a portable device for making light
flashes, you can do a photo rejuvenation at home
conditions, according to the instructions attached to it.
An approximate scheme of such a procedure will be the same.

  1. To study the instruction to the device.
  2. Conduct a sensitivity test: make one flash
    minimum power on the skin of the wrist. Rate result in
    day. If peeling, burning, redness,
    tingling, the apparatus can be used.
  3. Thoroughly clean the skin from pollution: wash, do
    steam bath, if necessary, scrub.
  4. Wear safety glasses.
  5. One plot – one flash, otherwise you risk to get
  6. Applying a nourishing cream to restore the skin.
  7. The following procedure is recommended after a week.

As for the question, how many photo rejuvenation procedures are needed
persons, here it is necessary to proceed from the initial state of the skin. Usually
cosmetologists advise from 3 to 7 twice a year. Better to do it
autumn and spring or winter, but not in the summer, so as not to spoil
effect of the procedure by ultraviolet light. After all, this is one of the main prohibitions
during the rehabilitation period.

On a note. If you are very sensitive
skin and low pain threshold, be sure to tell about it
a beautician who will conduct photo rejuvenation. To avoid
unpleasant, uncomfortable sensations, he previously applied to
face cooling cream gel for anesthesia.

How to make facial rejuvenation in the cabin and at home

Rehabilitation period

What should be skin care after photo rejuvenation
faces? It is enough to adhere to the following recommendations.

  1. Within 2 days – do not apply too much decorative
    cosmetics. The categorical prohibitions include the foundation,
    powder and alcohol-based lotions.
  2. Within 5-6 days – give up alcohol.
  3. During the week – avoid sunburn and overheating (do not walk in
    bath, sauna, solarium) and drink as much as possible clean non-carbonated

Just in case, ask in addition to your
beautician how to care for your skin after
photo rejuvenation of the face, so that everything goes without consequences. Otherwise
then it takes a long time to reanimate the transferred epidermis and
suffer from unwanted side effects.

Keep in mind. To skin faster
recovered after photorejuvenation, be sure to include in your
diet foods with vitamins A, E and C.

How to care for the skin after the procedure

The effects of facial rejuvenation

It should be borne in mind that the person immediately after
photo rejuvenation does not change. First, must pass
some time for the skin to relax from the stress
bloomed with a new, beautiful bud. Secondly, it will take several
sessions. And most importantly – to avoid the side effects that
I can be:

  • swelling after facial rejuvenation – the most frequent consequence
    procedures, they can be removed with contrasting compresses;
  • hyperemia – slight reddening of the skin within 2-3 days –
  • bruises – evidence that the wrong was chosen
    light pulse power;
  • pigmentation is another common consequence of this type.
    rejuvenation, which will have to apply whitening

All these unpleasant consequences of photo rejuvenation
people just need to go through and not allow them to grow into
complications. But first, before going to the salon, do not forget
calculate your costs for this procedure.

It is necessary to know. Hyperpigmentation – frequent
guest on the face after photo rejuvenation. But she does not testify at all
about the pathology, complication or incorrectly performed procedure. AT
3 months with full skin care and application
whitening drugs, it will disappear.

The cost of the procedure

The cost of facial rejuvenation

Find out in advance how much photorejuvenation costs.

  • on the device Palamar complex facial rejuvenation costs from
    $ 135;
  • whitening pigmentation cheeks with photo rejuvenation – $ 85;
  • elimination of vascular stars – $ 10;
  • photorejuvenation of the nose – $ 22;
  • Chin – $ 29;
  • forehead – $ 32.

Is it worth doing a photo-rejuvenation of the skin of the face,
it’s up to you. After weighing all the pros and cons, in consultation
with the expert, having studied responses, having learned information on the next
salons – the only way to make the right decision and not
be disappointed after the results of the procedure. Than
the more informed you are before the start of the first session, the calmer
it will pass and the more you will be pleased with its effectiveness. In the XXI century
every woman should be cosmetically competent not to
harm your own skin and look much younger than your age.
Photorejuvenation is one of the procedures that perfectly solve this problem.

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