Facial Warts – Serious Viral a disease, not a cosmetic defect

Do you have warts on your face? Panic of course not
worth it, but you can’t treat them lightly. After all, it is not
just a cosmetic defect, and a real viral disease,
requiring not only ointments and creams for topical use, but
first of all – medication.


  • Causes of warts on the face
  • Types of warts
  • Treatment methods
  • Preventive actions

Wart – unpleasant benign (most often)
skin neoplasm with viral etiology,
resembling a small papilla or nodule. For many is
serious cosmetic defect that spoils the appearance.
However, not everyone suspects that it is also an independent
a disease that requires certain treatment. Usually localized
on the hands and feet, but sometimes warts appear on
face that is a particular problem for women
beautiful sex. Deriving these bumps is long and difficult, and therapy
requires extreme care not to leave marks (scars,
redness, stains, etc.). To avoid side effects and
unnecessary complexes should promptly seek help from
cosmetology and (or) dermatology that can offer
various ways to eliminate this scourge in the shortest possible time. But
first of all you need to figure out where these bumps come from in order to
future prevent their occurrence.

What causes warts on the face

Causes of warts on the face

In 1971, papillomaviruses were first reported
person It is in their activity and activity that one should look.
causes of warts on the face and on other parts of the body.
They can be transmitted through physical contact with the patient.
(carrier of papillomaviruses) or through the items with which he
enjoyed. Malicious organisms penetrate the skin through
minor scratches, but do not manifest themselves immediately. They are waiting for the right
the moment that the body is weak and could not give them a decent response.
Such provoking factors are:

  • weak immunity;
  • prolonged stress, mental trauma, chronic syndrome
    fatigue – almost any problem associated with nervous
    system, can awaken papillomavirus to activity;
  • vegetative neurosis;
  • acrocyanosis – bluish skin due to insufficient blood supply
    small capillaries;
  • excessive sweating;
  • oily skin;
  • ENT diseases;
  • frequent, constant colds;
  • insufficient cleansing of the skin on the face;
  • age changes: youthful appear in the period of sexual
    ripening, when hormonal background changes seriously; seniors
    warts on the face – after 60 years, when the body wears out and does not
    can resist papillomavirus.

If you know why the warts appear on
face, you can resist this viral disease,
eliminating contact with sick people and eliminating provocative
factors. But what to do if prophylaxis has not succeeded
did the lump begin to swell on the skin at the most conspicuous place?
Indeed, these tumors have rather big sizes, so
that concealer will not be able to mask them. Have to go
course of treatment, but for this you need to know how exactly
warts you had to face.

Origin of name. Etymology of the term
“Wart” is in doubt. Someone relates it to
the Slavic word * borda (beard) – both grow.
Some linguists see it as a Slavic root * vordava
<— вред.

What are the types of warts

Do you have dermatitis on the face? Do not panic! Read our review on
reasons, treatment with medication and folk remedies.

Избавляемся от белых точек на лице>>.

Types of warts

Papillomavirus can behave differently in the body.
By activating, it can cause all sorts of cell transformations.
skin. The result is different types of warts on
face, each of which requires a special treatment and approach.

    • White (colorless) – considered skin
      anomaly, since in view of the individual characteristics of a person
      neoplasm cells lack melanocyte.
    • Large – formed by merging
      several vulgar warts in one plaque.
    • Viral – caused by papillomavirus (in
      counterweight senile).

  • Hanging (filamentous) – warts consisting of
    one head hanging from the skin, like a thread.
  • Vulgar (ordinary) – dense, solid
    to the touch, dry, cornified, but painless warts with
    uneven surface covered with many different villi
    values ​​(from pinhead to pea).
  • Red – inflamed warts requiring
    anti-infective therapy.
  • Small (small) – contain only one
    head, towering over the skin; pour out the whole family
    forming a nasty hard rash that resembles a horny patch
  • Genital warts – very small pink
    nodules merging into papillary soft growth on thin
    pedicle rarely appear on the face.
  • Flat – irregularly shaped or rounded
    nodules most often appear on the face in childhood, youthful
    age, a provoking factor – cuts, cracks, scratches.
  • Senile (age keratomas) –
    the only warts that are not related to the virus
    infection in older people, usually after 60 years
    someone a little earlier). Represent black, brown or
    gray plaques covered with horny masses.
  • Dry – formed by dead cells
    skin affected by the virus. If the wart starts to get wet and
    fester, then you accidentally touched and damaged its foundation,
    having this infection, – in this case, immediate
    the doctor’s consultation.

If you doubt the nature of the neoplasm, better find and
look at the photo, how the warts look on the face, so as not to confuse
them with the same papillomas, for example (although they appear on the face
rarely). This classification will allow you not only
make sure the diagnosis is correct, but also determine for yourself
kind of wart. Although better specialist, of course, will not do
no one. As the appointment of treatment.

Debunk the myths. Toads have no
relationship to warts, not being the cause of their appearance.

Modern treatment of warts on the face

Treatment methods

Given the localization of tumors, treatment
facial wart is predominantly conservative.
Procedures for their removal have proven themselves well, since
modern hardware cosmetology has reached today
high level. But the surgical method is almost not practiced
due to the subsequent formation of scars. If we talk about folk
means they go as ancillary to the main
therapeutic course and allowed for use only after
approval by a dermatologist.

Drug treatment of warts

Independently choose a remedy for warts
on the face is very difficult, as it must be antiviral
drug new generation. In addition, the doctor usually prescribes
medications for immunization against acquired virus.
Drug treatment of human papillomavirus is conducted in
several directions:

  1. external agents (ointments, creams, acids);
  2. tablets, suspensions;
  3. injections;
  4. excision (removal, removal of warts from the face.

Often, one method is not enough, so treatment
warts is complex. So what can assign


    • 5-fluorouracil – pharmacy remedy for warts
      in the form of ointment or cream.
    • Aldara (Imiquimod) – soft cream for warts
      on the face.

  • Vartec – necrotic cream that kills
    affected cells, often leaving behind burns and scars on
    therefore it is not recommended for treatment
    warts on the face.
  • Viferon, Riodoksol –
    immunomodulatory ointment.
  • Cryopharma, Wartner – aerosols
    freezing action. Differ in high price, which not
    always corresponds to the quality of the drug.
  • Oxolinic Ointment Warts On Face –
    active synthetic antiviral nature. She is
    destroys the intracellular process of the development of the papillomavirus.
    Clinical trials have shown that the tool is not only effective
    against herpes and flu viruses, but also to eliminate
    benign neoplasms. Apply three times a day.
    directly to the wart.
  • Panavir – vegetable gel
  • Retinoic acid.
  • Сandida, trichophytin USP –
    antigens for injection as part of immunotherapy.
  • Feresol, salicylic and
    trichloroacetic acid for external treatment


  • Wart removal on the face is very popular.
    nitrogen (liquid), dimethyl ether, mixture
    propane and dimethyl ether, chloroethane, due to which
    freezing of virus-infected cells with their subsequent
  • “dry ice”;
  • laser facial wart removal
    from other methods, does not leave scars and scars on the face;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • removing warts on the face with radio waves.

If all of the above tools do not give the desired result
or are contraindicated for health reasons, the doctor may take
decision on surgical excision of the neoplasm. But in parallel with
these should be prescribed immunomodulatory drugs. Only
A specialist can say for sure how to remove a facial wart.
one way or the other. All folk remedies go only as

Medication for warts on the face

Folk remedies for warts on the face

If you are looking for a remedy, how to remove the wart on the face
independently, without the intervention of experts, you can use
homemade recipes, but with utmost care. Remember that without
permission of the doctor all responsibility for the consequences of such treatment
you take over. Cauterize neoplasms of traditional medicine
offers the following means:

  • castor oil;
  • celandine;
  • tea tree oil;
  • iodine;
  • onion juice;
  • spurting semi-puffy;
  • spring buttercup juice or lanceolate;
  • duckweed small;
  • Klopovnik weed;
  • blue cornflower seeds;
  • bitter wormwood;
  • western thuja leaves;
  • the fruits of mountain ash;
  • linseed oil.

Daily making applications from these folk remedies, during
2-3 weeks it is quite possible to remove the wart on the face at home
conditions. But remember that scars, scars, burns, blemishes,
hyperemia is not a complete list of side effects and
the complications that end this treatment without prescribing
a doctor. So it is best to seek help from a specialist. BUT
the best option is to prevent infection and activation
human papillomavirus.

Helpful advice. If you regularly follow up
cleanliness of the face, this attack does not threaten you.

Wart preparations

Preventive actions

To warts on the skin of the face never irritated you with your
appearance, timely care for the prevention of this

  • If possible, try not to contact with infected
    papillomavirus by people who have arms or face
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • avoid stressful situations, mental trauma;
  • regularly checked for the presence of vegetoneurosis, acrocyanosis;
    if necessary – get treatment from them;
  • properly, according to age and skin type, care
    for her;
  • Do not allow hypothermia.

All these many ways to get rid of
wart on the face, quite effective and working if
approach their use wisely. If you grab for iodine today,
tomorrow to change it to the celandine, and then immediately switch to
Castor oil – you can not only eliminate the attack, but also worsen
skin condition. The best option in this case is to go.
on reception to a dermatologist, who after professional examination
prescribe the correct treatment and advise what folk remedies
can supplement it so that recovery is quick. Not
ignore experts and medications: given the viral
the origin of these unpleasant neoplasms, it is advisable to make
everything possible to eradicate the disease forever.

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