Factors determining hair loss in of women

With the loss of hair during the life of each person.
This phenomenon is natural, cyclical and is temporary, so
as the life span of a healthy hair ranges from three to five years.
Surprised girl

But a number of people have hair loss under certain conditions.
acquires pathological activity, leading to baldness, or
alopecia. When alopecia occurs the death of the hair follicles,
which greatly complicates hair regrowth procedures
on the head.

The main causes of hair loss in women

The content of the article:

  • The main causes of hair loss in women
  • Hair loss in girls – the formation of offspring
  • How hair changes in the postpartum period

Currently, more than fifty causes of loss are known.
hair in women. Conventionally, they can be divided into irreversible and
reversible. Irreversible causes include only genetic
predisposition to this disease, as well as to diseases
cardiovascular system resulting in impaired
blood supply to the scalp and depletion of blood flow around
hair follicles.

Reversible causes of hair loss in females

  1. Various hormonal disorders leading to excess
    the content of testosterone and its predecessors – androgens in
    the body. Most often this occurs during menopause,
    when against the background of the termination of the formation of its own estrogens
    there is a surplus of androgens.

  2. The manifestation of allergic predisposition of the body –
    bronchial asthma, atopic eczema, pollinosis or allergic
    reactions to the use of cosmetics;

  3. The development of infectious diseases and fungal infections of the skin –
    dermatitis, seborrhea and other;

  4. Somatic diseases associated with metabolism and
    unhealthy diet – diabetes, obesity;

  5. Diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, blood (anemia of various
    origin) of the thyroid gland;

  6. Often carried out dyeing hair, perm and

  7. Strong emotional experiences that contribute to the release
    adrenal hormones (adrenaline, norepinephrine) causes
    vasoconstriction leading to a lack of blood circulation around
    hair follicles. Surgeries are kind
    stress for the body, also accompanied by release
    catecholamines with subsequent vasospasm;

  8. Decreased protective function of the immune system due to frequent
    the development of infectious diseases;

  9. The influence of aggressive environmental factors – a high level
    background radiation, prolonged exposure to cold or heat
    subject to destruction of hair;

  10. Insufficient intake of vitamins A, D and trace elements
    iron, calcium, selenium, silicon with food or use
    various diets that are accompanied by restriction
    fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, which leads to violation
    powering hair follicles;

  11. Damage to the hair follicles due to prolonged wear
    dreadlocks, afrokosichek, tight tails, hair extensions due
    what strands of hair experience prolonged stress.

Hair loss in girls – the formation of offspring

Excessive hair loss is not only cosmetic
problem, but also deep psychological trauma, especially for
young girl. teenager All of the above points, except
Is that alopecia developing due to drug intake
drugs, may well be the causes of hair loss in

It is necessary to pay special attention to hair loss in
puberty, since it is at this time very frequent
hormonal disruptions resulting in an increased
androgen formation and relative estrogen deficiency
the body.

In addition, the passion for various
diets for the purpose of losing weight, which leads to nutritional
vitamin and trace element deficiencies, in particular calcium and
gland. (Read more about hair loss in children)

How hair changes in the postpartum period

In a special risk group for hair loss is necessary to allocate
women in the postpartum period. The main cause of hair loss
after giving birth lies in a sharp decrease in the estrogen content in
the body of a woman, which significantly reduces the life cycle of the hair.
mother and baby

In addition, there may be a change in the postpartum period.
functional activity of thyroid hormones.

In addition to hormonal causes, an important factor is
lack of sleep, worries about a child especially pronounced in the first
the months of his life, the late nutrition of a woman, the loss of a large
the amount of blood in labor, leading to iron deficiency, or
emergency delivery operation accompanied by

The most banal reason may simply be a lack of time.
hair care products. Often after birth, excessive loss
hair bothers a woman for six months. (More about treatment
hair after childbirth)

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