False eyelashes to create a chic casual or festive makeup


How difficult to use false eyelashes and justify
Are they spent on them? Here you will find an overview of them.
advantages and disadvantages, as well as detailed instructions on
application. Find out which false eyelashes are the best and which
glue is recommended to purchase.


  • Differences of false eyelashes from the increased
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Criteria for choosing false eyelashes
  • Rating of the best firms
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Care for false eyelashes
  • Makeup Features
  • Remove false eyelashes

Sometimes you want to make the look as expressive as possible, but one
only carcass to create a festive image is not enough. Go
for the sake of one time in the salon for the procedure of building it makes no sense. AT
these situations are usually saved by false eyelashes,
that can be glued on top of your own in 15 minutes and turned
eyes in two bottomless oceans. They look just gorgeous, makeup
practically do not require, but the richest assortment of bends,
shades and jewelry (rhinestones, glitter, etc.) will please any
even the most pretentious young lady.

False eyelashes

Differences of false eyelashes from the increased

Many wonder: false lashes and eyelashes
– same? Do not confuse these two concepts, since
there is a significant difference between them. She’s better from the beginning.
understand for yourself as the technique of sticking and rules
further care of these cosmetic accessories will also
far from the same.



Hold on throughout the day

Hold for 6-8 weeks

Glue on the lash line

Glue on their own, natural eyelashes

Before bed you need to shoot

No need to take pictures before bedtime

Can stick at home

Require the skill of a professional

The question is which is better: overhead or incremental
eyelashes – does not have a unique solution. The first can
call a one-time event for a solemn occasion. Second
need for long-term use by those who by nature are rare,
short cilia.

On a note. Before you follow any
tips on the use of false eyelashes, check whether
the source speaks of them, not of the extensions. The network is now very
There is a lot of confusion about this.

Differences overhead from eyelash extensions

All about browning salon extensions:

What is eyebrow laser correction: advantages, performance,

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages of false eyelashes make them
so popular lately? After all, a great
the number of modern manufacturers offer their customers
a wide range of a variety of goods: tape and
bunches, straight and curved, long and short, the entire length of the century
and half, with rhinestones and glitter. Overhead Popularity
cilia is easily explained.


  • The possibility of using at home;
  • simple and affordable sticking technique;
  • affordable cost: the price of false eyelashes significantly
    lower than the extension procedure;
  • reusable;
  • eyelashes become thick;
  • big choice;
  • the possibility of using rhinestones, bright colors;
  • ease;
  • saving time: the process of sticking false eyelashes takes
    15 minutes;
  • look spectacular and natural.


  • Glue in sets with false eyelashes leaves much to be desired,
    so almost always have to buy separately;
  • the risk of an allergic reaction to glue;
  • when removing false eyelashes can be damaged and inadvertently
    pull your own;
  • contact with water is contraindicated: with false eyelashes
    wash, do not go to the bath or pool;
  • during the day, false eyelashes may come off;
  • to acquire the necessary skills of sticking overhead
    eyelashes, have patience: at first it will go
    quite a lot of time.

It is easy to see that lists are unequal in size.
All the listed disadvantages of false eyelashes
overlapped by the virtues of this unique, so beautiful and
chic accessory. The main thing is to choose something worthwhile, so as not to
give up on purchasing.

It is necessary to know. Despite
expressiveness of the image that can be created using the overhead
eyelashes, still not fond of them. It’s too big
the load on your own cilia, which each time will be
damage more and more under the weight of these and when they are removed.

Advantages of false eyelashes

Criteria for choosing false eyelashes

If you decide to purchase this accessory, there is
the question is how to choose false eyelashes so that they
transformed your appearance and met all your aspirations and

  1. For the first time, purchase several pairs of different eyelashes.
    density and length. Try it – choose the most suitable – and
    afterwards you will only buy them.
  2. For a usual, daily, day make-up it is better to choose
    false eyelashes of the same length as your own. Color – Steamed
    tones darker hair.
  3. For evening, ceremonial, festive makeup, choose
    eyelashes thicker, longer, blacker. Here are allowed such
    decorations like butterflies, hearts, rhinestones, sequins, etc.
  4. Very responsive to the choice of glue. He must be
    high-quality, firmly attached false eyelashes and at the same time
    hypoallergenic, safe for the eyes.
  5. Purchase several tubes of glue for
    false eyelashes so that it does not end unexpectedly.

If you do not know what false eyelashes
choose, study the ratings and choose for yourself the option
which suits you in quality and in price. It may be
premium class cost from $ 20, and maybe a budget product
for only $ 1 (for 10 pairs of cilia). It all depends on your

Keep in mind. Sometimes there are tapes
false eyelashes not for the entire length of the eyelid, but only for half – on
outer edge of the eye, which creates a very beautiful effect.

What false eyelashes to choose

Rating of the best firms

This ranking includes the best invoices.
eyelashes, according to reviews of those who have already used them for
create a new image. The first lines are goods used
mostly professionals in salons. Still a little expensive for
habitual makeup constantly acquire such expensive things.

  1. Flutter Lashes. USA. $ 27. False eyelashes
    premium class.
  2. AG Beauty. South Korea. $ 25
  3. Make up Store. Sweden. $ 23.
  4. Eye Lashes by M.A.C. USA. $ 11. The best false eyelashes handmade
  5. L’Etoile Selection. France. $ 7
  6. Mod Lash by Andrea. USA. $ 4. Top false eyelashes for
  7. Strip Lash by Salon Perfect. USA. $ 4. Top false eyelashes
    silicone based.
  8. I Envy by Kiss. USA. $ 4. Top false eyelashes from
    natural material.
  9. Eye Lashes from Aliexpress. China. $ 1.
    Artificial false eyelashes.
  10. BuyinCoins. China. $ 1. Cheapest false eyelashes.

When purchasing sets, do not rejoice too much about what is in them
as a bonus there is also a glue for overhead
eyelashes. As practice shows, it does not differ high
quality and often causes allergies. So these tubes
preferably purchased additionally. Top 10 best ones you
find below.

  1. Make up Store. Sweden. $ 17.
  2. Strip Lash Adhesive from Kiss. USA. $ 8.
  3. TheFaceShop. South Korea. $ 7
  4. Ardell (Ardel). USA. $ 6.
  5. Andrea Lash Grip USA. $ 5.
  6. Manly Duo (Duo). Russia. $ 5.
  7. Holika Holika. Israel. $ 5.
  8. Essence. Germany. $ 5.
  9. Strip Lash by Salon Perfect. USA. $ 4.
  10. Qvs. Australia. $ 4.

This rating will tell you which glue to use for
false eyelashes. Each of them has its own advantages and
disadvantages. But the above remedies are rarely exposed.
criticized. So, all the necessary materials are purchased – it will remain to be mastered.
the art of sticking them.

Price issue. Well, if you decide
use false eyelashes, be prepared to spend. Themselves
understand: you will get cheap means – you will get pleasure
few. Especially it concerns glue, on which quality depends
safety of your health.

The best false eyelashes

Step-by-step instruction

It is best to find and watch videos how to glue
false eyelashes yourself at home.
There is nothing complicated about it, but the work is quite jeweler,
therefore requires patience and certain skills that need
build up for some time.

  1. Try on a strip of false eyelashes. If it is longer than the top
    century, cut off the excess.
  2. Apply glue to the tape with a thin sharp stick.
    wait seconds 15.
  3. Using eyebrow tweezers, attach a strip of eyelashes to
    border of the upper eyelid.
  4. Gently align the tape of the cilia along the edges, carefully
    glue, slightly pressing, in the direction from the outer corner
    eyes to the inner.
  5. Repeat the same with a strip of false eyelashes for the second
    eyes, following symmetry.
  6. Remove excess glue with a cotton swab.

This is how to stick false eyelashes,
if they are a solid tape (stripe). If you purchased bundles,
which, of course, look much more spectacular, and are also considered
safer, you will have to torment them a little longer.
Each bundle will have to be dipped into a drop of glue and pressed through
a few seconds to the edge of the upper eyelid, along the line of growth of its own
eyelashes. And so you need to do alternately with each eye, watching
symmetry. Distributing the beams evenly is very difficult: for this
need to practice.

Likbez. Never apply glue for
false eyelashes on the skin. Spot them with a tape or

How to glue false eyelashes

Care for false eyelashes

Proper care for false eyelashes will extend
the term of their use.

  1. You can not go to bed with false eyelashes. Therefore, in the evening
    before bed, be sure to take them off.
  2. Glue false eyelashes need only specialized
    glue designed and intended solely for this
  3. In order not to damage the false eyelashes, they should be very carefully
    remove from the packaging and even more carefully peel off
  4. After removal, false eyelashes are washed from the glue in warm
    water, but without soap. However, using waterproof mascara can
    use a neutral pH soap.
  5. There is another way to clean the eyelashes from dirt,
    having prepared a special solution for home care
    false eyelashes. Mix 50 ml of pure boiled (or
    filtered or non-carbonated mineral water, 10 ml of liquid
    (better than pH-neutral) soap, 10 ml of baby shampoo. Carefully
    beat up Put eyelashes into this solution for 30 seconds. Thereafter
    Use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove a layer of glue from them. Clean them soft
    toothbrush. Rinse them under running warm water. Blot
    dry paper towels (or napkins).
  6. It is recommended to store false eyelashes on that plastic
    stand with which you acquired them. Here they save their
    perfect shape and look much longer.

Uncomplicated, but mandatory care for invoices
eyelashes will help keep their beauty and appearance on
longer term. No need to be lazy and worth spending
a few minutes for this good deed. After all, with this accessory
You can look divine for several days.

Helpful advice. Never dry them with
using thermal devices (including a hair dryer) that are seriously
violate their structure and may deform them.

Care for false eyelashes

Makeup Features

All stylists in one voice say that makeup with
false eyelashes do not tolerate extremes. After all, they already
create the effect of bright, beautiful eyes with long, voluminous
eyelashes. A too thick layer of carcass will make an image pretentious
theatrical. A few helpful tips will not spoil you
appearance unsuccessful makeup.

  1. Do not use very bright shadows, as well as causing shades.
  2. To complete the image after drying eyelashes to disguise
    draw a thin line of cosmetic pencil from the inside
    eye corner. This will give a natural look and extra
  3. False eyelashes need to be mixed with your own and applied after
    this small amount of mascara.
  4. For daily make-up, use expensive, but not flashy
  5. For a festive make-up, take the shadows that will distract
    attention from false eyelashes.

If you need a festive beautiful makeup with overhead
eyelashes, you can ask for help from a professional
or, again, view the corresponding video.

Be careful. Will use
waterproof mascara for makeup with false eyelashes – then wash it off
it will be very difficult.

How to remove false eyelashes

Remove false eyelashes

The last thing you need to master is how to remove invoices.
eyelashes, so how to do it without fail
before bedtime. Two factors largely depend on this procedure.
Firstly, the term of the further use of the overhead material.
Secondly, the health and appearance of their own cilia. Do all
It needs to be very neat.

  1. Dampen cotton pads in warm water, apply to the eyelids on
    A couple of minutes.
  2. Lubricate the place of contact of the eyelashes with the skin
    cosmetic milk, butter or cream.
  3. Pull the tape over the outer edge – it should come off.
  4. Glue remains from eyelids are removed with makeup remover.
  5. The removed false eyelashes are washed in warm water,
  6. Keep them in a closed container until the next application.

Now you know how to use invoices.
eyelashes to help you in creating a chic
evening or cute everyday look. If you are tired of
routine, you want something new or you decide to flirt,
Be sure to use these modern materials for
beautiful, persistent makeup. With them, your appearance will sparkle with new
paints and will cope with the most secret complexes.

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