Fashion trend, extreme and creative – shaved nape of girls

patterns on the back of my headJust a few years ago hairstyles with shaved
the back of the head and temples were worn only by representatives
certain youth subcultures, expressing in this way
a kind of protest to their surrounding society.

But now this trend has changed dramatically – increasingly, instead of
long classic curls on a photo of fashion glossy magazines and on
the street you can meet girls with unusual haircuts, in which
The main element is shaved head or temples.

  • 1 Who is best for these hairstyles?
  • 2 Who exactly fit?
  • 3 Is this option for long hair?
  • 4 Pros and cons
    • 4.1 The advantages of such a haircut
    • 4.2 Disadvantages
  • 5 haircuts with shaved nape
  • 6 Shaving patterns and coloring them.

Who is best for these hairstyles?

The shaved nape of girls does not suit everyone
the fair sex. It is important that his
The owners were prioritized the original style and bright
individuality – in combination with low-key clothing and
complete lack of cosmetics such a female haircut just will not
look organic on her mistress’s hair.

Important! If you do decide so unusual
getting a haircut will have to pay much more attention to various
variations of the everyday image – some things are simply not
fit a similar hairstyle.

Therefore, if you have not everything in order with taste and it is hard
pick up harmonious combinations, it is better in this case not
to risk.

Who exactly fit?

Such hairstyles are best done by ladies who have thick,
healthy and strong hair. If you have thin strands, such
a haircut will not look very good – the master will have to remove
at least half a head of hear.

patterns on short hair

Ideal for girls with large expressive eyes.
If you consider the shape of the face, then this style is best suited
owners of a round and triangular face.

Well, if at the same time you have high cheekbones and beautifully delineated –
caret or pixie with shaved nape favorably emphasize them
Attention. It will also look great on short and medium
hair – these curls are easier to style.

shaved nape

Is this option for long hair?

Long female curls in tandem with shaved nape or temples
need careful care and it requires a large
amount of time.

shaved nape on long hair

True, these efforts are worth it: with long hair shaven
nape looks very impressive if you collect them in high
tail or regular knot. But if you do not have the opportunity
waste precious minutes in the morning to style your hair
pick a simpler option.

shaven flower on the nape

Advantages and disadvantages

Useful advice: if you decide to make yourself
Such an extravagant version of hair, consider the fact that
hair growth will slow down after shaving, and they will grow back

Therefore, you will have to walk for a long time with such an image, and even
you will be disappointed in the original result, you need to be to this

shaved nape on car

The advantages of such a haircut

  • With a similar creative way increased interest of those around you
    secured. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a delight or vice versa
    the main thing is that you will not be left without attention.
  • If you have a beautiful and long neck, it will emphasize her feminine
  • This option is universal – it is suitable for fans
    classic and sporty style.
  • Shorn areas are decorated with beautiful sophisticated
    ornaments and patterns;
  • With this style, you can afford a large and unusual
    jewelry, which will look stylish and bright.


The main disadvantage of this hairstyle is that the fashion for it can
go quickly – now it is at the peak of popularity, but completely
may soon become obsolete. In addition, the shaved area needs
constant correction – shaving out excess hair growing.

drawing on the back of my head

Another point is if you are a teacher, doctor or accountant in
a prestigious company, it will be difficult in such an extraordinary way
follow the observance of the dress code.

Haircuts with shaved nape

  • The occipital region is most often shaved when there is a short
    shag – so it is better noticeable. Haircut bob with shaved
    some areas will well emphasize the neckline and help achieve
    good volume. This option looks the most effective along with
    shaved temples, and resistant styling can be easily achieved with
    hair dryer.
  • Shaved head will look good with a haircut page.
    To achieve perfect shape, style wet hair with
    using a hair dryer and ironing, straightening strands along the way.
  • In the pixie version, the shaved nape smoothly transforms into temples –
    lovers of creativity and shocking will appreciate this type of styling.
  • The most versatile option is the caret. This is a variation
    classic haircut using the so-called “trimming”
    bottom of the hair. Fit his options with elongated tips.
    This variation of hairstyle is suitable for those who are forced to comply
    dress code, because trimming is easy to hide under long strands.

square and pixie

Shaving patterns and their coloring

Recently, shaved areas are fashionable to decorate with various
patterns and ornaments, dyeing hair in bright colors. it
It looks colorful and eccentric, as in this video:

Patterns are made in the form of daring lines, a kind of secret
pictures on long curls that are easy to hide (for female workers
office), stars, geometric shapes, outlandish colors and just
laconic zigzags.

shaved and painted patterns

Such unusual drawings look even brighter if
subjected to staining. With acid paints you can
draw on the back of your head any picture, most importantly, to show

It will hold until the hair begins to grow – more than 10
days, so be prepared for the fact that it will have to periodically

Well, if you decide to change the pattern or picture to a new one, wait
need a couple of months – the curls should grow back enough.

tattoo on the napeThis variant of hairstyle fits
the most extraordinary individuals and creative people.

If the tattoo on the nape is done qualitatively, it will
Look perfect in combination with bright hair colors. Value
tattoo must be selected, taking into account personal preferences.

It does not have to be a special character, unusual
ordinary ornaments will also look. In this case, the master
applies a pattern to a selected area of ​​skin, while he shaves
to a perfectly smooth state.

This manipulation is needed in order to create smooth contours and
apply image faster.

Subject to all of the above conditions, the tattoo
Easy to apply and painless.

Sometimes on the shaved nape perform and these tattoos.

Good advice: if you want to hide the tattoo on
nape, you can shave it with the help of “trimming”, while leaving
the main hair length. You can easily demonstrate it by collecting
them in a low bun.

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