Fashionable asymmetry: 28 options with a photo for hair middle length

stars with an asymmetrical haircutAsymmetrical haircuts on
medium hair is a great option for girls who want to revive

Strands of different lengths adjust the facial features, give the hair
volume and dynamics.

Underlined contrasts are in fashion today, strengthen
the impression will help actual staining and correct

  • 1 Benefits haircuts
  • 2 Who can use asymmetry?
  • 3 Options haircuts with asymmetry on medium hair
    • 3.1 Fashion Bean
    • 3.2 Long caret
    • 3.3 Cascade
    • 3.4 Haircut with shaved temple
    • 3.5 Wolf
  • 4 Rules for the care of asymmetric haircut

The advantages of haircuts

Fashionable asymmetry – a real find for owners
distressed hair. Haircut at different lengths will hide split
tips, increase the amount of not too fluffy hair.

asymmetrical carIt allows you to experiment with
hairstyle, connecting elements from different images, varying the length and

With the correct work of the master asymmetry can give
too hard strands of dynamics and mobility.

  • Soften rough and sharp features.
  • Disguise minor defects in appearance: bulging ears,
    puffy cheeks, heavy chin or excessively high forehead.
  • Visually rejuvenate your face.

Council Pronounced asymmetry fits
girls tall with regular, fairly large features

Asymmetrical haircut for medium hair has no age
restrictions. They are suitable for very young girls and adult ladies,
who want to bring modern bold notes to their look.

An additional advantage is the wide possibilities for
staining (see photo).

Strands of very different lengths can be emphasized with sharp
contrasts, smoother transitions beautifully painted in the technique

asymmetry is emphasized by different long hair

There are no restrictions, you can try balayazh with vertical
transitions, sun glare, bright toning. It all depends on
pattern haircuts and features the appearance of the client.

Council The more unusual and noticeable asymmetry, the
quieter tones should be chosen for coloring. More
A simple haircut can be complemented by bright contrasting colors.

Who is suitable asymmetry?

Asymmetrical haircuts are considered universal. Diversity
options allows you to choose the style for any length, structure and
hair colors.

Before you decide on a haircut, you need to evaluate the pros and cons
own appearance. The uniqueness of asymmetrical haircuts in their
features simultaneously attract attention and mask

  1. who asymmetry goesChubby girls fit option with
    long locks on the temples and underlined short nape.Shift
    the bulk of the hair at the crown, you can visually change the proportions
  2. Holders of stretched and triangular faces should think about
    lush bangs in combination with a smooth nape and milled strands
    at the temples. Suit and lush hat with a raised occipital
    part, complemented by long straight strands falling on
  3. Soften the impression of an angular square face will help
    soft volume bangs trimmed on the oblique and laid
    on the side.
  4. Oval face does not need correction. Its owners
    can afford the most daring experiments with shape and color.
    The most courageous should try a combination of shaved temples with
    emphasized with long strands or voluminous bangs.


Council Asymmetrical haircut
for the first time, you should choose a calmer option.

Options haircuts with asymmetry on medium hair

Medium-length hair makes dozens of options available.
haircuts, from calm to challenging. The basis of most of them –
experiments with the length of the strands or the shape of the slice. In may
combined options that combine elements of different

Trendy Bean

fashion bob with asymmetryForever young styling, which also
there is asymmetry and medium hair too.

The easiest option – lengthening the strands at the temples.

Haircut for oblique and deep thinning with
study of tips.

The final stage is brushing towards the face. Bangs
can be made more voluminous by cutting it with a sharp wedge and lowering
on one side.

Not less interesting option – short flat bangs,
trimmed in a straight line and twisted inside. It harmonizes well with
temporal parts, trimmed at different levels.

On dark straight or slightly wavy hair looks spectacular
bob with ragged tips. The haircut pattern is enhanced by the treatment.
liquid wax that gives shape and natural shine.

Outrageous and stylish look option called tomboy. For
It is characterized by a short-hairstyle and a minimum length of
the back of the head and the movement of the mass of hair closer to the forehead, as in the photo:

Asymmetric Tom Fight

Strands on the temples remain long and trimmed on the side,
volume bangs are processed in the same way. When laying side
strands are placed on the face, bangs fall on one eye.
Highlight the texture and fix it will help the gel to water
base or liquid wax.

Long caret

Eternal classic, which can be modernized by changing the length
strands. Perhaps a combination of elongated temporal zone with
underlined with short shaved nape. To balance
proportions will help long bangs.

The easiest option – temporal zones of different lengths. From one
sides of the strand can reach the chin, on the other – to reach
shoulders. This hairstyle does not need bangs, emphasize the asymmetry
can be oblique or zigzag parting. Hair from one temple
can be tucked behind the ear or secured with thin hairpins,
emphasizing the length difference.

The asymmetrical options include a square leg with temples
different lengths and bangs, cut with a wedge. Another fashionable idea
hairstyles for medium hair – oblique four angles. The focus is on
very long bangs, as in the photo below, the side strands are trimmed
in the semicircle, the occipital zone is short, the temporal portions have different

square oblique angle

Hair requires a perfect slanting cut, the edges of the hair can
arrange teeth. This hairstyle is beautiful on perfectly straight
hair, wavy or curly will have to constantly pull
iron and process smoothing cream.

Council All asymmetrical haircuts need
frequent correction. Growing hair distorts the intended form

The video shows how easy it is to lay an elongated car by making
beach waves at home:


This type of haircut is based on well-designed asymmetry. Unlike
ladder that is trimmed with smooth steps, as it were
flowing one into the other, the cascade has sharp drops from the strands
different lengths. The thoughtful mess provides a lot of
hairstyle easy to style at home.

To create a cascade suitable straight or slightly wavy
hair, they unusual pattern will be more noticeable. Enhance effect
difference will help different lengths on the temples. Hair cut under
sharp angle, and then trimmed with strands. The final stage –
the filirovka, giving to a hairstyle mobility.

Council Highlight the beauty of the cascade will help
staining in unusual, eye-catching tones of reddish,
purple, platinum scale.

Shaved temple haircut

A very bold idea, more suitable for young girls,
prefer a sporty or avant-garde style of clothing. Hair on
one temple turns into a short hedgehog (photo below), while
the second strand is trimmed with a ladder and carefully milled.

In the same way bangs are processed. Back of head remains smooth
or slightly filleted, it can be cut in steps or according to

Interesting. A radical option – completely
shaved temple, underlined by a tattoo. This option is suitable
for representatives of informal movements (for example,
rock musicians).

Coloring contrasts the length. Long strands
You can lighten and decorate with vertical highlights. Shaved hair
at the temple emit paint 2-3 tones darker. To give the right
hue used natural range or emphasized unusual
colors: violet, pink, orange.

Haircut can be laid with a gel or wax, emphasizing
asymmetry. But one movement of the brush, thrown over the shaved
side, turn it into a very respectable hairstyle.


Variation haircut cascade. It is characterized by underlined
asymmetrical tiers of hair with a minimum length at the crown, long
temples and nape. As a result, tousled strands resemble
reared wool wolf. Fringe carefully milled, its length
ranges from medium to short.

This hairstyle is suitable for hair of any texture, but especially
looks spectacular on hard and thick straight strands. For styling
use liquid or pasty wax and structuring mousse.
Steam installation is also possible, giving the strands even greater volume. For
more classic hairstyles you can use a round brush and
hair dryer

Council Haircut pattern can be emphasized
contrast highlighting or clarification of the tips.

Terms of care for asymmetrical haircut

Asymmetrical haircut for medium hair needs frequent

Visit the salon will have no less than 1 time in 3-4 weeks.

It all depends on the speed of hair growth.

Hairstyles with a trimmed temple or ragged tips even on
Medium hair will have to be trimmed every 2 weeks.

Important. Asymmetry will not hide split ends. Their
need timely trim. With severe damage to the hair
Rod is worth thinking about a shorter hairstyle.

No less often have to resort to staining. Hair with
dramatic drop in length attract attention, their owner does not
can afford negligence. Scuffle and
carelessness – completely different concepts.

Council In order not to spoil the hair, instead
dyes containing ammonia, it is better to use soft toning

Professional shampoos are recommended for washing.
series, supporting the density and volume of the strands. If hair
painted or tinted, you will need a particularly gentle formula, not
washing out pigment.

Mandatory item – rinse or nutritional balm,
softening hair and facilitating styling.

To make the hair look shiny and healthy, you need to
less frequent use of electrical appliances. After washing
strands are better to dry in the air, without resorting to a hairdryer.

Arsenal styling tools will help to create the desired shape.
Highlighting the textured tips will help liquid wax, for everyday
styling need fixing mousse, smooth strands capable of gel on
water based.

Oil can help restore damaged hair

They are made once a week, before washing the head.

Warm oil is distributed in strands for 30-60 minutes, after
rinsing curls rinsed with acidified water.

Asymmetrical haircuts do not go out of fashion for several seasons.
Depending on the length, texture and hair color, they may look
emphasized outrageously or rather restrained. Having tried simple
options for beginners, you can move on to more interesting
haircuts, experimenting with the volume, length and shape of the slice.

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