Fashionable bob for short hair: haircut, styling, staining

Is there a universal haircut suitable for all women?
regardless of age, face shape, color, texture and density
hair? Stylists are sure that yes. This perfect haircut is simple,
the short and funny name is bob.

Photo 225 It is so diverse and functional that
Easily adapts to any type of appearance, and variability
styling makes the bean’s possibilities virtually limitless.

  • 1 Bean Benefits
  • 2 Options for any hair type
    • 2.1 Haircut bob cut on short hair
    • 2.2 Graduated bean
    • 2.3 Asymmetrical bob
    • 2.4 Curls and Waves
    • 2.5 Bob-fungus
    • 2.6 Ideas with bangs
  • 3 How to put a new haircut
  • 4 Subtleties of coloring

Bob benefits

Haircut bob leads its history from the 20s of the past
century. The era of Charleston, tennis, trips to the open
cars demanded a more dynamic style relating to how
clothes and hairstyles. Long skirts gave way to shortened
shirt-style dresses, and lush ruffles were replaced neatly
trimmed heads. New hairstyles were young, made women
modern, stylish, mobile.

The second phenomenon of the bean fell on the 60s.

And again, a simple neat haircut made a real revolution.
in the female mind. Today, the hairstyle is back in fashion finally
and not going out of it.

Women love a simple haircut, successfully emphasizing
the dignity of hair, face and figure, and the stylists suggested
incredible variety of styles and options that make bob absolutely
are universal.

Haircut bob for short hair, photo 60s:

Bob on the short hair of the era of the 60s Hairstyle feature
– a wide variety of options. Haircuts can
differ in length, shape of cut, presence or absence

In this case, all species have common features: neatly
processed short nape, voluminous top and elongated strands
on temples, beautifully framing face.

Among the main advantages of haircuts

  • she can make a master of any qualification, especially virtuoso
    the execution of the bean does not require;
  • On the basis of a haircut, you can make several styling options;
  • quick and easy care;
  • growing over, the bob looks neat and stylish;
  • visit the salon will have no more than 1 time in 1.5-2 months.

Haircut is great for experimenting with
looks. By varying the length and shape of the bangs, the shade of the strands and
a degree of pomp hair can be achieved amazing

Options for any type of hair

Haircut bob square on short hair

A very popular hairstyle, perfect for
thick straight or wavy hair. Strands are cut
smooth or easy steps that cover the back of the head and lobes
ears. There are options with bangs or without it. Extra long strands on
temples well camouflage plump cheeks and excessively rounded face.

Photo 226 Haircut bob for short hair does not require
frequent correction, growing tips do not make it
sloppy. Kars are easy to lay using mousse or gel
The strands are shaped in just 15 minutes.

Graded bob

Cutting in layers (or bob cascade) helps to mask
square face shape, divert attention from the low forehead and
heavy chin. Suitable for wavy and curly strands,
thin hair also looks good with such a haircut.
Graduations can be perfectly smooth, but if you want a difference
length is easy to emphasize.

graduated bean This style cascade for short hair
combined with carefully milled bangs of medium length.
It is simple to style your hair, just rub a portion in your palms.
mousse, and then beat the strands with your fingertips.

Asymmetrical bean

Those who have a classic version with exactly trimmed strands
It seems too boring, enjoy a bold and dynamic haircut with
asymmetry elements. Most often allocate a bang, extending it with
one side and combing it to the side.

Photo 227 You can experiment with strands at the temples,
shortening them on one side and leaving as long as possible on
a friend. Highlight unusual pattern haircut will help
creative monochromatic coloring or bright contrast

Curls and waves

Photo 228Short bob suits owners lush curly
hair, poorly amenable to styling.

With filing and stepped haircuts on the back of the head
You can give a neat shape.

To hairstyle does not look shaggy, curls strongly
shortened, facilitating daily installation.

Wavy, not too thick strands fashionable to comb on a straight or
side parting, shortening the back of the head as much as possible.

It will be a simple but very feminine hairstyle that does not require
complex styling.

Bob fungus

Photo 229Owners of thick straight or slightly
wavy hair will suit the stylish bob fungus.

It will emphasize the beautiful oval of the face, eyes and lips.

Strands are neatly trimmed so that the hair framed the face in
shaped hats or helmets.

The ends are milled and rolled inside.

The bangs are thick and straight, with the help of filing the main volume
falls on top of your head.

This version of the haircut completely eliminates asymmetry and requires
careful laying with tongs, round beads,
smoothing cream and varnish gloss.

The exact opposite is a disheveled bob, in which strands
trimmed with uneven steps and whipped with a small portion
fixing mousse.

Ideas with bangs

The right bang will balance the proportions and hide
minor defects. The main outlines of the bean are well combined with
any bangs, from pointedly short to asymmetrical and
elongated. Short torn strands will suit the owners of oval

Photo 230 A magnificent miracle combed to one side will attract
attention to the eyes, and long bangs to the eyebrows will shift the focus to

If the strands are too lush, it is better to make out the filigree, making it easier to contour
and making it more harmonious. Straight or slightly wavy hair
with bangs great for bob haircuts, for heavily curly
curls better to choose a different style.

How to put a new haircut

Photo 231Bean’s big advantage – variability

With simple styling tools you can quickly transform
habitual haircut.

The easiest option for everyday wear –
process hair spray for styling and slightly pull them with forceps
or ironing.

It is enough to slightly inward the side parts and the bang, short
the nape does not need styling.

An interesting solution for a smooth cut – comb your hair
on the zigzag parting, and then curl the ends fine
curling, winding it in different directions. It will be fervent and
Stylish styling suitable for a party. Fix it
will help a small portion of varnish with glitter.

The same haircut is easy to transform into an elegant hairstyle
for special occasions. A portion of the gel is applied to the strands, after
what hair smoothly comb on the slanting device and clean back.
Long bangs can be fixed near the ear with a pair of thin
hairpin invisible.

In this video, 3 more variations of different hairstyles that are easy
Do it yourself on the basis of one bob-cut hairstyle:

Coloring details

Highlight the interesting pattern of the new haircut will help correct
staining. It depends on the natural hair color, texture
strands, skin tone, woman’s lifestyle and other features.

The easiest and most affordable option – easy
toning, 1-2 tones different from the natural
colors. This procedure revives the hair, refreshing the face, gives
hair soft natural shine. Suitable for any options.
Boba, especially beautiful on dark hair.

Brightening around the contour will help to give the hairstyle
haircuts At home, you should choose paint on 2
tones brighter than natural. No need to apply it too
gently, blurry outlines will give haircut extra

Photo 232Haircut is ideal for experiments.
with ombre technique.

She is good for natural brunettes and brown-haired women who want to
lighten the hair.

The essence of the procedure is a gradual transition of color from dark roots to
light tips.

A very short bob looks better with a smooth ombre, for more
Longer asymmetrical strands will fit a bolder contrast.

An interesting and simple solution – highlight dark
tint the tips of the clarified strands on the temples and bangs.
Natural or dyed blondes can experiment with
shades, preferring lilac, pink, violet gamma.
These hairstyles are especially good on young, they will suit girls
creative professions.

Another popular technique is shatush or balayazh.
These are highlights that look more modern and
naturally. Usually staining is carried out in the cabin, but with some
skills can be done independently. Separate locks
painted with darker or light colors, possible and bright
red, cherry, bluish and purple accents.

Fans of natural paints can dye bob khna: dark,
reddish-red, light. Very short strands leave room for
experiments. Even very bright and unusual tones will not
look vulgar or alien, and if you wish styling is always
You can liven up with new color accents.

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