Fashionable design summer manicure

With the advent of summer in nature, everything changes and, of course, I want
update your own image. Gray, nondescript outfits are replaced.
bright dresses, colorful blouses, colorful skirts. New
shades want to fill and manicure. Juicy beautiful nails always
cheer up in the atmosphere of summer. But it is not enough to be beautiful, summer
Manicure should also be fashionable. How is he fashionable manicure design


  • What are the ideas in the summer trend?
  • Fashionable nail design
  • If you still want gel polish

What are the ideas in the summer trend?

Despite the fact that the summer is replete with a variety of
colors, the main trend of this season will be monotony and short
nails The most vivid and juicy colors will be fashionable: red,
orange, crimson, yellow, green, azure, but not
combined with other shades. To nails with
monotonous varnish did not seem boring, the ideas of summer manicure
admit decoration of one nail with an interesting sticker, rhinestones or

Fashionable manicure design in the summer of 2016 also allows for a variety of
geometric lines and patterns. Pearl and pastel colors
emphasize the lightness and elegance of summer clothes. Bright moon
manicure in different variations diversifies the boring working days.
A more relaxed monotonous design is great for business,
and for a free style if necessary to combine. Fashionable
“space” manicure displays a starry summer sky.

Long nails and gel polish extension, unfortunately, not in
trend. Bold girls can afford a bright manicure in the form
creative painting (fruit, ethical patterns, avant-garde), but only
on short nails. Any ideas french is still in fashion. For
French manicure you can use any
shade. Large glitter is not in trend, but gel polish coating with
small shimmer perfectly suited for celebrations and parties.

If you really want to combine several shades, then you can
use the ombre style.

Ombre – gradient coloring of the surface
nails in two or more shades.

Ombre nails look very attractive. To design
The gradient looked beautiful, the varnishes needed to be chosen correctly. It is better
choose shades that are close in color from dark to light
drowning. This is the only way to achieve an elegant smooth transition. Designers
recommend this summer to use pastel or bright saturated
tones, because such a summer manicure looks very impressive and

Summer manicure

Fashionable nail design

Summer 2016 is rich in a variety of current trends in
manicure The main thing to remember is no long nails,
gel coated varnish, no sharp corners and square tips. AT
fashion smooth lines, almond-shaped, oval shapes and short nails.
But with regard to design, there is a variety
fashion trends, and every fashionista will be able to pick up something on
your taste:

  1. Nude or flesh is the hit of the season! Perfect for those ladies
    who strive for naturalness and grace. Most popular
    shades of solid or pale pink.
  2. Geometry. Geometric shapes and short nails switched from
    last season, without losing its relevance. Zigzags, stripes,
    triangles, interlacing lines are in trend.
  3. Negative space is one very popular summer destination.
    2016. The idea of ​​this design is colorless nails with drawing.
    separate elements: stripes, bows, crescent.
  4. “Caviar” – covering one nail with small beads, as if
    eggs, which creates an interesting texture and volume. Beads can
    have a different size and color.
  5. Metallic. Short nails coated with silver or gold, again
    in fashion. Especially relevant french with stripes of metal or lunar
    manicure gold or silver colors.
  6. Red color, especially coral shade, is again in trend.
    You can coat with shellac or gel varnish like the entire nail plate,
    so in the style of french or negative space.
  7. Dark shades are another summer trend of trendy nail art.
    It is also possible to cover nails with gel polish of deep saturated color, but
    without additional decorations.
  8. Damage is one of the most daring and unusual ideas. This
    The effect is used on fashion shows, but stylish girls slice
    adopted this trend.
  9. Matte finish – this design is very relevant in the summer of 2016.
    Stop the choice on a gentle pastel colors, or, conversely,
    choose plain dark or bright colors.
  10. Fruit design in summer looks particularly juicy and bright. Peaches
    grapes, watermelons, citruses, melons, apples, pineapples can be
    painted or applied as an application.
  11. Space. The multi-colored image of the cosmic expanses
    deep shades of purple, blue with splashes of silver and
    White color will create a unique summer manicure.
  12. The combination of glossy and matte coatings – very important
    summer. This luxurious direction of nail design creates texture
    incredible beauty.

Thus, the design of a manicure can be changed at least every day, but
accuracy and grooming remain unchanged requirements. AT
This season is relevant natural shape and length: short or
medium length oval or almond shaped nails.

Ideas summer manicure

If you still want gel polish

Coating gel varnish is characterized by long-term
preservation of the figure, so many business women who have few
time, can not refuse this technique. Using gel polish
for the summer manicure, it should be remembered that nature plays
all colors so you can use a variety of bright
paints – coral, orange, lemon, pastel colors. Simply
shade need to choose very carefully.

It is best to make short nails with a jacket or moonlight.
manicure. Brightness and richness are not limited to the basic color
scales, but also drawings, and also applications, which will be
to be used. A variety of curls and patterns are back in fashion,
images of juicy fruits, a variety of animals, as throughout
the nail plate, and partly on its area or on the tip
the nail. But from the flowers, petals and butterflies better

Designers have offered many options for fashion manicure for
Spring-Summer 2016 season. Even connoisseurs of refined classics can
Try different variations of its new incarnation. What a summer
manicure to choose depends on the mood, personal taste and
condition of the nails themselves. Classic technique and french flawless
Shaded healthy look. Shellac perfectly emphasize the shape and gel polish
will keep the design for a long time.

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