Fashionable haircut ladder: femininity for short hair

Haircut will help to add volume and fluffiness to short hair.
ladder It can be done on wavy, curly or perfect.
straight strands. With a set of tools everyday
a casual hairstyle is easy to modify, turning it into an elegant and

  • 1 Description and features haircut
  • 2 Who can use the ladder: indications and benefits
    • 2.1 More examples of short hairstyle haircut, photo:
  • 3 Cascade and a ladder: the main differences
  • 4 Ladder with bangs
  • 5 Hair care

Description and features haircut

Ladder – a popular haircut, suitable for any length
and hair type. It looks beautiful on long, medium and
short strands, giving them the missing volume. Right
treated hair looks lively and mobile, easy
fit, not afraid of hats or unexpected gusts

Photo 160 Haircut appeared in France in the 60s goals
last century. She helped to create a fashionable image of mobile,
active, relaxed woman, alien to the conventions and not afraid
experiments with looks. Haircut blends perfectly with
mini dresses, trouser suits in bright colors, shorts and boots
on the platform.

Pattern haircuts create strands of different lengths, and the transition
should be smooth. The basis is taken on the top of the hair length
about 5 cm. The remaining strands are cut in layers so that the tips
covered each other and there were no clear boundaries of length.

Strands as if flowing into one another, beautifully framing the face.
This haircut creates the effect of a natural, slightly vzlahmachchennoy
wind blown. The ladder opens the neck to the maximum, visually
lengthening it.

At the same time strands on the temples form the oval of the face, and fantasy
bangs may fall on the forehead, rise above it or
comb to the side.

Ladies are loved not only by clients of all ages, but also
by stylists. For its implementation does not require special
skill, hairstyle is performed fairly quickly and does not require
frequent correction. The lack of clear graphic lines allows
hide slightly regrown tips and significantly save on visits to
to the hairdresser. Smooth contour makes even a very short haircut
in a romantic and feminine.

Who can use the ladder: indications and advantages

Ladder – a truly versatile haircut,
which can be recommended to most customers.

Photo 161 Hairstyle for short hair is perfect

  • girls with not too thick hair wanting to give them
    additional volume;
  • for those who want to grow hair while maintaining beauty
  • women who like to do different styling, but not having
    opportunities to spend at the mirror for several hours;
  • girls with short hair wanting to give the image
    softness and femininity.

Haircut helps to hide some defects.
appearance: bulging ears, plump cheeks, too high
forehead. Properly placed strands will distract attention from the long nose.
or heavy chin, beautiful eyes and lip lines are emphasized.
Length transitions will mask the split ends of the hair.

More examples of short hair haircut, photo:

Cascade and ladder: the main differences

Many women think that the cascade and the ladder are the same
hairstyle, hiding under different names.

Photo 162However, with some similar features these haircuts
performed differently and are very different in appearance.

The ladder is characterized by smooth transitions of length, creating the effect
naturally thick and lush hair. When performing a cascade
the hairdresser cuts the strands in precise levels, which gives the hairstyle
Graphicity and originality.

Hair is processed not only along the contour, but also along the entire length.
hair, creating the effect of falling layers or lush messy

Haircut ladder for short hair does not require special skills from
masters, but the cascade needs more elaborate work.
The difference is especially noticeable on perfectly smooth.
hair, wavy and curly strands smooth out
underlined length difference.

Clear boundaries can be emphasized with liquid waxes or
gels, giving the desired texture.

Ladder with bangs

To give a haircut an additional variety the bang will help. With her
using it is easy to mask or emphasize facial features, to make
image more youthful and relaxed or give it a mysterious

Photo 163For a round face suitable elongated milled
bangs laid to the side.

It will narrow and stretch the oval, draw attention to the lip line.

Girls with a triangular face fit curvy straight bangs long
up to the eyebrows.

To divert attention from the heavy lower jaw will help
graded strands laid high above the forehead.

To make the bangs perfect shape will help filming or processing.
razor tips

Much depends on the natural texture of the hair.

The simpler the overall pattern of the haircut, the more original and
fancy can be bangs.

In this video, an example of cutting the ladder and a detailed description of the technique.

Hair care

Caring for a haircut is very simple. Hair
You can wash with shampoo with the effect of additional volume, in conclusion
treating strands with rinsing or indelible
air conditioning.

Create a daily styling will help a small portion of mousse. Him
rub in palms, and then put on strands, slightly squeezing them
hands and whipping at the roots. Hair tips on temples and bangs can be
stretch your fingertips dipped in gel or liquid wax.

Photo 164 Very fashionable reception, suitable for summer and vacation –
hair treatment spray on the basis of sea water. is he
gives strands density and elasticity, the hairstyle will look
lush but absolutely natural. This installation does not require varnish and
mousse, strands whipped with your fingertips or a flat brush.

Smooth evening hair styled with a round brush,
after sprinkling strands fixing spray. Hair tips
can be directed in or out, it all depends on the general idea
hairstyles In conclusion, the head is treated with spray gloss.

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Fashionable, simple and stylish ladder – a great solution.
for girls who do not want to spend hours laying.
Proper haircut will help maintain the desired shape for 2
months without requiring frequent visits to the salon.

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