Fashionable hairstyles: how to make Babetta your by hands


  • Babette: the story of the unusual beam
  • What you need for a perfect hairstyle
  • Options for girls: holiday bun
  • Patchwork: an idea for short hair

Babette’s hairstyle is an interesting option in a romantic style,
which will suit young girls and adult ladies. You can create it
on long or medium hair, both straight and wavy. Its
Babette was named after the heroine of the same film.
The high beam with the tape appealed to spectators and hairdressers,
styling has become fashionable and does not go out of it to this day. To make
Babetta do it yourself is easy, based on basic styling
dozens of original versions are invented.

Babette: the story of the unusual beam

Babette hairstyleHigh beam –
One of the most popular styling for long or medium hair. is he
visually increases height, makes posture magnificent,
emphasizes a long neck and a beautiful oval of the face. First carrier
hairstyles became Brigitte Bardot, who played a major role in the popular
tape “Babette goes to war.” High styling combined with thick
combined eyelashes, pale lipstick and mini skirt struck
filmmakers, Brigitte has appeared a mass of imitators. For more
Resistance hair combed, put hairpieces and
various improvised means like crumpled napkins or
nylon stockings. In the 60s of the last century, this hairstyle was worn in
weekdays, today she often serves as an evening.

Difference of Babetta from a usual bunch – height and use
ribbon separating chignon. This accessory can be made of
silk, lace or other material. The tape is easy to complete.
decorative hairpins, thin rims and other
decorations. A tall bun is made of any hair
length, quality and color, the desired volume is achieved by

What you need for a perfect hairstyle

babetteTo create stylish styling
will need:

  • comb with frequent teeth;
  • fixing mousse or gel;
  • flat brush;
  • hair smoothing tongs;
  • lacquer strong fixation;
  • studs in color strands;
  • decorative elements (flowers, satin ribbons, headbands).

Babette’s hair is done on perfectly clean hair. Before
how to start laying, you need to wash your hair, handle strands
spray that removes excess static electricity. After
thoroughly drying the hair pulled out with forceps. They have to
become perfect straight and shiny.

Understanding how to make Babette is pretty easy. Developed by
step-by-step instructions for novice stylists explaining everything
subtlety styling. Those who are difficult to disassemble the scheme, it is worth
visit the salon and carefully observe the work of the master.
After this, it will only be necessary to rehearse before the mirror, the main
tricks are learned very quickly.

It is easy to do at home. Step-by-step instruction
very simple.

  1. First, the clean strands are divided into two horizontal sections.
  2. The upper part is fixed with a thin rubber band in a high tail, and
    then it is thoroughly combed from root to tip. Strand carefully
    brushed. To keep hair from ruffling, bouffant is better
    do from the inside.
  3. The remaining hair is also combed, raised and wrapped.
    around the base of the tail, pinning studs. From the top
    a kind of dome is formed, strands gently straighten
    with your fingers.
  4. The ends of the hair tuck and pin up.
  5. The base of the beam is wrapped in a wide ribbon, which is not only
    adorns the hair, but additionally fixes it.
  6. The final touch is a strong hold lacquer. If there is a bang, her
    laid in the last place, gently combing and smoothing

Options for girls: holiday bun

Baby hairstyles should be beautiful, but not too complicated.
Laying should not crumble when playing, keeping beautiful shape
all day. The ideal option is when Babette do it yourself
is created. To create it is important step by step instructions. With
Observance of all the rules of the beam will be neat and stylish. Before
how to make a hair, hair you need to wash, process
conditioner and dry thoroughly. Wavy strands pulled out

Coming up hairstyles for girls at prom, you can
try a simple and spectacular babette with a roller.

Patchwork: an idea for short hair

If the curls are not long enough, you should not be upset.
Independently make Babetta on short hair is easy. AT
at home you can use a small hairpiece in color
own strands. Clean hair combed and raised. To
the strands did not fall apart, they were fixed with mousse. Strengthened on the head
chignon. It is convenient to pin it with long pins. To locate
need lining on the top, it is possible to slightly move the hairpiece to
back of the head. The stronger he stabs, the longer the styling will last.
Babette’s hair is fixed with varnish and decorated with wide satin

Babette is an interesting option for the evening. Hairstyle worth
add long earrings. Romantic image will highlight the makeup in
60s style with an emphasis on the eyes. Make styling more
The thin curled strands that casually fall down along the
both sides of the face.

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