Fashionable men’s hairstyles with parting: trends and varieties

Men’s haircuts are constantly changing. Follow fashion trends do not
always easy. A strong half of humanity prefers
popular classic options anytime
haircuts. But some tend to stand out from the crowd with their
extravagant hairstyles.

Men's haircuts with parting

  • 1 How to make a parting
  • 2 Men’s haircuts with a middle part returned
    • 2.1 For long hair
    • 2.2 On average length
    • 2.3 Parting in the middle gives the face a rounded shape
    • 2.4 Examples of hairstyles with parting in the center
  • 3 Haircuts for men with side parting
    • 3.1 With shaved temples
    • 3.2 Medium and long
    • 3.3 Retro style
    • 3.4 Grunge chic
    • 3.5 Military Style
    • 3.6 Halfbox
    • 3.7 Tennis
    • 3.8 Beaver
    • 3.9 Hitler with side parting
    • 3.10 Anderkat with shaved temple and oblique bangs
  • 4 Different types of hairstyles for men with parting
    • 4.1 Ultimate Classics
    • 4.2 British hairstyle
    • 4.3 Short Canadian
  • 5 Men’s hairstyle with parting: varieties, features

How to make a parting

Fashionable stylists advise not to be too conservative when
creating a separation row in hairstyles. Exists
several methods to improve the image – you need only
just pack your hair differently. For example, you can dry your hair with a hair dryer,
but leave them a little wet.

You do not need to do a number of comb, enough
just comb the curls with your hand and wait until they
dry up. Put them need a brush.

Important! Should not strive for a clear and even
contour, sometimes it gives the hair excessive severity. But
carelessness and carelessness will create a stylish image and some

Male hair with parting in the middle back

Previously, men following the latest fashion trends,
preferred short haircuts, shaved temples and various patterns.
However, today, with parting hair returned. AT
fashion again elongated curls and interesting lines of separation.

Hairstyles with a part in the middle

Long hair

Long hair for men is an indicator of style and gloss. Special,
if this is a trendy haircut with an interesting part. For long
hair is done asymmetrical hairstyle with careless
styling. You can see young boys with shaved temple or
nape, with a clear line of transition to the long strands.

Dynamic guys prefer sports haircuts. The essence of such
hairstyles is that the shortest hair in
the temples and the back of the head make it possible to remove the upper long
strands so that they do not interfere with sports or other work.

Attention! If the hairstyle contains a clear
line parting, it requires constant care. Line always
should stand out from the general image.

Medium length

Haircuts for medium hair length

On the average length of hair men rarely parted in the middle.
It gives the face excessive volume and youthfulness. Some stylists
It is considered that this variant of hairstyles suits 5% of the stronger sex.
Most often guys with medium length hairs prefer
oblique lateral hair lines and classic styling.

Parting in the middle gives the face a rounded shape

Among fashionable critics, a serious dispute has arisen over the fact
Does a disassembled row in the middle of a face give a hairstyle?
Interestingly, this styling option really creates
excessive pomp in the chin area. Exactly
therefore, it is recommended that a man with a square or rectangular
type of face.

Tip! Laying do during hair drying. With
This is best to abandon the comb, and do it all by hand.

The hair is dried in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head. Then they
independently fit on both sides, and
the direct parting turns out. You can fix the hair spray.

A man dries hair


Examples of hairstyles with parting in the center

For owners of hard and unruly hair the perfect solution –
classic men’s haircut with a central row. Shaved
whiskey and a smooth transition to the back of the head. Slightly elongated
curls on both sides of the center parting – the easiest option
for the stronger sex.

Important! This haircut requires a minimum of styling and
adjustments. You should not do this hairstyle on thin
loose hair

This video shows one of the variants of male haircuts with
parting in the center.

Haircuts for men with side parting

In 2018, side parting in men became popular and fashionable.
Side par haircuts were worn by officers before, and in modern times –
businessmen from Wall Street. Hairstyle is relevant in all

Young guys prefer to create a romantic and casual image
with the help of laid elongated bangs, and for statism do
perfect side parting.

Side-cut haircuts allow men to experiment
over the way. In order to make such a hairstyle,
it is necessary to determine the side where it will be
separation row. You can trust the choice of master or choose
your own unique image by yourself.

With shaved temples

Haircut with shaved temples

Haircut with shaved temples – the preference of young people. However in
The modern world can often meet stately businessmen with
such hairstyles.

Whiskey can be shaved symmetrically. Wherein
styling looks the same on all sides. Some men
prefer one shaven temple with a sharp line of transition to the long

Medium and long

Long hair with side parting – chic 90s. Gradually such
hairstyles back in fashion. Make them simple: hair is dried
using a special comb to create
volume. Parting is placed on dry hair.

Hairstyles with side parting

It is worth noting that such haircuts look untidy if
hair weakened and prone to fat.

Caution! Do not use weighting
styling products (gel, foam): this will give hairstyle unnecessary

Retro style

Men’s retro hairstyles can allow self-confident
and strong personalities. Haircuts differ in volume,
bizarre and clear forms. Many came from the era
“cabaret”, American militants and soap operas.

For example, the hair “pompadour” was famous in the time of Elton
John, and the “bun” came from ancient Japan.

Grunge chic

Retrostil and Grunge Chic

Grunge chic was popular in the 90s among skateboarders and
athletes. The essence of the hairstyle is that the hair length
increases evenly from the neck and temples to
top of the head. Laying is done using the gel randomly and
carelessly. Especially good haircut looks at curvy curly

Military style

Military style in men’s hairstyles has many variations.
His main idea – minimal care with the most aesthetic
the form. Clear lines, smooth contours and uniform
length is a brief description of these hairstyles. Most
such haircuts among sportsmen and business people are relevant.


Halfbox – universal haircut for men of different ages.
Clear fringing and smooth transition from the most
short to long hair – the main features of hair. It’s more
free version of classic and strict boxing.



Hairstyle tennis with parted

The easiest haircut for men in any
age – tennis. The hairstyle has three varieties:

  • “Hedgehog”;
  • “beaver”;
  • “square”.

The length of the hair is symmetrical on both sides.


Owners of hard thick hair, this option will only
pleasure. Virtually no styling required, such a haircut will
create the perfect image for men with oval
the face. It is done quite simply.

Whiskey and nape shaved almost under 0. Top
hair remains longer (2–2.5 cm). Transition enough

Hitler with side parting

Haircut Hitler

This is a version of a strict and level haircut with classic styling.
She means shaved temple and elongated hair in
bang and crown areas, which are evenly edged
on one side. Haircut is popular among stylish business men.

Underder with shaved temple and oblique bangs

Unknown hairstyle for many. However, visually recognizes her
every man Haircut is at the peak of popularity and
fits absolutely everyone. It consists of a shaved temple
(length can be any) and extended oblique bangs laid on

The length of the hair in the temple should be clearly
contrast with bang length. A clear line of combing does not. She is
created by volumetric styling bangs.

This video shows how to perform a male undercut haircut.
with side parting.

Different types of hairstyles for men with parting

Haircut is a reflection of character. It must comply
a man on all counts, otherwise the hairstyle just will not look

Long bangs and side parting should be done to people with
oval face, and men with square outlines
it is better to prefer short symmetrical strands. Stylish
Classic haircuts never go out of style. They can do
different lengths and with any direction of the line of separation.

Inextinguishable classics


Classic haircuts for short or medium length
men stature and gloss. At the same time, symmetry and clarity are important.
lines. Laying should be smooth.

British hairstyle

The exclusive feature of British hair is
10 centimeter curls at the crown. With this whiskey and
neck shortened. This haircut allows you to lay strands in
the side direction is clear and even. It is great for owners.
oval face.


Shortened canadian

“The shortened Canadian” is the prototype of the “British”, but
in reduced volume. Whiskey shaved machine, and the top
remains elongated by 4–6 cm

Men’s hairstyle with parting: varieties, features

For perfect hair styling you must carefully
wash up The next stage is blow-drying. Laying starts from the roots
using gel or foam. Then hair
dried again.

Then comes the time to create the final image. Strands
stacked in the direction they should be,
Parting is created. Final fixation is carried out

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