Fashionable peach hair color: who is going to and how get it at home

Peach hair color is considered light, delicate and romantic,
which only young girls can wear. But depending on
selected shade, this color can fit almost
any woman.

peach hair color

Unlike standard warm or cold light shades,
peach can belong to both warm and cold.

  • 1 Features of color
    • 1.1 Fashionable hair color Bloorzh: peach shade
    • 1.2 Hair color cold orange
    • 1.3 Peach strands and hair ends
  • 2 Who goes peach hair
  • 3 How to dye your hair in peach color
    • 3.1 Peach hair dye: brands and numbers
  • 4 How to dye dark hair
  • 5 Peach blond: features – how to get and to whom
    is coming
  • 6 How to maintain color

Color features

Despite its apparent eccentricity and brightness, this color
Refreshes the face and image as a whole, gives it lightness. Him
often equate to hot pink, which is more
suitable for non-standard, sometimes hooligan girls.
Peach is also preferred by conservative ladies.

Features of color

It is expressed in warm, almost orange bright and pastel
shades, as well as cool with rozovinkoy. Can
paint the individual strands in this color. Peach is used and
complex staining. It goes well with natural
shades, refreshing hairstyle.

Trendy hair color bloranzh: peach shade

Bloranzh – the name that occurred when the combination of two
English words are blonde and orange. This shade is obtained by
tinted blond or bleached hair with orange

Depending on background clarification or depth level
tones of natural hair, as well as the amount of orange
pigment, you can get a lot of shades.

The video below shows the dyeing process in a trendy color.

Hair color cold orange

This color is a kind of blockage where orange gets
colder shade. On a clarified canvas gently peach
Looks best. Some may confuse it with the previous one.
option. But if you look closely, these shades have differences.
This orange is characterized by a delicate pink shimmer, which
makes it cold.

Cold Orange

The variety presented is excellent.
alternative to strawberry blond. Cold orange will do
girls who belong to the “spring” color type.

Peach strands and hair ends

Coloring the tips and strands is a great idea for those who
tired of its own shade. Depending on the natural color
curls, it will look different. If previous
options are more suitable for fair girls,
salmon-colored strands will look good on dark

Peach Hair Tips

It is suitable for balayazh, ombra and other options for complex
staining. Lighter ends and strands will add curls
flickering effect will make hairstyle more interesting and

This option is ideal for representatives of the “autumn”,
“winter”, as well as “summer” types.

Who are peach hair

The answer to the question of who goes light peach color, is ambiguous.
His hue plays a big role.

Completely peach hair can be worn not only
owners of bright hair. Get smooth and beautiful tone
can and girls with dark curls. Warm shade will be
look at them as well as possible.

“Spring” girls better to choose peach pink. Easy
pink will be in harmony with the porcelain skin and light blue
eyes of representatives of this color type.

peach hair

Peach goes to young, extraordinary individuals who want to
stand out from the crowd. The same shade can choose and
older women but they prefer a more subdued
color close to the natural light blonde.

How to dye your hair in peach color

Depending on whether it is monophonic or complex
coloring, different technique is used. Also great value
has a base on which the composition will be applied.

Important! Peach shade easier to get
natural blondes. Dark-haired will have to discolor their
more natural or dyed hair.

You can change the image with the help of ammonia resistant paint
shade, dye direct action, coloring balsam,
tint shampoos, toning mousse, spray and even jelly.
Similar products can be found both in the budget segment,
and in the professional line of tools.

Peach hair dye: brands and numbers

peach paint for hair

To get a peach color, it’s best to turn to
to professionals. Colorists will be able to create the desired shade.
by mixing, “diluting” the color with correctors.

If you can not go to the salon, a bright shade, as in
photo, you can get at home. If we talk about professional
The products are Kapous 904, 10.34, 9.3 and Estel 9.34,
Igora ROYAL COLORISTS 9,5 –18 (pastel pink), Color Craving
– Peach Mist Keune, Revlon Professional 004, Siena
Acme-Professional 9.34.

Of the most common funds allocate L`oreal
Prodigy 8.34 Sandalwood, 822 Strawberries with cream, COLORISTA (Peach
hair), Got2be tint spray from Schwarzkopf in Pastel shade

This video shows Loreal hair dye.

Из бюджетных вариантов выделяют Тоника
in shade 8.53. With it you can get a cold peach

How to dye dark hair

On dark hair (pitch below 7)
peach will not be so bright and juicy, so
Before staining, discolour the base.

hair coloring

If a girl doesn’t know how to paint herself in
ash and peach at home, it is better to trust the professionals.
In case of non-observance of proportions, exposure time of the composition on the hair,
you can turn them into straw.

Important! Depending on the level of pitch,
discoloration is carried out one to three to four times. Doing so
need a low percentage of oxidant.

Preparation of the base can take from one day to several weeks,
depending on their condition and how they respond

After obtaining the necessary background, should be toned
the resulting base of the selected tool.

This video shows how to dye dark hair in peach

Peach blond: features – how to get and to whom

Peach blond is perfect for girls belonging to
type “spring”. Their natural light shade allows
get even beautiful color when dyeing without
pre clarification. Pinkish orange harmoniously
combined with blue eyes and white skin.

Get it easy if you contact a master-colorist.
You can get a peach on your hair only by having
basic knowledge regarding staining.

hair coloring

How to maintain color

Any coloring, especially when it comes to bright and saturated
shades need to be maintained as they are faster
washed away.

To do this, use shampoo for colored hair,
buy a tint balm of the same shade as
hair. Extend the life of a bright color when using
professional masks and balms. Do not recommend to apply
Tonic, as it dries hair.

If toning was done with a spray or
mousse, the color will wash off even faster. Therefore, the procedure
staining will have to be repeated.

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