Fear of aging: how to take inevitable

Fear of aging is experienced, probably, by all people. Exists
one very bitter truth that cannot be accepted is a process
Aging begins almost from the moment of birth. Human
the cub has just opened his eyes, and his nervous system is already aging.
However, while a man is young he is characterized by youthful maximalism,
it seems to him that he is immortal and old age will never come.

Over the years, this confidence is crumbling like a house of cards, not
leaving nothing behind. This situation is especially terrible for
women who lose their femininity with menopause and
attractiveness How to psychologically survive in this situation? how
love yourself in old age and enjoy life? Let’s try
answer these questions.


  • What is dangerous old age?
  • Fear of old age
  • 10 ways to beat the fear of aging

What is dangerous old age?

Over the years, people become wiser and smarter. Very often elderly
people complain that in their youth they made many mistakes because
at that time they lacked knowledge and everyday experience. Become
Mature, reasonable and wise – it’s great, that’s just getting
Mature body is not quite healthy.

With age, people do not just turn gray and wrinkled. The most
bitter that in old age people often get sick. And scientists are not
stop arguing whether old age starts the development of senile
diseases, or diseases provoke aging of the body. In the elderly
the ages appear traditional for this period: high
blood pressure, joint and heart problems, worsening
vision, weakness, cell degeneration, depression, constant
fatigue and impending infirmity. Man becomes helpless
disabled and feels unnecessary. Also keep clear
mind and good memory to old age can not all. Have
many older people, the involutionary development of the personality begins,
have they develop senility and dementia (decrease
cognitive functions). Old age is dangerous because it exists
many factors that can cause instant death
elderly person.

And even if aging is a gradual process, none of us
does not know what awaits him in old age and what will be the relationship with
relatives and friends. No one wants to be weak, vulnerable
helpless and sick. Pretty sad to be lonely and all
forgotten or become a burden. This is the main
cause fear of aging.

Fear of old age

There is a saying that self-love is the beginning of a novel,
which last a lifetime. However, this can not be attributed to the elderly
to people. They have one day love turn around
rejection. They do not understand what happened to the pretty young face
silky hair and chiseled figure. In addition, all people grow old
differently, and with some large-scale metamorphosis. They
change so much that sometimes they do not know. In addition, old age –
it is not only a change in the face and body, it is also a psychological
human condition. Women in this regard are more vulnerable because of
hormonal changes in the body. They are easier to move, they
I start to cry faster, more sensitive – their emotional
stability decreases.

Loving yourself in old age is not easy, besides
It’s not easy to get old, but this is the only way to live long. However not
it is necessary to give up and wail at the mirror, that life has passed.
The diversity of life is that it is beautiful in any
age You can not give up and hide, you need to gather strength and
conquer fears. After all, a 50 year old woman has great wealth, o
which she occasionally forgets. It is a mind, a virtue,
self-confidence, personal talent and pride – a huge piggy bank,
where you can draw strength and inspiration.

As the wise say, you want to conquer fear – look to him in
face him, catch him by the tail, deal with him, and he will retreat.
Let not immediately, but retreat.

10 ways to beat the fear of aging

How not to drive yourself into depression with your fears? First
turn to realize that old age is an inevitable process. All people get old
and everybody dies, this is how our world works, and we cannot change anything.
Do not be afraid of old age, we must accept it. Important to keep
health, clear mind and love of life. The sum of these terms will help
master the art of staying young even at a deep age.
What to do?

Facial skin care

Facial skin care is a ritual and lifestyle. Behind the skin
you need to start caring with the age of 25. Sure to
visit a beautician who will make an individual care
program and offer cosmetic procedures. Program
the minimum care should contain: cleansing, toning,
moisturizing. Be sure to make peels and protect the skin from
ultraviolet radiation.

Take drugs containing omega fatty acids

They are necessary because they improve cardiovascular performance.
systems and protect the heart from premature diseases.

To refuse from bad habits

Women who smoke look much older than their non-smokers.
peers. In tobacco smoke contains the enzyme matrix
metalloproteinase, which contributes to the degradation of collagen like a
a woman who smokes, and a woman inhaled tobacco smoke. Have
smokers with experience the face is dry, wrinkled, thin and
yellow as parchment paper. Alcohol is also harmful.
uncontrolled medication.

Physical activity

Over the years, the joints lose their tone and wear. And during
menopause disrupted the process of osteoblast synthesis as a result
stopping the production of estrogen. In this period, female bones
become brittle and brittle, leading to osteopenia and
osteoporosis. Often, women are prescribed hormone-replacement
therapy (HRT) to improve the state of the musculoskeletal
apparatus. Healthy bones are necessary to improve the condition of the bones.
exercise, so you should avoid sitting and
sedentary lifestyle.

Do not stop playing sports

If for a woman going to the gym is the norm and way of life,
you should not stop classes. Improves during training
blood circulation, the body cells are saturated with oxygen and improves
their food, increases immunity, burns fat and improves

Have sex regularly

Since during sex there is a significant release
endorphin, it neutralizes the stress hormone – cortisol, which
also responsible for the aging of body cells. After sex
skin of the face is moistened, its color and turgor improve. Sex capable
cope with insomnia and edema. Active breathing during sex
improves the functioning of the pulmonary and cardiac systems. And in the end
sex just improves mood and makes people happy.

Do not stop learning

Scientists have proven that people with high intelligence are aging
Slower and longer stay young. Permanent passion for knowledge
improves cognitive brain function and activates
mediators that are necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous
system. When a person has a hobby, and it absorbs him, then he has
there is no time for regrets, sadness and depression.

Much reflect on the problem that you

Be sure to share with thoughts, even the most terrible, with
friends who are experiencing the same thing. This is an effective way.
to cope with fears and experiences. If there are no such friends, then
There are many communities where you will find like-minded people and
friends Especially there are many such communities in social networks. In this manner
many find many interesting personalities.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Nietzsche said: “that which does not kill us makes us stronger.” You do not
find out how strong and brave you are, until you try to do
something After all, fear makes us prisoners of their own comfort zone.
Try to do something complicated, something you might like.
do all my life, but they were afraid. For example, learn how to swim, ride
on a bicycle, driving a car or just helping people in trouble.

Accept your age

Alas, old age we can not win. But what is impossible
win, you can only accept. Release your youth, think about
what a good life you have lived, what achievements you have achieved,
how many family and friends around you. However, do not forget about yourself
take care of yourself today, do not deny yourself anything.
Treat yourself with respect and kindness, love your body and new
appearance. After all, old age is the time to live for yourself.

So, aging can be fought, pretended to be absent,
to hate him and be afraid, and you can make friends and more often to him
to smile.

Relationship with age is the same novel, a certain length
life cycle. This relationship can be spoiled, but you can also
get pleasure from it. After all, any relationship – this is work. But
it is important that this work be a joy, not only the result, but also
by the process itself.

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