Features breast augmentation with iodine

Breast augmentation is currently using iodine.
popular with many women. Although bust size directly
depends on genetic predisposition, some
women still try to find ways
giving it a beautiful volume. Not always possible
seek help from a plastic surgeon, so you have to
use improvised means. Quite often give preference
exactly iodine.


  • Myth or Reality
  • Application features
  • Contraindications

Myth or Reality

This antiseptic is actually capable of providing the required
pomp bust, but the effect will be short-lived. Chest
increases due to the fact that the muscles are filled with a large enough
amount of blood. As a result, they acquire the necessary
volume It should be understood that iodine contributes only
increased blood circulation, and not an increase in the mammary glands.
This can be compared with physical activity in sports or
such a thermal procedure as a steam bath.

Breast augmentation

The key to iodine breast augmentation is safety

Application features

So, with the help of iodine it is impossible to make a magnificent bust forever.
Women who decide to enlarge their breasts with iodine need
show maximum caution. In no case can not be applied
this substance on the entire surface of the chest, since the drug is not
absolutely harmless.

It is necessary to take a cotton swab, wet it in iodine and draw on
skin mesh. You do not need to cross the lines, otherwise
get burned Antiseptic should not fall on the nipples, as in
these places skin sensitivity is extremely high. Not
It is also recommended to use this drug too often.

Although iodine used for breast augmentation is not always capable
help, its application will be useful if the body is not enough
This trace element. As is known, such a grid helps with
colds, as it perfectly replaces pepper patches and
mustard plasters.

The first visible results of breast augmentation will appear only after
2-3 weeks of daily drawing of the mesh on the chest. This is due to the fact
that iodine enters the blood in a minimum amount, and an increase in it
dosage may cause serious burns.

If you need to quickly remove the brown spots on the skin, then fine
any fat cream will help. You can replace it if you like.
vegetable oil. Baths are also considered effective,
which add sea salt. After such water treatments succeed
it is quite easy to wash off iodine with the use of children’s or household

Some women who used this remedy
They talk about increasing their bust by a full size in
one month after the start of the procedures. However, this effect is not observed


For example, there are girls who this way
can not help at all.


You can not use iodine with individual intolerance,
when a person’s body temperature rises after its use.
Do not put the drug on the chest during pregnancy. Sometimes in
There is an overabundance of this trace element in the body, which is also
is a contraindication to use. Iodine can harm
people who have diseases of the thyroid gland.

Women often do not think about the health effects of
pursuit of beauty. Using questionable improvement methods
own appearance can lead to serious
problems. Before using iodine for breast augmentation
you need to get advice from a qualified mammologist who
should check for the presence of malignant tumors in dairy
glands. Only after that you can safely proceed to
scheduled procedures.

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