Features home and professional care for dyed hair


Do you know how to be the right care for painted
hair? It turns out that it will include several basic rules
about which we will tell you in detail in this article. Here you
find a list of necessary cosmetics for him –
home and professional.


  • Rules for the care of dyed hair
  • List of care products
  • Shop cosmetics for colored hair
  • Homemade masks

Modern women can change the color of their curls so often
as they want it. However, in this case there is a risk to pay.
their health. Under the influence of modern paints, they can become
too dry, brittle, and in some cases may begin to fall out
whole strands. In addition, this procedure will have to be repeated.
regularly (approximately every 1.5 months) so that unstained roots do not
given out your natural essence. Professional coloring is worth
a considerable amount of money, but at home it does not always work
achieve an even shade. Think about it: you are ready to go for such
sacrifice in order to radically change the image? If desire
stronger than common sense, there is a way out. It turns out that you can
keep the curls healthy, and renew the newly-made shade, and
look great even after home manipulations. All this can
ensure the correct care for painted
hair that will require a certain amount of time and
finance, but still ultimately justify them.

Home and professional care for dyed hair

Rules for the care of dyed hair

Literate home care for dyed hair
allows you to somehow support them after suffering stress.
First, it enhances their health and, as far as possible,
restores. Secondly, it prolongs the durability of a new shade.
So try to make every effort to at least somehow
smooth out the unpleasant and even sad effects of staining. what
for this need to do?

  1. Coloring must be done in strict accordance with
    paint instructions. The most ideal option –
  2. On dyed hair immediately after the procedure is applied
    fixing balm.
  3. After flushing it – neutralization of the alkaline environment with special
    shampoo and balsam for colored curls.
  4. For two days after dyeing the hair can not be washed.
  5. Combing wet strands is not recommended, as this
    injures their structure.
  6. Start using repair agents (homemade masks,
    professional series of shampoos and balsams) only after 2 weeks
    after dyeing so as not to wash out the pigment.
  7. Do not use to care for oily colored hair.
  8. Limit the use of hair curlers, plettes, irons and
    hair dryer.
  9. Colorless henna restores dyed hair very well,
    but on brightened strands it may give an undesirable shade,
    so new blonde is not recommended to get involved
    by her.
  10. To prolong the color rinse dyed hair decoction
    herbs Chamomile – for blondes, but it gives a little yellowness;
    hibiscus – for red, as it gives a beautiful copper shade;
    Black tea or coffee – brunettes.
  11. Try to eat right, as it affects
    condition of dyed hair in the most direct way.
  12. Protect them from frost and ultraviolet overabundance.

However, a much greater effect allows you to achieve
professional care for dyed hair. is he
includes all kinds of restorative procedures in salons
beauty. This may be a protective lamination or oil
wrap. In any case, the master must choose for you.
the necessary procedure after identifying the problem (the hair is dried up, or
fall out, or break, or split, etc.).

No matter where your rehabilitation course goes.
dyed hair – in the house or in the salon – on a shelf in your bathroom
should be specialized means to care for them. You know
Do you what is included in the list of mandatory minimum?

It is interesting. Permanent paints almost
always contain ammonia or substitute substance. They open
hair scales, thanks to which the pigment penetrates deep into. Peroxide
brightens the natural color and the oxidation process colors the strands in
new shade. “Tousled” hair cuticle after such
killing procedure, you need to constantly “smooth”
conditioners, sprays and serums.

How to care for dyed hair at home

Use a head massage to heal your locks.
Популярные техники найдете тут >>.

Want to know what is keratinizing hair? All the details

List of care products

Various cosmetic laboratories are constantly developing everything.
new care products for colored hair,
characterized by high efficiency and narrow focus. They
provide comprehensive recovery, long-term preservation
bright colors and give the locks chic, and most importantly – a healthy look.
Here is a minimal list of products that can become irreplaceable.
assistants after staining:

  • shampoo and balsam from one
    series – basic means for the care of dyed hair;
  • air conditioning minimizes disastrous
    the effect of dyeing, covering the surface of each hair
    a thin protective layer, adding shine and volume;
  • masks retain the depth of tone nourish
    dyed hair, restore;
  • serums are needed for deep nutrition and
    recovery, are concentrates of the most useful
  • sprays make it easier to comb, minimizing
    traumatization of curls.

This is the recommended care for dyed hair,
preventing further damage after the procedure. And if
masks can be made at home, then everything else will have to
search from industrial brands and purchase in stores.

There is an opinion. Folk masks for care
some experts consider dyed hair to be meaningless
a curtsey in the direction of ecology. According to them, with a strong
damage to the curls during dyeing only way out –
sign up for restorative procedures in the cabin (oil
wrap, for example, or lamination). They explain that
perfect condition dry and porous hair can not be returned –
you can only disguise the problem externally, but not solve it
from the inside.

What means to use for the care of dyed hair

Shop cosmetics for colored hair

And now a small rating of professional and
dyed hair care products that
make it easier for you to choose.

  1. Serioxyl – washable care (conditioner) for
    thinned dyed hair. L’Oreal Professionnel. France.
    $ 59.
  2. Brilliance – shampoo for dyed normal and fine hair.
    Wella. Germany. $ 10.4. In this series, this
    companies can also find a cream mask, indelible mousse and
    balm conditioner – all products are designed specifically for
    colored hair.
  3. BlondMe Shampoo for Warm – keep warm shampoo
    shades of blond. Schwarzkopf Professional.
    Germany. $ 9.6.
  4. Pflegesprey fur coloriertes Haar – spray-care for stained
    Hair “Brightness Color”. Otium Blossom series. Estel.
    Russia. $ 9.1.
  5. Dual Renascence 2 phase – serum-care for colored hair.
    Kapous Professional. Russia. $ 6.4.
  6. Color Care – shampoo care for colored hair. Caring Series
    Line. Kapous Professional. Russia. $ 5.8.
  7. Balm protection for color retention and structure improvement
    colored hair. Belita Belorussia. $ 4.
  8. Argan Oil Hair Condicioner – balm for colored hair with
    argan oil. Planeta Organica. Russia. $ 1.6.
  9. Silky gloss – a conditioner for a dyed hair
    with clover extract. Clean line. Russia. $ 1.5.
  10. Balm-care on the whey for hair, protecting the color.
    Bathhouse Agafi. $ 0.7.

Among them are professional tools for
care for dyed hair that the masters use in
salons. Now they are freely available, and you feel free to
can take advantage of high-profile brands like Kapous
Professional, Schwarzkopf Professional, Estel, etc. In addition to
they can make homemade regenerating masks from natural

Helpful advice. Some recipes
claim that the mask should be applied to dirty dyed hair.
However, experts refute this myth, saying that
this kind of procedure should be done exclusively on clean
curls. So first you need to rinse your head so that it is clean.
from greasy and sweat secretions, dust and decorative residues
cosmetics. The goal of any mask for dyed hair is to penetrate
emptiness strands, nourish, moisten, restore, smooth. So
that you apply it on clean and dry hair.

Rating of professional hair care products for colored hair

Homemade masks

Homemade masks for dyed hair care are good for their
natural, although their effectiveness is doubtful
(especially among specialists). One caveat: check first
selected composition on a separate order, as it can change

  • Bread

20 grams of pulp of rye bread soak in warm milk or broth
plantain for half an hour. Beat thoroughly. If the mass turns out
too thick – dilute with a small amount of liquid. If a
on the contrary – bread. Keep in mind that bread masks are very fast.
they dry out on the hair and then they are difficult to comb out. Therefore do not hold
more than half an hour on their heads and then very thoroughly
rinse the strands. Perfect for care
henna-colored hair.

  • With henna

Iranian natural colorless henna dilute with warm water to
creamy consistency. 50 ml of the resulting mass mixed with
liquid vitamins tocopherol and retinol acetate (1 ampoule).
Action time – about an hour. Recommended for care
damaged colored hair.

  • With clay

In the care of fine dyed hair in
at home you need to turn pink or gray
cosmetic clay. The first has regenerating properties,
able to restore the most fragile, cut, fragile strands.
The second returns to the curls energy, strength, brilliance, animates, abundantly
moisturizes, normalizes the natural pH balance, strengthens hair
follicles, treats the whipped ends.

To prepare the mask, the clay powder is diluted with warm water.
“by eye” until the mass becomes similar to the cream. Time of action –
about 40 minutes. When rinsing it is better to use diluted
water decoction of the roots of burdock or nettle.

  • Cognac

If you do not mind a good cognac, you can use it
for the care of dyed red hair. He is not
only give them a beautiful brownish tint, but also make
they are very soft. For the preparation of homemade mask for painted
hair you need to mix 1 raw yolk with 50 ml of this noble

  • Banana

To care for dry dyed hair can
prepare a moisturizing mask of banana and avocado. Need to take on
one medium-sized fruit, washed, dried, cleaned
peel, mash in a blender. After drying, the mixture forms a dense
a crust that can dry out and ruin the impression
from the procedure. Therefore, the mask can be slightly diluted with a decoction of
dandelion, and the time of its action is limited to 20 minutes.

  • Vodka

To care for dyed gray hair
pleased with good results at home once a week
You can make a vodka mask. For her cooking raw egg
the yolk is thoroughly shaken with 2 tablespoons of vodka.
The newly minted shade will last much longer

Many women often like to change their image, but along with
those are afraid for the health of their hair because of ammonia and other
chemical compounds that are contained in modern persistent
paints. The way out of this dual situation is
proper care for dyed hair which
can be as professional (recovery procedures in
salons), and home (which is much more convenient and cheaper, although not
so impressive). It should include a competent selection
special tools created for this kind of curls,
regular visits to the hairdresser, compliance with certain rules.
Ideal to combine home-made products with store-based ones – in this case
the result usually differs in duration and becomes more

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