Features intimate contour plastics

The desire to be beautiful is absolutely natural for both men and women.
and for a woman. Intimate contour plastic sometimes necessary
procedure that significantly improves self-esteem and quality
sex life. After all, not only a beautiful face and figure are
pledge of high self-esteem and psychological health. Congenital
or acquired defects of the external genital organs are
the cause of decreased libido, the appearance of complexes and sexual
squeeze like habitual sexual behavior. Intimate
contour plastics, or intimate filler, is non-invasive and
a painless procedure that has worked well
as an effective method of aesthetic transformation of anogenital

Contouring of intimate zones

Plastic lips make it possible to solve the problem of external
lack of aesthetics of the intimate area without surgery,
will eliminate the discomfort in sexual relationships made by their large
by size


  • Indications for correction
  • Features intimate filler
  • Advantages of the procedure of intimate injections

Indications for correction

Contour plastic intimate areas is recommended to eliminate
a variety of physiological problems. Men resort to this
procedure for increasing the glans penis, its diameter and
lengths Regarding the reasons why the method of intimate filling
women turn, they are several times more. It can be
age-related changes, in connection with which sagging and
sagging of the soft tissues of the urogenital area, reduced tone,
skin elasticity. There may be birth defects, such as
asymmetry, gaping genital slit. Sharp weight loss leads to
reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, lack of volume
sexual lips. Postoperative, post-traumatic and postpartum
defects in the groin area will help eliminate the intimate contour

Features intimate filler

Contour plastic of the intimate zone is carried out by injection.
fillers with hyaluronic acid. Safety and ease of administration
implant under the skin is achieved through the use of blunt

Rejuvenation and correction of the genitals – a safe method
since hyaluronic acid is a natural component
glycosaminoglycans, which are part of the intercellular substance
connective tissue.

It provides elasticity and firmness of the skin, is responsible for
moisture retention. And this is the basis of youth and beauty of the skin.

Correction options:

  • Labioplasty – a procedure for correcting large and small genital
    lips, thanks to which it is possible to change their size and shape;
  • perineoplasty allows correction of deformities
    perineum and vagina scars, often occurring after childbirth,
    also used for congenital or age-rending sexual
  • clitoroplasty – reconstruction of the clitoris (intended for
    enlargement of the head and pocket of the clitoris);
  • accentuation of point G or increase in its volume contributes
    achieving vaginal orgasm, also the procedure is shown for
    reduce urethra hyper motility resulting from a reduction in
    the volume of its tissues, which is the main cause of incontinence
  • correction of involutional changes in the anogenital region in
    men and women;
  • genital rejuvenation is achieved by
    injection with hyaluronic acid, returns the same elasticity and
    volume of tissue.

Advantages of the procedure of intimate injections

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers – Effective and Safe
soft tissue filler due to biocompatibility with the body
human and non-toxic. Biodegradability,
uniform distribution in tissues, long-lasting result (8-12
months), the possibility of repeating the procedure unlimited
number of times, instant result, hypoallergenic, application
surface anesthesia (does not require anesthesia) are all undeniable
advantages contour plastics genitals. Provides not
Only a medical and aesthetic effect, but also allows you to improve
sexual satisfaction of men and women.

Plastic intimate places

There are minimal contraindications to the procedure. Intimate
contour plastics is unacceptable during pregnancy and lactation,
if there is any skin inflammation in the injection area,
contraindication is the tendency to scarring and
Hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, hemophilia,
oncological diseases.

Rapid rehabilitation is one of the benefits. After the procedure
recommended sexual rest for 3-5 days, limiting
physical exertion. It is also necessary to avoid warming
procedures for about 2-3 weeks, such as a hot bath, sauna,
a bathhouse.

Intimate contour plastic can save partners from problems
associated with sexual disharmony. Thanks to this procedure
perhaps a qualitative improvement in sex life, because the elimination
problems of premature ejaculation in men and vaginal dryness in
women (by improving the degree of moisture of the mucous genital
bodies) – a weighty argument.

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