Features of facial massage after 40 years

Face massage after 40 years plays an important role in
comprehensive skin care. To achieve maximum
results, make the skin smooth, silky and beautiful, should
to choose the right makeup. First recommended
consult with an experienced cosmetologist: a specialist will select the cream
exclusively for your skin type, considering all its features.

Try to provide your skin with regular care, and you
manages to get rid of wrinkles and other age-related changes.

Features skin care for women over 40

Before you massage, you need to thoroughly clean
skin: cleansing procedures are recommended as
in the evening and in the morning. It is strictly forbidden to go to bed with
makeup: it is worth knowing that after the age of 40 it is very
is harmful. To thoroughly cleanse the skin, removing the cells of the epidermis,
recommended once a week to conduct high-quality peeling: this
The procedure will help remove dead skin layers of the epidermis. Required
very responsible attitude to the selection of face cream. Otherwise
Your skin will not be saturated with necessary nutrients.
components. It is important that the composition of the funds were vitamins that
so needed for skin with age-related changes.

Skin care after 40

The most important thing in cosmetology after 40 is
regularity. Do not dream to keep youth after 40, if
you are not ready to make it a part of your daily

Not every woman can use the services of a beautician,
however, if you visit the salon at least once a month,
Your skin condition will improve significantly. To extend
youthful and keep skin healthy, not recommended
abuse the solarium: such procedures can provoke
the appearance of wrinkles. Women over 40 should use
special protective cosmetics that will protect against
negative environmental impact.

Massage – the main elixir of youth

To achieve the maximum effect from cosmetics,
masks and creams, you must use them in conjunction with
uncomplicated massage. Beauticians recommend doing massage against
wrinkles after the age of 27 years. Japanese and other types of massage
can be carried out in the beauty salon or independently.
It is recommended to perform it with light enough movements, not
It should push on the skin, stretch it and rub. If you only
started doing facial massage, it is recommended to hold it no more than 5
minutes Then it will be possible to increase the duration of the sessions to 15
minutes As for the time of the massage, it is best
do it 2 hours before bedtime. After several sessions you
You may notice that your skin has become more youthful, fresh and
silky, and after long sessions it is significantly
tighten up

Specificity of skin care in mature ladies

Facial care after 40 includes using
various hardware pull-up techniques, special massage
face and cosmetic products whose action is aimed at
anti wrinkles.

Massage is undesirable if there are wounds on the skin, burns from
sun, cuts and other defects. It is best to do it with
using the right foundation for your skin type. If you have
dry skin, it is recommended to choose a cooling cream, and for oily
skin is perfect mask, which will include an olive
oil and a little lemon juice. The basis for massage is necessary
apply on cleansed skin. After that can
perform light massaging movements, starting from the nose and gradually
moving over the face to the temporal region. Then you can do a massage
from the chin, gradually moving to the earlobes. From the lips also
you can move to the ears, from the forehead to the temples, and then from the eyebrows
to the hair. The area around the eyes is better not to massage. For
maintaining youth and beauty do not forget about what you need
massage the neck: light movements from the clavicle to the
the chin.

Some women prefer to perform massage using
ice cubes, and rightly so. In this case, you can constantly
keep your skin in good shape, give it a healthy look, smooth
wrinkles, gradually eliminating dark spots. As a result you
be able to gain former youth and beauty. But remember that even
the highest quality cosmetics, masks, massages and peels will not bring
such a positive effect as the correct, healthy way
of life!

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