Features of male shugaring

Male shugaring – a procedure that uses considerable
popular in the modern world of beauty. Today, men have become
carefully take care of yourself: male shugaring can no longer be called
something new and unusual. Unlike the female, he has
certain features and nuances of the procedure
slightly different from the usual female version. Before
In order to proceed with depilation in the groin area, the master should
shave hair in this area carefully, its length should be
about half a centimeter, but no more. Thereby
shugaring for men will be carried out as successfully as possible.

Preliminary hair cutting is necessary in order to
sugar did not stick to them in the area that would

What is the procedure for?

Sugar depilation is often used to adjust the shape
eyebrows, to give them a more stylish look. She also
used to adjust the shape of the beard, mustache, growth line
hair along cheeks and cheekbones. This technique can be applied to
hair removal or correction in various areas of the face, including
at the chin. It can be used not only for the correction of whiskers and
beard, but also to remove unwanted hairs in the nose area.

Removing excess hair in men

Shugaring is recognized by the vast majority of clients.
more humane way (especially in the most sensitive areas:
bikini and armpits) than wax, phyto resin and the like.

Some men prefer to do breast and back depilation,
This procedure helps to emphasize the natural smoothness of the skin.
allows you to make a man more visible and attractive to
the fair sex. Hand hair removal too
is popular. Sugar depilation is often needed for
eliminate hair in the area of ​​the track, passing along the navel. Excessive
vegetation in the armpit gives men a lot of trouble
and inconvenience, sugar depilation is an excellent option for
solutions to this problem. The most common type is
intimate shugaring: it requires a certain endurance. In intimate
places the procedure is quite painful.

Conducting sugar depilation in men

It is worth knowing that the body is more and less sensitive.
plots. In areas that are more sensitive to
this procedure, it is necessary to carry out it with extreme caution.
If under the nose, in the cheek area, the hair is soft enough and not too
thick, sugar depilation can be carried out. The procedure is carried out
very carefully in the deep bikini zone (for men, this area
is one of the most painful). Before you make depilation,
a man must be prepared for the fact that he will need to be patient.
As for female shugaring, it is less painful,
and in order to endure it, you do not need to be very brave and
hardy. In the process of sugar depilation is important
adhere to one rule: cosmetic paste is applied on
skin against hair growth and strips required to be removed in reverse
the side. This technique is needed to irritation
not strong. It is worth noting that men feel more pain,
difference from women.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson. Shot from the movie “What they want

To carry out the procedure quickly, efficiently and without appearance
irritation, the skin in the depilation zone is required to slightly stretch.
The client must do it himself so as not to deliver to himself the extra
inconvenience. Light tension further helps to avoid
folds and sagging skin. After sugar depilation on the skin
men may form small spots and irritations in order
To eliminate them, you should use a light compress. After
procedures skin needs effective care and hydration: master
prescribe a special scrub, in addition to it you can use lotions
and creams.

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