Features of the use of tea tree oil from acne

It is known that tea oil is often used in cosmetology.
wood acne. What is important to know about its properties? And How
use it to treat inflammation at home?


  • How does
  • How to apply
  • Useful recipes
  • What to combine

How does

Cosmetology has always applied medicinal plant oils. AT
The composition of tea tree oil includes a whole range of nutrients
which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
properties. Component viridofloren from the composition has
antiseptic effect is 8 times stronger than carbolic acid. Therefore, it
actively used to treat inflammation. For properties kill
bacteria this remedy is considered one of the best. Him with success
used to treat chronic and acute inflammation of the skin and
to combat pustular and acne lesions. Treatment courses
with viral, bacterial dermatitis and eczema, relieve
swelling, itching and return the skin a healthy color.

Tea tree oil

Before you start to use, you need to conduct a test. Usually
slight reddening may occur after application. Through
a few minutes it passes. But there is an individual
intolerance. Be sure to before the first application should
test tool on the elbow bend.

In home care, the product is added to masks, gels,
tonics and compresses. It can be used both independently and
with other oils. Preventive agent:

  • regulates the sebaceous glands;
  • enriches the skin with vitamins, amino acids,

The qualities that are used in cosmetology:

  • removes unwanted shine on oily skin;
  • refreshes skin color;
  • eliminates black dots;
  • heals minor injuries.

How to apply

The remedy is used to treat acne, acne,
rosacea and allergic manifestations. But due to the high
the concentration of active substances it must be used correctly
and metered.

Fundamental rules:

  1. Do not apply if there is individual intolerance,
  2. Allergic test before application.
  3. Essential oils from acne are destroyed by high temperatures.
    It is necessary to combine only with warm components.
  4. The exposure time should be no more than half an hour.
  5. Dosages are measured in drops.

Oil can be used as for compounds with other
ingredients (castor, sea buckthorn oil for acne), and
pure form. Oil on inflammation is applied point.


  1. Step one. Ensure that the bottle is pure natural.
    product without other components.
  2. Step two. Apply to clean and dry skin.
  3. Step three. Apply directly to pimple. For this drip
    a couple of drops on a cotton swab and smear. Leave for a few
    hours or overnight. Inflammation should decrease.
  4. Step Four. If after use there is a feeling of dryness
    or a strong burning sensation, you can mix a few drops with aloe gruel or
  5. Step five. Acne treatment can be supplemented with masks.
    oil based.

Useful recipes

Method 1. In a powder of green clay drop a few drops.
Add just enough water to make a pasty mass.
Apply. Withstand until the mask dries well. Wash off warm

Method 2. Three spoons of unsweetened yogurt, mix 5 drops of butter.
Apply to a quarter of an hour.

Method 3. As a moisturizer and for prevention
rashes can be prepared solution at the rate of 4-5 drops per 150 ml
water. Place the solution in a spray bottle and sprinkle.

Method 4. Cure acne on the body will help the bath. For this
You need to drop a few drops into the water. Fragrant bath will dry and
relieve inflammation.

What to combine

Among the oils there are excellent antiseptics, which together with the oil
tea tree even better cope with inflammatory

Good to combine tea tree oil and castor oil from
acne. Acidic compounds in castorca are deep
penetrate the skin and prevent bacteria from multiplying. They are very
useful for oily and inflamed skin. Kastorka shoots well
makeup, cleans pores, dissolves greasy plugs.

For cleansing composition in the treatment of acne is used as a duet with
castor oil On a pre-steamed face with a cotton swab
apply mixture: 1 tablespoon of castor oil, 1 drop of tea oil
tree. Apply and after 10 minutes slightly rub face with a napkin.
Do not wash.

Castor oil acne works well with sea buckthorn. it
The combination enhances the therapeutic effect. Useful mixture and enjoy
she can regularly. Oil shake will relieve inflammation and improve
complexion. Sea buckthorn oil for acne should be applied daily and
include masks, lotions, add a few drops to
skin care cream.

Good natural product – a good buy for homemade
cosmetic bags and an excellent contribution to the health of facial skin.

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